12 Best Tomato Ketchup Brands in India to Make Food More Fun!

One constant item we are sure has been part of everyone’s pantry is tomato ketchup. Tomato ketchup continues to be a leading choice as a condiment for all sorts of snacks- be it our beloved Indian food or experimental western dishes. It accompanies the dish’s flavours and uplifts them by giving your palette a familiar sweet-tangy-salty taste.

Ketchups are an absolute saviour for picky eaters and kids to add a hint of tanginess which most people relish. With so many options on the market and most of them being similar, it can get confusing to find what is right for you. Fret not! We have you covered. We have rounded the best tomato ketchup brands in India that deliver freshness and great taste to make your meals much more interesting.

Our Top Recommendations 

How Do We Choose the Best Ketchup Brands For You?

We all like tomato ketchup with just about any meal, particularly fried food or other delectable Indian dishes. In India, good quality ketchup costs anywhere between Rs 100 to Rs 745. Before you jump into our recommendations of the best ketchup brands available in India, we suggest you go through the factors that helped us decide on the best products for you.


The first thing you should look into while choosing the best ketchup brands. The sort of tomatoes you use to produce tomato ketchup will determine how rich it is. In order to preserve it for a longer period of time, it must be thicker and include natural preservatives. If you want the best ketchup, be sure to seek the three basic components. They are rich in tomato paste, necessary spices, and vinegar sugar.


The next thing you should focus on while choosing ketchup is the number of calories. Make sure the ketchup has a medium to low-calorie content as well. Choose ketchup that is low in fat and has fewer than 100 calories per 100 grams, if possible. Ketchup is very well-liked all around the globe. Several kinds are offered for a variety of appetisers. All varieties of tomato ketchup use the same basic components, however.

Nutritional Value

Although the majority of us believe that ketchup is unhealthy, it is important to talk about ketchup’s nutritional value. We recommend that you buy ketchup that is reduced in fat and salt. The best tomato ketchup in India is low in fat but high in salt and sugar in terms of nutrition.

List of The Top 12 Ketchup Brands in India



Kissan is famous for its high-quality ketchup, jams, and squashes in India. It was acquired by Brooke Bond in the year 1993 and is run by Hindustan Unilever Limited. The brand actively works to provide local farmers with livelihood and ensures that each and every tomato is fresh and beautifully red.

Kissan Tomato Ketchup is one of the best on the market today. It can uplift any food almost instantly. Spread it on a roti, fill it with veggies, and roll it for a fun and healthy lunch for kids. This especially makes for an excellent addition for fussy eaters as it brings a familiar and delicious taste to the palette.

Prominent Features of the Kissan Ketchup:

  • Kissan works with over 8,000 farmers across India to source tomatoes that are naturally ripened and then later processed. 
  • Made with 100% natural and juicy tomatoes that are ethically sourced from sustainable resources
  • Comes in an easy-to-pour pouch, which is carefully sealed in impermeable glass packaging to retain the product’s best flavour and taste.


  • Prepared entirely from actual tomatoes
  • Simple to use, serve, and store
  • User-friendly pack
  • Sustainably sourced

Why We Picked the Kissan Ketchup?

Ever pondered which particular item may be coupled with any cuisine of your choosing? The Kissan Ketchup perfectly combines sweet and acidic flavours. And each drop of Kissan ketchup would not only provide you with a blast of delicious flavours but would also awaken your taste senses.

Kissan obtains all of its tomatoes from environmentally friendly sources, assisting in the creation and maintenance of numerous local smallholder farmers’ livelihoods.

Del Monte

Del Monte
Del Monte

Del Monte was founded in 1886 and is known as one of the largest food production companies in the country. The brand is known for making authentic international more accessible to various Asian countries and has a great customer base around the globe.

Del Monte Tomato Ketchup has the perfect spreadable and dippable consistency to match all your food, be it French fries or noodles. Made using superior ingredients and without all nasties such as MSG and added colours, this makes for a preferred choice for many. You can mix this ketchup with other sauces to create your custom dip or sauce.

Prominent Features of the Del Monte Ketchup:

  • To turn dull and boring meals into delicious and finger-licking ones in no time, Del Monte Tomato Ketchup should be your pick
  • Del Monte Ketchup comes in a convenient pouch packaging with a screw cap that maintains hygiene and keeps the ketchup’s flavours intact
  • High-quality ingredients provide a rich, outstanding flavour to the Del Monte Ketchup


  • No additional colour
  • Has a smooth and thick texture
  • 100% vegetarian

Why We Picked the Del Monte Ketchup?

