Best Brands of Soya Chunks

Soya nuggets house more than 50% protein and are a great option to boost protein intake. Here’s a quick reckoner of the leading contenders.

Soft and delicious soya chunks are made from the byproducts of soyabean oil extraction. With a chewy texture, these nuggets bear an uncanny resemblance to meat in terms of taste. Soya chunks are a favoured meal idea, owing to its robust nutrient profile replete with protein and fibre. These protein-packed nuggets add extra culinary delight to gravies, vegetables, rice, and even meat. While eating soya chunks is the way to go for vegetarians, it is advised not to go overboard in its consumption. Take a look at some of the best brands of soya chunks to cook protein-packed meals.

Best Brands of Soya Chunks

1. Fortune

These mini soya chunks from the house of Fortune are 100% vegetarian. They are a storehouse of 9 essential amino acids required for growth and pack 15 times more protein than cow’s milk.


These nutritious soya chunks are a valued addition to a healthy diet as they are 99% fat-free.

Popular Choice

2. Vedaka

These perfectly sized soya chunks by Vedaka are sorted to deliver consistent quality. It is free from artificial flavours and preservatives. After opening the pack, transfer the soya chunks to an airtight container for long-lasting freshness.

Superior Quality

It is hygienically packed and undergoes stringent laboratory tests for superior quality.

Best Buy

3. Saffola Mealmaker

Saffola soya chunks are a highly nutritious source of plant-based protein. Additionally, it absorbs flavours so well and melts in the mouth when cooked with the right combination of spices and flavours.


These soya chunks are made using a technology that gives the chunks a juicy, tender texture.

Most Loved

4. Nutrela

Lend abundant nutrition to your dishes by adding these highly savoured soya chunks from Nutrela. Make your meals more proteinaceous by adding these versatile chunks to your culinary preparations.

100% Vegetarian

These soya chunks are a source of 100% plant-based protein.

Trusted Choice

5. Vama

Vama soya chunks are made from superior quality non-GMO soybeans. These low-calorie nuggets are packed in a well-sanitised plant, keeping in mind quality and hygiene standards. It comes in 100% recyclable packaging for sustainability.

More Protein

These soya chunks pack four times more protein than eggs.

Runner Up

6. Seven Star

Seven Star soya chunks are an all-natural source of 100% vegetarian protein. Low in fat and high in protein, these soya chunks can be added to your meals in various ways. It is a great way to boost your protein intake without any meat consumption.

Preservative Free

These soya chunks are free from any artificial flavours and preservatives.

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