One thing we Indians can’t do without is our beloved cup of tea. Easy to make, chai is what gets most of us through our day. If prepared right, the best tea can relieve stress, give you an energy boost, uplift your mood, and do so much more. From herbal tea and masala tea to cardamom and black tea, everyone has a different preference for this classic beverage. With such a wide variety of teas available on the market, picking the right one for yourself can become a task. Since we understand and share your love for the desi chai, here is a list of the best tea brands in India so you can jump-start your day, the right way.

List of the Best Tea Brands in India

1. Tata


Tata Tea was acquired by Tata from James Finlay in the 1980s and hence began the story of one of the best tea companies in India. This brand has been dominating the Indian tea market for centuries now with an ever-growing customer base. If you love tea and wish to explore something new, check out Tata’s range of exceptional teas.

If you haven’t tried Tata Tea Premium for your morning cup of chai, then you’re probably living under a rock. Made from a classic blend of chotti Patti and badhi patti, this tea has the perfect aroma to refresh you and a strong taste that always hits the right notes. These tea leaves contain gently rolled long leaves that impart an irresistible aroma to your flavourful tea preparations. Organically sourced, this is the best tea that has been carefully curated by experts so you get the most of your tea time.

What’s Good

  • Has the right balance of flavour and aroma
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Exquisite taste as per Indian pallette

2. Brooke Bond

Brooke Bond
Brooke Bond

Brooke Bond was founded in the year 1845 by Arthur Brooke and has a massive demand in the Indian market today. It is an English brand based out of Lancashire, England and supplies great quality tea around the world. It gained a lot of traction in India after launching its Red Label tea and there’s been no stopping since then.

Whether you’re looking to kickstart your morning with a dose of flavoursome tea, or just chatting with your friends over the weekend, the Brooke Bond Red Label Tea is the best tea and a perfect companion for you. Procured from sustainable farming techniques, this tea brings together the best of colour and aroma. Made only from the best hand-picked tea leaves, even a very small amount of this tea will give you a rich, relaxing flavour.

What’s Good

  • Rich in healthy flavonoids
  • Premium blend
  • Work directly with tea farmers

3. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Tea is also owned by the popular tea company from the UK, Brooke Bond. The brand has become a sensation in the Indian market with its premium quality tea. Taj Mahal Tea derives its tea leaves from the estates of Assam, Darjeeling, and Tripura which gives a stunning deep brown colour and amazing taste.

A historic blend of premium tea leaves from Assam, the Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea has been the best friend of artists for years. With the right balance of strength and flavour, this golden-orange tea is one of the best tea brands to uplift your senses. Ideal for preparation as black tea or milk tea, this one is available as tea dust as well as teabags which come in a special flavour-lock pack. With unique variants available for all states across India, this tea is relaxation and tradition, all in one cup.

What’s Good

  • Also available in form of tea bags
  • Comes in a unique flavor lock pack
  • Made with premium tea leaves from Assam

4. Vedaka 


Vedaka is a top-selling grocery label that is one of the many brands owned by Amazon. The brand produces great quality pulses, rice, sugar, tea, and other staple foods in India. The products are priced affordably so most people will be able to get them easily.

Add a touch of flavour and spice to your everyday conversations with the Vedaka Gold Tea. Made from CTC and handpicked long leaves from the foothills of Assam and Darjeeling, this tea is the reset button for your long days and blue mornings. Add a pinch of ginger, or bring a twist with some cardamom, and relish the soothing blast of flavours in your mouth. Available in several sizes, the tea comes in a zip-lock bag so it does not lose its special aroma and freshness.

What’s Good

  • Comes in a re-sealable pouch
  • Ideal for making masala tea, ginger tea, and sulaimani tea
  • Made with long tea leaves

5. Twinings


Founded in 1706, Twinnings is hands down one of the best tea brands of all time. It produces a lot of different beverages such as teas, coffees, hot chocolates, etc. The brand is known for its superb quality products and has a huge customer base in India as well. It has its headquarters in London, UK and supplies to many regions across the world.

Twinings English Breakfast tea is a careful blend of handpicked tea leaves from selected tea gardens across the world. It boasts a rich and smooth flavour with medium strength offering the right balance of aroma and taste. You can easily brew around 100 cups of some of the best teas with this pack. This exquisite blend of tea is available in teabags. Dip the tea bag in hot water and leave it for 3 minutes. Add milk and sugar as required and absorb the flavour with every sip.

