14 Best Dish Wash Soap Brands for Sparkling and Germ-free Dishes

We all want the best for our family. From basics like food and home to luxuries like entertainment and travel, there is nothing that we would compromise on. To maintain a healthy and hearty lifestyle, maintaining your hygiene is a must. So, it is essential to choose the right dish wash brand as clean utensils are an absolute must for a hygienic and healthy family. To help you make the best choice for your family, here is a list of the absolute best dish wash soap brands in India you can try out this year. Here you can also check some of the best brands of Soap For Pimples & Charcoal Soaps for Healthier Skin.

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How Do We Choose the Best Dish Wash Soaps For You?

In India, a good quality dish wash soap costs anywhere between Rs to Rs . Before you jump into our recommendations of the best dish wash soaps available in India, we suggest you go through the factors that helped us decide on the best products for you.


Seek for solutions that have strong cleaning ingredients—whether they be chemical or plant-based—listed at the top of the ingredient list. Sodium lauryl sulphate is the most popular and efficient one; dish washes without it often don’t clean as effectively. If you don’t use rubber gloves, look for substances like aloe or other moisturisers for their added gentleness on hands and delicate skin.


The newest trend in dish soaps is scent. Dishwashing has changed from a duty to a pleasure because to the beautiful aroma profiles that so many high-end brands are introducing. There are now several unscented and transparent versions more commonly accessible if you want no fragrance. Essential oils, seasonal combinations, and calming scents are all now readily available.


The size of the dishwashing bar should be your first priority when purchasing one. Large bars are often more economical and last longer. As a result, you need to get one if you prefer a dishwashing bar over a liquid.


The scent of the bar is the next thing you have to take into account. After washing your utensils, the majority of dishwashing facilities leave a lovely, clean scent behind. We advise purchasing an unscented chocolate or one with a little aroma if you are not a fan of smells.


Your skin should not be irritated by your dishwashing soap. Your skin will often get rough and dry from the harsh substances used to produce the bar. We advise you to spend money on a dishwashing bar that won’t harm your skin.

Dish soap is by far the most adaptable of all the cleaning agents we evaluate at the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab. Dish soap is a gentle little cleaner that can be used for much more than just washing dishes. Yes, its main claim to fame is its ability to clean crusty cookware, milk-covered glasses, and egg-speckled forks, but dish soap can also assist with tasks outside the kitchen such as stain removal in the laundry. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a dish soap with strength because of all the domestic chores on its to-do list.

List Of Top 14 Dish Wash Soap Brands In India


Best Dish Wash Soap
Vim Dish Wash Soap

Vim is one of the most famous dish washing formulas in the country. These dish wash bars contain lemons that help them fight grease and bad odour effectively. Available in soap bars and liquid formulas, Vim is extremely gentle on your hands. The bar also has a revolutionary plastic coating around it that prevents it from getting soggy and helps it last longer.


Exo Dish Wash Soap
Exo Dish Wash Soap

Exo offers an extensive range of dishwashing bars, gels, and scrubbers for all your kitchen needs. Exo dishwashing bar and liquid come with a unique antibacterial formula that eliminates disease-causing germs within 10 seconds of use. Meant to give your utensils a long-lasting shine, Exo is the first choice for many households.


Pril Dish Wash Soap
Pril Dish Wash Soap

Pril is a dishwashing brand by Jyothi Laboratories limited. They offer a wide range of home care, personal care, and fabric care. Being skin friendly, Pril dish washes are safe for regular use. Available in bars and liquid formulas, the brand offers them in multiple fragrance variants. Enriched with Active Power Molecules, it removes even the toughest grease stains with ease.


Xpert Dish Wash Soap
Xpert Dish Wash Soap

Xpert Dishwash Bar is one of the most sought-after dishwashing soaps in the country. Launched by the RSPL group in 2006, the soap not only removes the toughest stains, but also rids your utensils of stubborn smells like that of onion, eggs, chicken, and more. The Double Action formula of the bar minimises usage, reduces scrubbing effort required, and prevents sogging of the bar up to 50%.


Patanjali Dish Wash Soap
Patanjali Dish Wash Soap

Patanjali was founded by Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna in 2006. The company produces consumer goods using minerals and herbal products. Patanjali dish wash soap bar is made of 100% natural ingredients, and has a potent antibacterial formula. It does not contain artificial colours, bleaches, or other toxic chemicals and is completely safe on the skin.

Goli Soda

Goli Soda Dish Wash Soap
Goli Soda Dish Wash Soap

One of the most prominent eco-conscious brands of kitchen essentials, Goli Soda has done wonders in the Indian retail market. The dishwashing soap bar boasts of a natural dishwashing formula that cuts through grease and stains, and leaves your utensils smelling fresh as new. Enriched with the power of lemon, neem, and vinegar, this hand made soap acts a probiotic degreasing agent for your utensils.


Nip Dish Wash Soap
Nip Dish Wash Soap

Manufactured by the popular retail brand Fena, Nip Nature and Shakti Dishwash Bar has grown to become a household name. This 100% vegetarian soap has a powerful formulation which not only cleans oil & grease but removes the invisible germs from your cutlery, utensils, glassware, and silverware as well. Thanks to the presence of lemon, chandan, and neem, this bar has a unique fragrance which makes dishwashing a pleasant experience.


