Indian women love their jewellery and like to customize various pieces as per the occasion. A piece of good-looking jewellery can instantly enhance your appearance and make you feel resplendent. Many brands in India produce top-quality jewellery that is adored by people all over the world. Whether you want to purchase a diamond-studded ring or just a plain gold chain for everyday use, you will find it all here. Gold jewellery is bought as ag valuable lifetime investment, so you must buy the best quality products. We have listed down some of the top jewellery brands in India that are perfect for every occasion and have several jewellery pieces within different budgets.

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How do we Choose the Best Jewellery Brands for You?

Indian women have an undying love for gold jewellery as it looks stunning and is a great investment that lasts for generations. While buying jewellery online can be a little overwhelming, we are here to help you do it with ease. Here are some basic factors that you can take care of when buying jewellery online.


In India, you can buy jewellery made with gold, silver, platinum, alloy, etc. You will also get a huge variety in all these metals so you’re spoilt for choice.


The purest form of gold is 24k, and it isn’t mixed with any other metal. However, 22k, 14k, or 18k gold are better choices when it comes to jewellery as they are stronger and can be bought on a budget. Always ensure to check the metal purity before buying online to prevent any fraud later on. Also, ensure that the jewellery is Hallmark certified.


Today, most brands have a variety of designs, such as Meenakari, Kundan, Jadau, etc. You can also choose modern and minimalistic designs that are available in both luxury and artificial jewellery brands.

List of the Top 15 Famous Jewellery Brands in India

1. Tanishq


Tanishq is a name synonymous with luxury jewellery brands in India. It is a subsidiary of the Titan Group and was the first jewellery retail brand based in India. From the younger to the older generation, everyone is well-aware of Tanishq and millions of people trust the brand due to its high-quality products and designs. When buying from Tanishq, you can be assured about the purity of gold, silver, and platinum as you’ll always get the best.

Year of Establishment1994
Number of Stores403

Prominent Features of the Mia by Tanishq’s 14k Yellow Gold and Diamond Studded Earrings:

  • Crafted with 14k yellow gold, these are the perfect earrings that you can buy for everyday use
  • They look super elegant with every ensemble and enhance your beauty even more
  • These are very lightweight and come with a gold stud closure to secure the earrings properly
  • You will get a huge variety of products at Tanishq


  • Purity of gold
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Skin-friendly

Why We Picked the Mia by Tanishq 14k Yellow Gold and Diamond Studded Earrings?

If you’re looking for a lightweight yet stunning pair of earrings for daily wear, these diamond studded ones can be your go-to option. They are designed with 14k yellow gold with mini diamonds embellished on the floral shape. You also get reliable gold studs to ensure that the earrings stay in place all the time.

3. Malabar Gold & Diamonds

 Malabar Gold & Diamonds
Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Malabar Gold & Diamonds is one of the largest jewellery retail chains in the world. It is a BIS-certified brand that is headquartered in Kozhikode, Kerala. The brand also has 260+ stores across the globe and is considered to be one of the largest-selling jewellery brands in the world.

Year of Establishment1993
Number of Stores285

Prominent Features of the Malabar Gold & Diamonds Pendant:

  • Crafted with 18k pure gold and diamonds
  • It suits every age group
  • Simple and minimalistic design


  • Lets you flaunt your style
  • Minimalist design goes well with a variety of outfits

Why We Picked the Malabar Gold & Diamonds Pendant?

Malabar has an infinite variety of products that you can choose from. The Malabar Gold and Diamonds Pendant is made with 18k gold with real diamonds adorned on the top. It has a minimal design that looks beautiful and goes well with every dress

3. PC Jewellers

PC Jewellers
PC Jewellers

PC Jewellers is one of the finest jewellery brands in India. It has a large number of showrooms across India and planning to spread even more. The brand strives to provide you with the largest collection of curated designs for every mood, occasion, and need. So pick yourself a beautiful earring or bracelet from their wide collection that makes you look gorgeous.

Year of Establishment2005
Number of Stores84

Prominent Features of the PC Jewellers Naveah Yellow Gold & Diamond Ring:

  • Crafted with 18k yellow gold
  • Has a 0.04CT diamond embellished on the top
  • Gold weighs 0.54 grams
  • The twisted prong looks very stylish


  • GIE-certified diamond
  • Modern-style prong

Why We Picked the PC Jeweller Naveah Yellow Gold & Diamond Ring?

This Naveah 18k Yellow Gold & Diamond Ring is a beautiful minimalist ring, best for people who like to go low-key with their style. It has a tiny 0.04 carat stone cut diamond affixed on top that adds to the ring’s beauty even more. The twisted rope design on top also makes the ring look much more stylish and modern.

4. Bhima Jewellers

Bhima Jewellers
Bhima Jewellers

Bhima Jewellers is one of the oldest Indian jewellery brands, headquartered in Kochi, Kerala. It currently operates in South India and the UAE. The flowery design creates an elegant look which makes the ring perfect for festivities.