Quality Vine Ripened Tomatoes are used to make Del Monte Tomato Ketchup. To assure the quality of the product, each batch of Del Monte Tomato Ketchup is meticulously prepared using premium ingredients and subjected to rigorous quality inspections. Del Monte Tomato Ketchup may be used in a variety of ways, much like the variety of Indian cuisines, such as a dip, ingredient, and condiment.

Orchard Lane

Orchard Lane
Orchard Lane

Founded in 2017, Orchard Lane has become one of the finest food products brands in the country today. The brand makes jams and sauces by using 80% fruit and a lot less sugar to promote healthy eating. It majorly retails jams, squashes, and ketchup from its headquarters in Bangalore.

Made with certified organic tomatoes native to India’s southern region, Orchard Lane’s ketchup is made without any preservatives. It is brewed with natural vinegar that is made with sugarcane and lends it a natural tangy taste. The entire 340 gm bottle contains just two tablespoons of organic sugar, making it ideal for people with diabetes.

Prominent Features of the Orchard Lane Ketchup:

  • Orchard Lane Ketchup is relatively thicker than its counterparts leaning from the way it is made, which is the old-school stirring way
  • Just one tablespoon of this ketchup contains a daily RDA of 10 mg Lycopene with antioxidants that are good for your health
  • The glass bottle of Orchard Lane Ketchup will take little to no space in your pantry and is easy to use and store.


  • Made from real tomatoes
  • Free from gluten and preservatives
  • Contains very little sugar, glucose syrup, and corn syrup

Why We Picked the Orchard Lane Ketchup?

South Indian-native organic tomatoes are used to make Orchard Lane’s organic tomato ketchup. It is made without the use of chemicals or preservatives. Orchard Lane mixes the tomato sauce in the traditional method using the highest quality tomatoes. The end result is rich, delectable, and as healthy as tomatoes can be ketchup.

Amazon Brand – Solimo

Amazon Brand - Solimo
Amazon Brand – Solimo 

Solimo is yet another outstanding sub-brand of Amazon. It sells food products, kitchenware, and homeware that are sold massively on Amazon and have become a top favourite of buyers in India. The affordability and quality of Amazon are what strikes the most among consumers in India.

This ketchup brings rich and tangy flavours to your food and snacks. It has a rich consistency that will accompany and uplift all your favourite foods. To get the best flavour and consistency out of this ketchup, keep it in a cool and dry place and always shake before using.

Prominent Features of the Amazon Brand – Solimo Ketchup:

  • Amazon Brand – Solimo Ketchup has the perfect balance of sweet and salty, thanks to salt and vinegar
  • The texture of this ketchup is smooth, consistent, and thick—just what you’ll expect from your ketchup
  • Convenient spout packaging makes this pack easy to store in your kitchen, use and pour from
  • Shelf life of this ketchup is nine months from the date of packaging


  • Made with luscious, fresh tomatoes
  • Has a rich flavour and unique flavour, thanks to premium components
  • Pouring, using, and storing are made simple by the practical squeeze pack
  • High-quality packaging prevents spills

Why We Picked the Amazon Brand – Solimo Ketchup?

You may enjoy tomato ketchup from Solimo, made with the deliciousness of young, juicy tomatoes. The ketchup only utilises premium ingredients to create tasty ketchup.

This pack is simple to keep in your kitchen, use, and pour from, thanks to the handy spout packaging. The whole family may enjoy Solimo ketchup as the ideal dipping sauce for any food, including samosas, pakodas, fries, and hamburgers.

Wingreens Farms

Wingreens Farms
Wingreens Farms

Wingreens Farms is known for selling healthy food products that offer taste and quality simultaneously. The brand was launched in 2011 by Anuj and Arjun Srivastava, and has its headquarters in Gurgaon, India. It’s popular for pita chips, dips, sauces, and ketchup that are made with natural ingredients and taste absolutely phenomenal.

This is a very smooth and vibrant sauce with a sweet, concentrated tomato aroma with tangy vinegar notes that gives you well-balanced ketchup. With considerably less sugar and sodium than many other brands, you may want to consider making Wingreens Farms Tomato Ketchup as your family’s go-to ketchup. Our favourite way of having this ketchup is to accomplish Kathi rolls and other Indian delicacies.

