Top 7 Greatest Antivirus Softwares In The World

Picture this – You’ve spent months and months working on a project when you open a suspicious email or a link and in seconds all your data is lost. Quite the nightmare, isn’t it? That’s enough to give you the right motivational boost to invest in anti-virus software. In order to help you find the right one, today we give you a list of the world’s best antivirus-software choices which will ensure your data’s safety day after day. Make sure you check out the Antivirus Price List available here and pick a budget friendly, suitable version for yourself.


This antivirus provides safety from malware like none else. It works wonders with Windows 10 and seeks out malware with utmost efficiency. It’s got rave reviews for performance, security enhancement features and usability. The software is accompanied by 24/7 technical support if you ever face any glitches.



Kaspersky Antivirus is one of the leading software options and scores high on protection and performance. It takes the cake when it comes to securing all supporting versions of Windows. It seeks out existing and impeding security threats and saves your data. Additionally, it also comes with anti-phishing software for added protection. Since the package price of Kaspersky is low here too, this one makes for a exciting option for personal uses.


Norton Security

One of the most popular security software programs, Norton is compatible with all latest versions of Windows. It scores a perfect ten on the protection front, with the only delay being a slight delay in the host computer’s performance. However, its unmatched protection standards make up for the drawback, and how. If you are big on protection and not too finicky about speed, then do check out Norton Antivirus as it will never fail you. See Norton Antivirus Price List Now!



A popular choice among users, McAfee Antivirus comes with on-demand malware scans, phishing protection, website rating and much more. With this particular program, you can protect every Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS device in your household within one subscription. If you use multiple devices at home or at work and need complete protection for all at once, then the McAfee Antivirus will be a good and better priced option.

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A lesser known antivirus software that is light on your system and fierce against malware. The best part about the program is that it seeks out threatening content from permissible content without lagging down your computer. Beyond virus protection, it also contains anti-phishing and ransomware protection.



Boasting of a strong feature list, Avast has an impressive free version. Though it makes your computer perform slower, it does everything you would want antivirus software to do with pure perfection. As an upside, the Avast Antivirus program also detects when your applications are out of date and updates them for you.Along with all these advantages, there are a lot of offers available on the software which gives you the added savings advantage as well. So, do not miss out on this one.



ESET antivirus works to protect your Windows 10 computer from malware such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and rootkits. Although it doesn’t protect from ransomware, it does give you up to the mark virus protection for your PC and mobile. Looking for a basic antivirus that takes care of all your needs?


Better Safe Than Sorry! 


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