Year of Establishment1925
Number of Stores116

Prominent Features of the Bhima Jewellers Gold Ring:

  • Made with 22k yellow gold
  • Has elegant shiny stones adorned on top
  • The brand follows and clings to the norms established by the Kimberley Process


  • Sturdy design
  • Simple yet classy look

Why We Picked the Bhima Jewellers Gold Ring?

Bhima Jewellers 22k Gold Ring is made with pure yellow gold with beautiful stones on top. If you’re looking for a ring that is under the 12,000 budget range, go for this one without any second thoughts.

5. Senco Gold Limited

Senco Gold Limited
Senco Gold Limited
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Senco Gold Limited is a prominent Indian jewellery retailer which was founded by Shri Sankar Sen. It is a trustworthy brand with customers spread all over the country. The beautiful designs of the brand are a beauty to behold, and will definitely enhance your grace.

Year of Establishment1994
Number of Stores30

Prominent Features of the Senco Gold Earrings:

  • The Senco Yellow Gold earrings are crafted with 22k BIS Hallmarked gold
  • The intricate leaf pattern on the earrings gives them a sophisticated look
  • Lightweight earrings that are suitable for various occasions


  • Excellent and reliable quality
  • BIS Hallmarked gold

6. PC Chandra Jewellers

PC Chandra Jewellers
PC Chandra Jewellers

PC Chandra Jewellers is Calcutta’s pride and a brand that has been present for a long time. The brand is known for making revolutionary and bold jewellery for every man and woman in India. Its 14k Yellow Gold and American Diamond Stud Earrings are crafted in a heart-shaped design and make a perfect gift for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

Year of Establishment1939
Number of Stores21

Prominent Features of the PC Chandra Jewellers Yellow Gold and American Diamond Stud Earrings:

  • Made with 14k pure yellow gold
  • Heart-shaped earrings with American diamonds
  • The earrings are 7.9 mm in length and 8 mm in width
  • The total metal weight is 1.13 grams


  • Handcrafted jewellery designs
  • BIS Hallmark certificate
  • Offers gemstone collections in the exclusive online store

7. Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan Jewellers
Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan Jewellers is one of the most famous jewellery companies in India with a huge number of stores across the country. It is headquartered in Kerela and also produces sarees which are loved by every Indian woman. Kalyan has beautiful designs that make you look gorgeous.

Year of Establishment1993
Number of Stores150

Prominent Features of Candere by Kalyan Jewellers Gold Earrings:

  • Traditional thushi/tushi earrings made with 22k gold
  • Highly skilled craftsmen creation
  • The weight of the earrings is 4.6 grams
  • Packed golden balls are filled with wax which makes them lightweight
  • Features golden stud closure


  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Wax-filled gold balls with a red gemstone in the center make the earrings look stunning
  • Easy and secure stud closure

Why We Picked Candere by Kalyan Jewellers Gold Earrings?

The Candere by Kalyan Jewellers Tushi Collection (916) 22k Gold Earrings are stunning stud earrings with an ethnic touch to them. The tiny red stone affixed in the center makes these earrings look even more elegant. If you’re planning on gifting your mother something this festive season, go for these earrings.

8. Kisna

 Kisna Diamond Jewellery
Kisna Diamond Jewellery

Kisna Diamond Jewellery is an Indian jewellery brand that runs under HK Jewels and was founded in 2005. The company has its headquarters in Mumbai. They are famous for creating jewellery for men, women, and children of all ages. They have a diverse variety of products that you can check out. Kisna’s Gold Ring is made with 14k gold and a real diamond stud affixed on top. The heart shape adds an elegant appeal to the ring. It is also available in white gold.

Year of Establishment2005
Number of Stores3500

Prominent Features of Kisna Diamond Jewellery’s Gold Ring:

  • Made with 14k gold and a real diamond stud affixed on top
  • The heart shape adds an elegant appeal to the ring
  • Intricate and beautiful designs 


  • Stamped with BIS markings
  • The heart-shaped ring makes a great gift for your significant other
  • Also available in white gold

9. Vaibhav Jewellers

Vaibhav Jewellers
Vaibhav Jewellers

Vaibhav Jewellers is a sub-brand of Manoj Vaibhav Gems N’ Jewellers Pvt Ltd. It was founded in 1994 by Mr. Manoj Kumar Grandhi in Visakhapatnam. Its Gold Pendant is crafted with 22k yellow gold and adorned with beautiful stones to enhance its appearance. It is very lightweight and secures pretty easily so you can wear it conveniently.

Year of Establishment1980
Number of Stores12

Prominent Features of the Vaibhav Jewellers Gold Pendant:

  • Crafted with 22k yellow gold
  • Has shiny gemstones adorned on the flower-shaped pendant
  • Weighs 1.178 grams


  • Designs are perfect for daily wear and party wear as well
  • BIS Hallmarked
  • Very light in weight

10. Sukhi Jewellery Brand

Sukhi Jewellery
Sukhi Jewellery

Sukkhi brings traditional and elegant pieces of jewelry for weddings and other occasions. This set has an antique finish with small pearls and goes well with sarees or other ethnic wear. Most of the jewels are gold-plated, lightweight, and can be worn effortlessly throughout any event.

