Top 6 Room Fresheners to Ensure Ambient, Fragrant Indoors

Top 6 Room Fresheners

Neutralizing malodours was never this easy. Room fresheners do the job perfectly. Many of them are coming up with unique offerings such as natural fragrances, no gas options, easy push sprays and even device spray technology. The choice of fragrances is no more limited to jasmine, rose and sandalwood. Popular brands are offering a range of scents inspired by nature, flowers, herbs, and more. However, for those who are allergic to smells, and perfumes must avoid using one. Here are a few fruitful recommendations of top air fresheners that offer a unique set of features to suit your preferences.

6 Room Fresheners to Keep Your Home Odour Free

1. Vanesa Pour Home Room Freshener

Vanesa Pour home room freshener has a fresh and smooth fragrance. It has a powerful yet relaxing smell that keeps your room odour and germ-free for long durations.

French Fusion

The room freshener comes from the makers of Denver and has a soothing fragrance.

Mild Tones

2. Godrej Aer Spray

This easy push spray from Godrej is perfect for public spaces, living spaces, bedroom, and even your workspace. Neutralizing all other odours in the room, it relaxes you with its crisp lush green scent – a unique fragrance that’ll make you feel you are amid lush green mountains. You can choose from 3 different fragrances to add some calmness to your living spaces.

Easy Push Spray

Just one easy push and its fine spray will do the job of removing all odours and keeping the room feeling fresh and fragrant.

Powerful Formula

3. Odonil Air Freshener Blocks

One of the most loved freshener brands, Odonil brings you a natural fragrance to keep your bedroom and bathroom fresh all day long. Its exceptional odour busters block malodours and ensure a light lingering aroma. You can choose from a variety of fragrances and sizes to keep your home smelling fresh.

Goodness of Rose

The mystic rose of this freshener will fill your room with a scent that is refreshing and relaxing for the senses.

Value for Money

4. AirRoma Lemon Grass Air Freshener

This is a unique liquid freshener by AirRoma that has a long-lasting composition. Unlike most fresheners, it is a no-gas perfume that works best when used on fabrics like carpets, sofas, curtains, pillows, blinds, towels, and bedsheets. The refreshing combo offers sandal and mogra fragrances to rejuvenate your moods and keep your home fragrant and fresh.

Natural Smelling

An innovative product designed on body perfume theory; it offers natural fragrances that are energizing, romantic, or calming.

Trusted Choice

5. Airwick Fresh Matic

Indulge in the freshness and fragrance of Violet Valley with the Godrej Aer Matic. Its refill guarantees 2400 sprays per refill for up to 60 days. You can place it on the table or wall-mount it and enjoy the fragrance all day long. Its controlled dispersion spray mechanism lets you choose from three intensities – low, medium, and high as per your choice.

Complete Kit

This room freshener is an automatic air purifier that comes with the machine, a pair of batteries and a refill.

Popular Choice

6. Ambi Pur Air Effect

If you like light fragrances, this lavender room freshener by Ambi Pur is the right pick for you. It is 95% water-based and is made with a non-flammable formula. It disperses slowly for a long-lasting effect and creates a relaxing and uplifting ambience.

Odour Clear Technology

It traps the foul odour particles and leaves the room scented and fresh for a long time.

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