Prominent Features of the Wingreens Farms Ketchup:

  • Wingreens Farms Ketchup has no onion and garlic in it, making it accessible to a broad spectrum of audiences
  • Presence of a slightly aromatic flavour complements Indian food very well
  • Rich, tangy, and silky sauce with an original, trans-fat-free formulation that has a distinct flavour unlike any other


  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Easy pour nozzle packs for convenience

Why We Picked the Wingreens Farms Ketchup?

The Wingreens Farms Ketchup is made with the finest, sun-ripened tomatoes and a proprietary spice blend from the founder’s kitchen. Everything goes well with Wingreens Farms Tomato Ketchup. Drizzle it over meats, potatoes, vegetables, and more, or serve it with your favourite grilled sandwiches, buns, burgers, pasta, and more!



Ketofy is a fully keto-diet brand that is owned by Wellversed. It was founded in 2018 by Aanan Khurma, Aditya Seth, and Ripunjay Chachan, who wanted to make healthy eating more popular in India. It majorly retails ketogenic staples like flour, dosa mix, rice, fudge, cookies, and sauces that taste as great as they look.

Finding ketchup that is keto-friendly can be a hassle, but this ketchup has got you covered. It is the first of its kind, sugar-free ketchup that is a perfect companion to morning and evening ketogenic snacks. It has the perfect macros for an ideal Keto diet- Low Net Carbs, High Fat and Moderate Protein, essential Vitamins and Minerals, and others.

Prominent Features of the Ketofy Ketchup:

  • Made from the finest quality tomatoes with all the due precautions and safety measures to give you high-quality ketchup that is healthy and delicious
  • Ketofy Ketchup is rich in nuts and seeds, making it high in vitamins and mineral content
  • This ketchup is 100% vegetarian, naturally gluten-free, and has no additional chemicals, preservatives, sugar, colour, or artificial compound


  • 100% sugar-free
  • Made with high-quality tomatoes
  • Low-carbohydrates
  • Aids in weight control



Heinz is a name that all of us have heard for its ketchup in India. It is one of the best producers of fresh tomato ketchup in India and has a stellar clientele across the globe. It was founded by Henry J. Heinz in the year 1869 and is a renowned food processing company from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This organic tomato ketchup is made with ripened tomatoes that are red and juicy, which imparts a unique freshness to the ketchup. The taste is rich, sweet, and tangy, which makes eating french fries 10x more fun.

Prominent Features of the Heinz Ketchup:

  • Sun-ripened tomatoes are used to make Heinz tomato ketchup, which gives your regular snacks a tangy, enticing flavour
  • There are no artificial colours, preservatives, or starches in Heinz ketchup, which is entirely natural
  • Since it is made using organic ingredients, it doesn’t contain artificial colours or preservatives that may be harmful to your health.


  • Organic
  • Made from high-quality ingredients
  • No artificial colours, preservatives, or starches


  • Shelf life is not quite long



Maggi is a top global contender when it comes to noodles, seasonings, spice cubes, and instant soups that are loved by millions across the world. It was founded in the year 1884 by Julius Maggi and has its headquarters in Switzerland. Every country has its own version of Maggi noodles with different spice profiles that makes the brand stand out from other companies in the market.

This Hot and Sweet Ketchup by Maggi has the perfect balance of sweet and spicy to cater to Indian taste buds. The sauce itself is super rich and tasty, ideal for your french fries, burgers, fritters, or rolls.

Prominent Features of the Maggi Ketchup:

  • With tomatoes and a blend of spices, the Maggi Tomato Ketchup has a genuinely mouthwatering taste that everyone enjoys
  • The packaging of the Maggi Ketchup is super vibrant, which makes the ketchup even more appealing
  • Maggi Ketchup has ripened tomatoes with Indian chillies that add a nice pop of spice to the sauce


  • Vegetarian
  • Packaged in impermeable glass to preserve flavour
  • Created from authentic tangy tomatoes



Cremica is one of the largest FMCG companies in India that was founded in 1978 by Rajni Bector. It is popular for biscuits, sauces, mayonnaise, and ketchup all across India. Its cream biscuits are a huge hit in the Indian market and are loved even today, even after years of launching.

This Squeasy tomato ketchup by Cremica has a bright red colour that makes it look super tempting. It’s made with fresh and juicy tomatoes that are blended into a thick and glossy mixture.