What’s Good

  • Best tea for detox
  • Rich and robust flavour

6. Girnar


Girnar Tea was launched in 1978 by Harendra Shah and Pravin Bhansali. It is a leading tea brand in India and has multiple retail stores spread all over the country. The company has carved its way to the top and has become really popular due to its great quality tea collection.

Processed keeping in mind the traditional recipe of desi kahwa, Girnar is one of the best green teas, a careful blend of green tea leaves with a hint of herbs and spices. Add it to your daily routine and reap the incredible benefits of black pepper, ginger, tulsi, asafoetida, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It comes in 36 individually wrapped foiled bags for ease of use. All you need to do to make a hearty cup of tea is to infuse this in steaming hot water for 1-2 minutes. You can skip or choose to add a dash of milk as per your preference.

What’s Good

  • One of the best Green teas
  • Beneficial in bloated stomach, cough and cold
  • Every tea bag comes individually packed
  • Best detox tea

7. Tetley


Tetley was founded in 1837 by Joseph and Edward Tetley and has its headquarters in London, England. It is no doubt one of the largest tea producers in the world and has a great presence in the US, Asia, and European regions. It was acquired by Tata Consumer Products in 2000 and has grown even more since then.

Add a refreshing vibe to your everyday life with Tetley’s Green Tea. One of the best herbal teas, it is loaded with essential nutrients and flavoured with ginger, mint, and lemon. It boasts 5 times the antioxidant content as found in an apple. Made from top-quality tea leaves, these teabags are 100% free from plastics and staples. It is one of the best teas with the goodness of Vitamin C, an essential ingredient that helps build immunity levels. Moreover, this tea has reduced bitterness and the teabags can be steeped twice.

What’s Good

  • Features goodness of Vitamin C
  • 100% plastic-free and staple-free tea bags
  • Comes in different variants
  • Best tea for weight loss

8. Wagh Bakri

Wagh Bakri
Wagh Bakri

Wagh Bakri Tea was founded in 1915 and is owned by Gujarat Tea Processors and Packers Limited. The brand is based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat and is counted amongst the top 10 tea manufacturers in India. The brand caters to consumers in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, and Maharashtra.

This Premium Tea by Wagh Bakri delivers what it claims, a strong aroma and taste. The tea leaves are handpicked from the best estates in India and processed properly to give you the best tea quality. You will fall in love with its mesmerizing fragrance and it will give you an instant boost of energy!

What’s Good:

  • Great aroma
  • Strong taste
  • Provides a boost of energy

9. Marvel


Marvel tea is a connotation of what truly good tea should taste like. The brand was launched in 1994 by two brothers who held eternal love for tea. Over the years and several great launches, Marvel has become a great tea brand in India today. The company retails Gold Tea, Red Tea, Elaichi Tea, Tulsi Tea, and many other variants.

The Red Tea by Marvel is ideal for people who have a hectic schedule and undergo a lot of stress. It’s extracted from the best quality tea leaves in India and can help reduce stress as well. The loose tea leaves impart great flavour and fragrance that will make you want more.

What’s Good:

  • Relives mental stress anad anxiety
  • Mesmerizing fragrance

10. Chaayos


Chaayos is a relatively new tea company founded by Raghav Verma and Nitin Saluja in 2012. It owns several tea outlets in various parts of the country and enjoys a lot of attention due to its state-of-the-art flavours. You can either visit your nearby Chaayos to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of chai or order your favourite tea online to make it at home.

This Masala Chai by Chaayos is no less than heaven for tea lovers in India. It has a blend of different spices that elevate the tea flavour and make it taste much more delicious. Masala teas are best enjoyed on a rainy day or a cold evening. The tea also has ginger and cardamom which helps boost your immunity and increase energy levels.

What’s Good:

  • Several spices that keep you warm
  • Cardomom boosts immunity
  • Great taste

11. Lipton


Owned by Unilever, Lipton was founded in 1890 and has its headquarters in London, UK. It is a well-known brand in the Indian market and has millions of customers here. Lipton is really famous for its green teas and many health enthusiasts drink it to keep their metabolism up and their skin glowing all the time.

