How to Save Money in India With 11 Examples

Saving money is an art and those who master it become artists of their own spending, savings, and personal finances. Often the hardest aspect of saving money is just getting started. But once it starts, it can be easily integrated into your lifestyle. Money can be saved in the short to long term by spending wisely, buying smart, combining services, and much more., in partnership with 1500+ brands and sites, is the ultimate destination on how to save money on every spend by getting extra cashback. it can be transferred to the bank account hassle-free and can be utilised in fulfilling other needs.

From changing daily routines to reducing monthly expenses, it’s important to have a strategy to save money online in India. Saving money might seem like a crazy idea to a lot of us even under the best of circumstances but it is extremely important to do so. After the digital revolution in India, increased online shopping, subscriptions, electricity bills, and other expenses. have made saving money for Indians more challenging than ever.

Kakeibo: The famous Japanese art of saving money is an excellent tool for anybody who wishes to simplify their spending management. There is always a question in people’s minds that how to save money. With these money-saving tips, learn how to save money in India by developing a straightforward and practical strategy to budget each expenditure to plan for interim and permanent savings objectives.

General Tips to Save Money

  • Best way to save money is making a monthly expenditure budget on different things and following it with determination.
  • You can ask the doctor to prescribe a generic medicine that contains the same ingredients as a branded drug, in certain cases. This will save huge expenditure on medicines and is one of the best saving ideas.
  • Looking for online retailer offers, credit/debit card offers, and cashback to shop online is one of the best money saving idea. so you can get what you want at obtainable prices.
  • Using a rental car is better than buying a car. It can save on maintenance costs, parking costs, insurance costs, and more. Also, the cost of a new car will decrease as it gets older. But in the case of a rental car, you can use whatever car you want, and it can save money too.
  • Turning off unused subscriptions can save a lot of money. Share memberships with family or buy mutually exclusive subscriptions.
  • Buying groceries in bulk also saves time, saves money, and is also likely to get better discounts.
  • Unplugging unnecessary electrical appliances in the house and turning off the lights when you leave the room can save a lot of money on the electricity bill at the end of the month. It is one of the best money saving tips.
  • Compare every product on all possible sites to get the best deals and save money.
  • Don’t buy a house to live where you work, rental apartments are the best. You can earn interest from the bank on the money saved for buying a house and pay the rent of the apartment from that. The plus point of this is that you can change your address as per your needs hassle-free anytime and anywhere.
  • Use a bicycle for short-distance travel. It not only saves money but preserves your greatest asset, health.
  • For getting existing bike/car insurance, explore different providers and choose the cheapest and best option.
  • Compare flight tickets on different websites and bypass routes. Always try to book tickets months before you travel. Festivals and holidays can cause fluctuations in ticket prices.
  • Pay your electricity, Wi-Fi, credit card bills, college fees, insurance premiums and other bills on time to reduce late penalties.
  • Try fixing risk-free small things at home. There are various tutorials available on YouTube for almost every household item.
  • Always try to use home bank ATMs where you can do unlimited free transactions instead of 3 free interbank ATM transactions in metro cities and 5 free interbank transactions in non-metro cities.
  • Working out at home is convenient and can cut down on expensive gym expenses. A one-time investment in weights and other gym equipment can do the trick.
  • Rent out the part of the property you are not using. This can reduce maintenance costs and provide a passive source of income.
  • Find out more and more saving ideas for various products and services available at cheap prices as compared to expensive one in the market.

Save Money in India 11 Examples

Save Money on Salary

When it comes to determining how to save money, people always think about how to save money from salary. It is the most crucial thing to consider because the salary is a major source of income for a lot of people. The focus should be on how to save money, not how much is the salary. Saving money is exercising control over expenses. Preparing a monthly budget by categorising spending and following it. The budget assists in avoiding excessive spending. Cutting monthly spending might help in saving a lot of money.

Save Money on Electricity

Electricity consumption is a significant part of our expenditure. There are several ways to save money on your electricity bill by reducing or turning off the use of fans and lights when not required. Turning off unnecessarily burning bulbs and using devices that consume less power, can significantly reduce power consumption. Switching off the fan at the time of leaving the room and using low power consuming inverter ACs during summers will reduce the power consumption, whereas in winters good quality room heaters consume less electricity which can significantly reduce the electricity bill and save money.

