Interesting Facts About Our All Time Favourite Pizza Hut!

Nobody needs introduction to this fast food giant from America! Pizza Hut offers a variety of pizzas in every shape, size and flavour and has more than 11,000 outlets! So enjoy some interesting facts about your favourite pizza place while enjoying so that you know a little more about how this amazing place came into existence and what all they have experienced!

? Pizza Hut Perfume

Pizza Hut released its own perfume to celebrate 1 lakh fans on Facebook and if you guessed that it smells like pizza then you’re right!

? The International Space Station

Believe it or not but Pizza Hut has even delivered pizzas to the international space station! So when they say that they can deliver to any location it’s true.

? First Online Purchase

One of the reasons behind Pizza Hut’s success is being ahead of its time. Pizza Hut started taking online orders way back in 1994 and that website can still be operated using your smartphone or computer.

? Previous Mascot

Pizza Hut used to have a mascot called Pizza Pete till the late 1960s. Their friendly mascot was replaced with the iconic red hat in 1969 and hasn’t been replaced since then.

? Pizza Hut Proposal Package

Love Pizza Hut so much that you’re planning to propose your better half in one of their stores? You can do that with their proposal package which includes a limousine, a ruby engagement ring, flowers, fireworks, a photographer and a pizza meal making it the perfect proposal package for all you foodies out there.

? Largest Pepperoni User

This world famous chain of restaurant uses seven million pounds of pepperoni for their toppings which makes it one of the largest pepperoni users in the world.

? First to Introduce Pan Pizza

Everybody loves Pan Pizza and you’ll be amazed to know that it was Pizza Hut that introduced it to the world first and that too 8 years before Dominos!

? Largest Cheese User

Pizza Hut uses around 300 million pounds of cheese for which 170,000 cows are milked for 360 million gallons of milk every year which makes this Pizza chain the largest user of cheese in the world. 


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