This Honey Lemon Green Tea by Lipton is perfect to go with water and contains zero calories unless you have it with milk. It is rich in antioxidants that help detox your body and give your skin a boost of radiance. The tea smells and tastes great. You can add some lemon juice or honey to enhance its flavour even more.

What’s Good:

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Zero calories when consumed without milk and sugar
  • Unique taste

12. Organic India

Organic India
Organic India

Organic India was founded in 1997 by Bharat Mitra and Bhavani Lev. The brand is a renowned producer of organic products such as honey, tea, and several Ayurvedic products. If you love tea, we’re sure that you would have heard about the brand’s Tulsi teas. It has its headquarters in Lucknow and supplies products to various stores and you can also buy them online.

This Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea by Organic India is basically a chamomile tea with added rosy flavour. It can majorly help in relieving stress, tension, and help improve your sleeping patterns. It can also help in detoxifying your skin and increase your immunity. All you need is a hot cup of this tea before bedtime to get better sleep and lead a healthy lifestyle.

13. The Good Life Company

The Good Life Company
The Good Life Company

Popularly known as TGL Co., this brand was founded in 2016 by Bhuman Dani and Shariq Ashraf. It produces great quality tea and coffee that is loved by thousands of people across India. Although a relatively new company, TGL Co. has gained a massive client base in India only with its exceptional range of products.

This Peppermint tea has dry peppermint leaves that when infused in water will help reduce stress and keep you calm. It has a pleasant fragrance of peppermint and a nice sweet aftertaste that will make you fall in love with it. Regularly consuming this tea can help boost your mood, improve your memory, and keep stress at bay.

What’s Good:

  • Stress reduction
  • Boosts mood
  • Enhances immunity

14. Tea Trunk

Tea Trunk
Tea Trunk

Tea Trunk is an artisanal tea brand that was founded by Snigdha Manchanda in the year 2011. The brand has its headquarters in Goa and is pretty popular in the South Indian region. It blends different flavours with teas that are all-natural and free of chemicals or artificial colour. If you’re looking for a tea that’s natural and super healthy for you, this brand will not disappoint.

This Jasmine Green Tea by Tea Trunk is filled with antioxidants that are highly beneficial for your body. The infusion of jasmine helps clear your skin and make it glow. Regular consumption can boost your immunity and keep diseases away.

What’s Good:

  • Great aroma
  • Filled with antioxidants
  • Great for your skin health

15. Goodwyn


Goodwyn is one of the biggest producers of tea in India and owns a 6000-acre estate in Assam. The brand is known for its innovation and creativity which reflects in its various tea flavours. It has more than 50 different flavours and not one will disappoint you.

This Kashmiri Kahwa tea by Goodwyn has a blend of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and saffron with natural green tea. Drinking this tea can help you manage stress, improving sleep cycle, and regulate your blood pressure. The packaging is pristine and you will love the flavour profile of this one.

What’s Good:

  • Blend of spices that elevate the taste
  • Imroves sleep pattern
  • Regulates blood pressure


Tea is a great source of antioxidants and can be beneficial to the body if consumed responsibly. The key to enjoying most of the classic beverage is picking the one that relaxes, refreshes, and energizes you, all at once.

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Best Tea Brands in India With Price List

Best Tea Brands in IndiaPrice*
TataStarting at Rs 396
Red LabelStarting at Rs 285
Taj MahalStarting at Rs 155
VedakaStarting at Rs 340
TwiningsStarting at Rs 260
GirnarStarting at Rs 310
TetleyStarting at Rs 200
Wagh BakriStarting at Rs 139
MarvelStarting at Rs 75
ChaayosStarting at Rs 298
LiptonStarting at Rs 450
Organic IndiaStarting at Rs 158
The Good Life CompanyStarting at Rs 209
Tea TrunkStarting at Rs 375
GoodwynStarting at Rs 299
*Prices are subject to change

Best Tea Brands in India With FAQs

What are the best tea brands in India?

Brands like Tata Tea, Brooke Bond, Twinnings, Lipton. Tetley and Taj Mahal have the best tea in India.

Which tea can help in stress reduction?

Drinking chamomile tea or peppermint tea can help in reducing stress and inducing healthy sleeping patterns.

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