Best Detergent Powder Brands
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Wearing clean clothes is one of the most basic needs of our everyday being. While chemical-based detergents can harm the clothes and strip them off their colour, specially formulated washing powders keep the fabric soft making clothes clean and safe. Most washing powders claim to offer maximum whiteness and a brighter look but fail to deliver. So, here we’ve curated a list of the best detergent powder brands that effectively remove tough stains while maintaining a feathery soft touch.

This list will help you spot the best performing detergents and look for a powerful formula that removes dust, tough stains, and keeps the fabric quality intact. Check out our top recommendations below and pick one that suits your needs.

7 Best Detergent Powder

1. Surf Excel Easy Wash

Best Detergent Powder
Surf Excel Easy Wash

This washing powder has a highly effective formula that removes tough stains. It removes oil stains, ketchup, chocolates, curries, etc., and works wonders on pre-soaked clothes. Best detergent powder for coloured and white clothes, it ensures no colour transfer and forms deep lather that pulls out stain and dirt. 

This detergent comes in a superfine powdered form that takes lesser time to dissolve in water.


  • Fresh scent
  • Removes nasty stains
  • Quick soluble
  • Prevents colour transfer
  • For hand wash and machine wash

2. Surf Excel Matic

Surf Excel Matic
Surf Excel Matic

Surf Excel Matic is the best washing powder for washing machines. Ideal for fully automatic machines, this detergent powder can provide you clean clothes without any effort. Simply, pour 1 scoop of Surf Excel Matic along with 2 equal portions of your regular detergent to watch its effect. The powder is infused with a quick dissolve formula and leaves no residue on clothes post-wash. It pulls out dust and dirt like a magnet, and requires no soaking or scrubbing, even for tough stains. 

This washing powder provides the best result when used in front-loading washing machines and produces just the right amount of foam to keep your appliances safe. 


  • Works best in high water level
  • Dissolves easily
  • 100% tough stain removal
  • Superior fragrance
  • Best detergent powder with improved formula

3. Rin Refresh

Rin Refresh
Rin Refresh

A trusted choice of most households, Rin Refresh makes clothes bright and white. It is one of the best washing powders for hand washing or bucket washing. The powder dissolves in water quickly and leaves no residue while removing tough stains. It offers long-lasting fragrance and leaves the clothes smelling fresh. 


  • Removes tough stains
  • Lemon and rose fragrance
  • Leaves no residue on fabric
  • Brightens clothes

4. Mr White

Mr White
Mr White

Mr White washing powder maintains the brightness of clothes. It is enriched with 2X whitening boosters that can keep clothes white for a long time. The powder has a no bleach formula that makes the entire washing process safe and smooth for clothes and your hands. This is the best detergent powder that provides power-packed cleaning. 


  • For coloured and white clothes
  • Granulated powder
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Clothes feel fresh
  • Reduces graying of clothes

5. Tide Plus Extra Power

Tide Plus Extra Power
Tide Plus Extra Power

Tide Plus is the best detergent powder for washing machine and hand wash. It offers expert stain removal and infuses clothes with the fragrance of jasmine and rose. This washing powder brightens the clothes and has an easily soluble formula that removes tough stains from the collar, cuff, and underarm, while being gentle on the fabric. 


  • Offers brilliant whiteness
  • Works in less quantity than normal detergents
  • Best washing powder for hand washing
  • Double power
  • Can be used in semi-automatic machines
  • Long lasting freshness

6. Ariel Matic

Ariel Matic
Ariel Matic

Ariel Matic is adept in removing tough stains and dullness. This powerful top load washing powder protects the clothes from fading and offers them a bright look. It is the best choice for impeccable cleaning, dirt removal, and a long-lasting fragrance that keeps the clothes fresh all day long. The detergent has twice the fighting ingredients than regular washing powders. It offers brilliant action on unpleasant stains and is compatible with hand-washing and semi-automatic machine washes. 


  • Tough stain removal
  • Brightens clothes
  • Provides long lasting freshness
  • Best washing machine powder for semi-automatic machines
  • Top load detergent

7. Henko StainCare

Henko StainCare
Henko StainCare

The advanced enzymatic action of Henko Matic can clean the toughest of stains in a single wash. This washing powder is infused with oxygen power and has a superior cleaning technology. Its superfine texture dissolves easily in water and effectively cleans tough stains like mud, ink, oil, and chocolate. This washing powder is formulated with care enzymes to ensure stain removal, keeping the fabric’s colour intact even after ten washes. 


  • Best detergent powder with superfine texture
  • Tough on stains
  • Fresh scent
  • Quickly soluble

Best Detergent Powder Brands – With Price

Best Detergent Powder BrandsPrice*
Surf Excel Easy WashRs 403
Surf Excel MaticRs 390
Rin RefreshRs 338
Mr WhiteRs 400
Tide Plus Extra PowerRs 630
Ariel MaticRs 849
Henko StainCareRs 414
*Prices are subject to change

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