Year of Establishment2012
Number of Stores36

Prominent features of Sukhi Jewellery Multi-String Jewellery Combo:

  • Traditional multi-string jewellery combo complements any Indian attire
  • Made of high-quality material and free from any toxic materials
  • Affordable gold-plated jewellery that looks premium


  • Matches every occasion
  • No skin allergy
  • Glamorous looks


  • Need to keep safely to maintain its shine

11. YouBella Jewellery


YouBella weaves a story about you, your personality, and your outstanding taste. These beautiful works of art are awe-inspiring and made with excellent craftsmanship. The brand’s collection includes studded jewellery, Bangles, Bracelets, Valentine collection, earrings, etc.

Year of Establishment2015
Number of StoresOnline Store (available all over India)

Prominent features of YouBella Jewellery 

  • High-quality polish
  • Striking design to complement any look
  • Anti-allergy material and durable jewellery
  • Features a lobster claw closure


  • Nickle-free
  • Lead-free
  • Affordable


  • Claw closure might be faulty

12. ZENEME Jewellery

Zeneme Jewellery
Zeneme Jewellery

Keep your look simple with ZENEME. It has countless contemporary designs and features lightweight jewelry to style your traditional and occasion wear. Its collection is available at an affordable price.

Year of Establishment2015
Number of StoresOnline Store (available all over India)

 Prominent Features of ZENEME Jewellery Set:

  • Gold-plated jewellery set that is embellished with cubic zirconia
  • Comprises a necklace, a pair of earrings, a ring, and a bracelet
  • Colourful flower design creates a stylish look


  • Good quality product
  • Cubic zirconia looks premium
  • Suitable for everyday usage


  • Need to be kept away from perfume
  • Colour may fade quickly

13. The Joyalukkas Store

Joyalukkas Store
Joyalukkas Store

The Joyalukkas Store has made it easy to buy gold bars online. You can choose gold bars that are available in different sizes and weights, or pick jewellery for regular or festive wear.

Year of Establishment1987
Number of Stores85

Prominent Features of Joyalukkas Store Gold Coin:

  • Crafted with 22k gold
  • The total weight is 2 grams
  • Has a picture of Goddess Laxmi engraved on the coin
  • The coin’s length is 1.723 cm and its width is 0.066 cm


  • BIS Hallmark speaks of its purity

14. Yellow Chimes Jewellery

Yellow Chimes
Yellow Chimes

Yellow Chimes’ jewellery makes a perfect gift for any woman. Buy unique pendants, earrings, or beautiful bracelets in immaculate designs that suit any occasion. Its pieces can help you slip into the weekend mood shortly after office hours. 

Year of Establishment2014
Number of StoresOnline Store (available all over India)

Prominent Features of the Yellow Chimes Clip-on Earrings:

  • Made with alloy which is suitable for daily wear 
  • Rose gold plating makes the earrings durable
  • Earrings are 2.20 cm in length and 1 cm wide
  • Cubic zirconias are used to enhance the earrings even more
  • The products are skin-friendly and toxic-free as per International Standards


  • Skin-friendly
  • Toxic-free
  • Colourful and stylish design


  • The sheen might be missing

15. Shining Diva

Shining Diva
Shining Diva

Shining Diva jewellery is affordable, and the products are high quality. You will be assured of the material used, and it is safe to wear for long hours. The product has intricate designs and gives a glamorous look. The products sold by Shining Diva range from pendants with chains, earrings, bracelets, and more. 

Year of EstablishmentN/A
Number of StoresOnline Store (available all over India)

Prominent features of Shining Diva Jewellery

  • High-quality jewellery sets and stunning single pieces
  • The set makes for an ideal gifting option


  • Nickle-free
  • Lead-free
  • Affordable


  • Delicate pieces

Final Word

The right piece of jewellery can transform your look and make you feel even more beautiful than you already are. Since it can be a little tricky to buy jewellery online, we have compiled a list of the best jewellery brands in India so that you can make the purchase without any hassle. Our personal favourite brands are Tanishq, PC Jewellers, and Kalyan Jewellers. Feel free to explore the entire list to find something that truly resonates with your personality.


What is the best jewellery brand in India?

Tanishq is no doubt one of the finest jewelry brands in India. Whether you want to buy a ring, bracelet, necklace, or pendant, Tanishq has a huge variety of products for you.

What is the best quality of gold?

24 karat is the best and purest quality of gold. It is a little more expensive than regular gold as it’s not mixed with any other metal.

Which is the leading jewellery brand in everyday usage?

Brands like Sukhi, YouBella and Shining Diva provide jewellery on a budget. Other brands like Tanishq, PC Jewellers, etc., offer gold jewellery which is more expensive but worth the investment.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

We have a team of category-specific researchers who take the time to analyse what makes a brand stand out before adding it to our lists. For the jewellery blog, we considered several factors, such as the material, its purity, design, and variety to offer you the most reliable suggestions. We follow a very stringent inclusion process, so you will never find a shady brand/product in our listicles.

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