Skrubble Dish Wash Soap
Skrubble Dish Wash Soap

Skrubble dishwashing liquid and bar have been specially created for Indian households. The high action cleaning formula cuts through the toughest of grease and oil stains. Gentle on the skin, Skrubble dish washes remove malodour and leave your utensils shining like new. Equally effective on delicate crockery, glassware, as well as regular utensils, Skrubble is one of the most reliable and budget-friendly dishwashes.


Grandmaa's Dish Wash Soap
Grandmaa’s Dish Wash Soap

Charcoal has proven to be a potent cleansing agent. Grandmaa’s dishwashing bar is a breakthrough formula powered by natural ingredients like charcoal. This unscented hand made bar is extremely gentle on the skin, and is the cleanest product your kitchen could have. Free from bleach and additive fragrances, this soap can be used to clean baby bottles, coloured clay pots, silver utensils, etc. Free from phosphates and petrochemicals, this Grandmaa’s formula has proven to be an eco-friendly alternative to regular soaps.


Wish Dish Wash Soap
Wish Dish Wash Soap

Enriched with the power of lemons, Wish Dish Wash Bar is a refreshing formula that comes with an advanced grease-busting action. Suitable also for all sorts of cutlery and kitchenware, the soap fights the oldest of grease and stain marks without being harsh on your skin. Each soap bar comes in a waterproof which keeps the bar dry, and makes sure it lasts longer. Additionally, the soap does not leave any white cast on your utensils.

Tadak Bhadak

Tadak Bhadak Dish Wash Soap
Tadak Bhadak Dish Wash Soap

Struggling to find a brand that manufactures budget-friendly yet powerful dish wash formulas for your kitchen? The dish wash soap bars will be your new kitchen best friend. Not only does the formula give you super clean and healthy utensils, it also leaves behind a pleasant fragrance. Gentle on the skin and safe for glassware as well as delicate cutlery, Tadak Bhadak soaps will be your next dishwashing favourite.

Wild Ideas

Wild Ideas Dish Wash Soap
Wild Ideas Dish Wash Soap

If you’re wary of using chemically loaded products at your home, especially in the kitchen, Wild Ideas manufactures natural homecare products for you. Their dish wash soap is exclusively hand made from ingredients like coconut oil, shikakai, soap berries, and wood ash. Gentle on the skin, the Wild Ideas dish soap leaves your utensils smelling pleasant and fresh.


A-One Dish Wash Soap
A-One Dish Wash Soap

A-one is a brand of SGS, an FMCG company in South India. SGS was started in 1979 by Dr. S.G Sekar. Their products include fabric care, dish care, metal care, car care and surface care. With an extended line of dish washing products including bars, gels, and powders, A-one continues to dominate a major part of the market.


Naulakha Dish Wash Soap
Naulakha Dish Wash Soap

Manufactured by Naulakha Surfactants, the Naulakha dish wash soaps have been in popular use for ages. Meant to effectively clean even the dirtiest of utensils, these soaps cut through grease and oil without any hassle. Even a little amount of the product goes a long way, minimising wastage. Aavilable in packed units of 2 or 4 soaps, each unit comes with a free scrubber to go with your favourite dish wash bar.

14 Best Dish Wash Soap Brands in India with Pricing

Best Dish Wash SoapsPrice*
VimRs 18
ExoRs 46
PrilRs 18
XpertRs 19
PatanjaliRs 19
Goli SodaRs 240
NipRs 10
SkrubbleRs 65
Grandmaa’sRs 60
WishRs 84
Tadak BhadakRs 50
Wild IdeasRs 86
A-OneRs 20
NaulakhaRs 75
*Prices are subject to change.


1. Which dish wash soap is best?

If you’re looking to pick a dish wash soap for your family, it is always better to go for one that a blend of natural ingredients that do not harm your skin, but is also effective in germ and stain removal. Vim Dish Wash Anti-Smell Bar is packed with the power of lemons to ensure that you get the cleanest, healthiest utensils after each wash.

2. Which dish soap is gentle on hands?

When picking a dish soap, it is important to consider that while the formula should be tough on stains, it must be gentle on your skin lest it should cause extreme dryness or allergies. Emami Emasol, PureCult, as well as Amazon Presto have dish wash formulas that eliminate even the most stubborn grease and oil marks without being harsh on your hands.

3. What is the best washing liquid?

PureCult has a line of clean, non-toxic homecare products that are co-friendly, kid-friendly, as well as pet-friendly. Free from harmful chemicals, PureCult Dishwashing liquid has grown to become a popular favourite among many young parents.

4. Is washing liquid or powder better?

While a liquid and powder of the same brand can have very similar cleaning actions, a liquid is the better alternative. This is because liquid dish washes are highly concentrated, and usually a few drops are enough for a sink-full of dirty utensils. Additionally, liquid soaps lather better, are easier to spread, and do not leave behind any white residue.


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