Prominent Features of the Cremica Ketchup:

  • Cremica Ketchup looks shiny and has a thick texture that is somewhat gritty
  • The addition of vinegar and salt intensifies the sweetness of the tomatoes, giving them an even more delicious taste!
  • The predominant flavour of spices is present in the Cremica Ketchup


  • Thick consistency
  • Easy to pour package
  • Vegetarian



Launched in 2010, Veeba is one of the leading sauces & condiments companies in India. It became popular after it started selling its products to hotels and restaurants. All of its products are made with fresh ingredients and are priced reasonably.

The Truly Tomato Ketchup surely lives up to its name and has the taste of fresh and ripe tomatoes. Its smooth and tangy flavour makes it an ideal choice to pair with samosas, pakoras, and french fries.

Prominent Features of the Veeba Ketchup:

  • The unique tomato ketchup from Veeba pairs well with fried meals and fries
  • Using only the freshest tomatoes and special seasonings and condiments, the Veeba Ketchup is a must-have in your kitchen
  • The ketchup is completely free of harmful ingredients and preservatives that may be bad for your health
  • Veeba Ketchup comes in a pouch that is simple to use and store


  • Quality taste
  • Easy to use and store
  • Perfect for pairing with Indian snacks



Napuor stands for Natural, Pure, and Organic, and the brand ensures that it always delivers great quality and taste. The brand uses organic ingredients to make every product so that the consumer gets the best taste and good health. It has its headquarters in Bangalore and retails in every part of the country via online and offline platforms.

This organic tomato ketchup is made with rich, sweet, and ripe tomatoes that are grown organically. The ketchup contains no preservatives, added colour, or artificial sweeteners.

Prominent Features of the Napuor Ketchup:

  • Napuor obtains all of its tomatoes sustainably, assisting in the development of numerous local smallholder farmers’ livelihoods
  • The ketchup is simple to use and pour, and it goes well with all snacks
  • Napuor Ketchup comes in a sleek pet bottle that is simple to handle and carry


  • Organically sourced
  • Free from preservatives and added colours
  • High tomato content



Foi Foods was founded in 2021 and is known as a brand that manufactures products with no sugar and chemicals. The brand focuses on providing healthy foods to every customer. It has its headquarters in West Bengal and currently operates through online platforms such as Amazon and its official website.

This tomato ketchup by Foi Foods contains no refined sugar, artificial flavours, or preservatives. It is a fully vegan product but tastes just as tasty as regular ketchup. This ketchup was created specifically for people living sattvic lifestyles.

Prominent Features of the Foi Ketchup:

  • Foi Ketchup uses jaggery to sweeten it up, which is super healthy for your body.
  • Himalayan pink salt is used instead of regular salt to add a nice flavour and make the ketchup even healthier
  • The ketchup was created with consumers who often avoid adding onion or garlic to their cuisine in mind


  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Does not contain onion and garlic
  • Vegan
  • No added sugar and gluten


  • May taste sweet

Final Word

Ketchup is a condiment that every Indian household has. All kinds of Indian and western snacks can be made better with ketchup. Based on our research, Kissan, Del Monte, and Orchard Lane are our top picks for the best ketchup brands in India. While making our recommendations, we also took into consideration factors like ingredients, calories, and nutritional value. Let us know which one worked out the best for you!


What are the best-selling ketchup brands in India?

Brands such as Kissan, Heinz, Maggi, Veeba, and Wingreens Farms make some of the best-selling ketchup in India. However, we recommend that you go through our entire list and choose one that is best suited to your requirements.

What brands make gluten-free ketchup?

Heinz and Foi Foods are some brands that make gluten-free ketchup. You can easily buy them from Amazon.

Is ketchup healthy to eat?

No, ketchup is not healthy to eat. Neither tomato sauce nor tomato ketchup includes much protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Also, it has a high sugar and salt content. Therefore, other than improving the flavour of the meal, ketchup has no health advantages.

What can I eat instead of ketchup?

Tomato paste is a good substitute and alternative to ketchup. If you have vinegar, honey, or maple syrup on hand, you can use it to make amazing tomato paste. A little amount of Worcestershire sauce might also be used.

Which is better: ketchup or mayonnaise?

Ketchup has far fewer calories per tablespoon and no fat when compared to mayonnaise. As a result, it is a better option for individuals aiming to reduce extra calories.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly experienced and competent researchers at CashKaro work hard to provide you with the finest market suggestions available online. To create a list of products you can trust, we evaluate various products and compare them based on a variety of factors. We considered ingredients, calories, nutritional value, and other aspects while making our recommendations for the finest ketchup brands in India. We really hope that this list will assist you in reaching an educated conclusion.

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