Save Money on Apps

In today’s modern era, mobile apps have become an important part of life. There are quite a few expensive utility, gaming, and related apps available on the App Store, which form a significant portion of monthly expenses. There are various Open-source, privacy-friendly, and free apps/ alternatives available on the internet. Using such applications and avoiding in-app purchases for Apps like gaming can save a lot of money.

Save Money for Students

There are many things in student life that can be done to reduce expenses and save money. Getting a bus or metro pass to go to college or school can save you from everyday expenses and there are a lot of discounts on travel passes. Students can buy old books from their seniors to get rid of inflated prices on new books. Unnecessary late fees can be avoided by depositing college fees on time. Know your rights and always get student benefits.

Save Money on Subscriptions

There are several apps available in the marketplace for online streaming and entertainment and having a subscription to each app adds up to a lot of costs. There are many such joint membership programs available in the market such as Times Prime, in which joint subscription for many essentials is available at once and at a low cost. A lot of money can be saved by stopping subscriptions to non-essential applications, sharing subscriptions with family or friends. You can also get the benefits of the best credit card offers to save money online.

Save Money on Mobile Recharge

Take advantage of the best Jio/Airtel/VI and other plans to save money on recharges. Use promotions and discounts offered by network providers to save money on mobile recharge. You should also use cashback sites for mobile recharge so that you can save money by getting extra cashback on top of offers. Look for coupon deals and recharge codes from partner websites. Long term mobile plans are cheap, using which the expenditure on mobile recharge can be cut down significantly as well.

Save Money on Bill Payments

There is a lot of expenditure on bill payments, including electricity bills, gas bills, water bills, or Wi-Fi/ Internet bills. By reducing the consumption of unnecessary electricity, water gas, and more, the bill can be cut significantly. Late fines and interest can be saved by paying the bill amount on time. There are many such platforms for bill payment on which cashback or debit/credit card offers are available, which can save you a good amount of money.

Avail a bonus of Rs 60 by signing up on the Cashkaro app and enjoy exciting discounts and Cashback on every purchase.

Save Money on Wedding

A wedding is one of the biggest events in anyone’s life and can cost a fortune, literally. By paying attention to the little things, the wedding experience can be made better, and a lot of money can also be saved. Shop wedding wears smartly using online retailer offers and credit/debit card offers, along with extra cashback on sites like CashKaro. Due to high booking at the time of wedding season, the booking price of the marriage hall fluctuates a lot, so book ahead of time. Invite only people who are special to you, and to whom you are special. Compare various photographers and other contractor quotes and negotiate to get a better price.

Save Money on Grocery

Grocery items are part of our daily routine. Buying groceries in bulk can give a lot of discounts while buying retail is expensive. Compare the price of groceries at online and offline stores and choose the best deal which can save a lot of money every month. In an online purchase, you can get benefits of retail discount and additional cashback by affiliates like CashKaro and avoid delivery charges if you purchase in bulk.

Save Money on Food Delivery

If you depend on food delivery service on a regular basis, compare food and restaurants on different food delivery partner apps. It would be better for you to subscribe to the food delivery application so that you can save on delivery charges on every purchase. The delivery app has partnerships with multiple banks debit/credit cards so that you can enjoy even better discounts and cashbacks.

Save Money on Train Tickets

To save money on train tickets, book your tickets in advance. Tatkal fees are costly and with zero refund cancellation policy. it’s worth organizing the vacation ahead of time. Travel on low-cost trains since spending lots of money on trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi is not worth it if you are not in a hurry or in an emergency. Railway offers packaged drinking water at a fraction of the price. Try to carry your own water.

Save Money on Flight Tickets

Due to the increased crowd, instant flight tickets are too expensive during festivals, holidays or any other day. So, plan your holidays well in advance and book your tickets which will save a lot of money. Compare prices of different sites, and search for various Via/Bypass flights and choose the cheapest ticket at your convenience. You can also get free lounge access to various airports offered by partner banks and select cards.

Final Thoughts

A person’s living standard grows in parallel with his/her income. Desire become needs, and comforts become requirements. It’s not bad to have fun in life, but it shouldn’t be done at the price of personal finances. To avoid unnecessary expenses and save money, a person needs to cut expenses keeping in mind his needs.

A few smart moves and spending smartly. Keeping track of every spent penny and investing saved money in the right place can prove to be great a step for long term goals. has partnered with 1500+ e-commerce sites and brands, helping individuals to save money on every online spending made through it by providing real cashback.

Other Money Saving Ideas:

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