Top 20 Handbag Brands for Women in India that are Fashionable and Affordable

The right handbag is one of the finest fashion investments you can make. This arm candy can practically see you through any of your wardrobe woes. A good handbag will not only instantly elevate any outfit but will also transcend all trends so that you find yourself reaching for them more often than you thought. Most handbags are innately versatile, so you never have to worry about what to style them with. Whether appearing on our social media feeds or at a party, a well-structured and sized handbag can make quite the impression. Here, we round up a list of the top 20 handbag brands for women that offers bags that are unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon.

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How Do We Choose the Best Bag Brands for You?

Handbags are an absolute necessity when you are stepping out. Apart from being a fashion statement, they help you carry multiple items of your need. In India, the top handbag brands are producing some outstanding products that have taken the market by storm. You can get such handbags easily on a budget of Rs 500 to Rs 10,000 or more.

Before you move ahead to find the best option for yourself, here are some factors that helped us in picking the top 20 handbag brands for you. You must also keep these factors in mind while choosing the right one for you.


There are different styles, designs, and sizes of handbags available in the market. Some of the best brands that offer a range of options are listed below. Before you make a final decision, make sure you learn about your purpose for buying the bag and choose the one accordingly. If you want a handbag for office usage, you must pick a big size bag with a sophisticated design. However, for parties or outings, you can grab a smaller handbag with embellishments.


Since handbags are often used on a regular basis, they must be of good quality. A high-quality material bag will stay with you for longer and look classier. Also, it does not wear out easily and ensures long-term usage. So, we make sure the brands we add offer bags of great quality that are durable and look stylish and fashionable.

List of Top 20 Handbag Brands for Women


Lavie Handbag
Lavie Handbag

Lavie is a leading lifestyle brand in India that is all about love, style, and comfort. Its story started back in 2009 when handbags designed by Mrs Shobha Tainwala became a hit at a party. Seeing the high demand, Shobha and her brother started this world-class brand and launched their first set of handbags in 2010. Since then, it has completely changed the market and become a preferred choice of confident, successful women across the country.

Prominent Features of Lavie:

  • All the Lavie bags go through a five-stage process to ensure the highest quality and up-to-the-trend design
  • There are different materials and fabrics that are used in these bags and are sourced from all across the world
  • There’s an exquisite range of handbags of different sizes and for different occasions, like a tote bag, clutch, backpack, etc.


  • Spacious bags with multiple compartments
  • Dual flat shoulder straps reduce pressure
  • High-quality fabric
  • Multiple colour options
  • Extensive quality check


  • There are not many options for party appropriate handbags

Why We Picked Lavie?

A classic handbag can never go out of vogue, and the ones from Lavie are at the top of our list. They are made of premium quality faux leather and come with different textured surfaces and in different designs for a stylish and sophisticated look. The brand offers a wide range of handbag options, from tote bags to satchels to structured bags, making it easy for you to get the one that you are looking for.



Caprese is a go-to handbag brand for people looking for a fantastic collection of bags. It is a division of VIP bags that entered the market in 2012. Today it has become India’s most prominent brand when it comes to bags. This brand has a vast collection of iconic handbags that not only personify perfection but also redefine fashion in its way.

Prominent Features of Caprese:

  • There is a variety of handbags available for different occasions like a tote, sling bags, laptop, crossbody, etc.
  • Caprese produces high-quality handbags that offer luxe hand feel and extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Handbags feature a spacious interior with multiple compartments and inner pockets to keep all your stuff secured


  • Versatile design
  • Most affordable handbags
  • Huge collection of designs
  • Various hues and features
  • Sophisticated appeal


  • Slightly on the expensive side

Why We Picked Caprese?

Caprese is another top-notch brand in the world of fashion. It offers an avant-garde range of handbags that are perfect for helping you maintain your style and class. The bags it produces have ample space and an organised interior as well as exterior pockets for essentials. Also, they have flat grab and shoulder handles that provide sturdy support for easy portability.



Baggit is another top lady’s handbag brand in India. Founded in 1990 by Nina Lekhi, it has revolutionised the country’s fashion industry with its remarkable range of bags. It is highly regarded as a cost-effective handbag brand that has maintained its authenticity over the years and delivers superior quality products. Along with bags, you can get several other products at Baggit like belts, chains, buckles, etc.

Prominent Features of Baggit:

  • Baggit manufactures non-leather handbags that are vegan, sustainable, and cruelty-free.
  • The brand has its presence at all major retail stores all over India and on top e-commerce platforms
  • Bags have a smooth finish and multiple compartments, and a secure zipper closer to keeping all the stuff safe and secure


  • Stylish prints and designs
  • Multiple sizes and types of handbags
  • Premium Polyvinyl Chloride material

Why We Picked Baggit?

Baggit has some most exclusive and trendy designs for different types of customers. Such bags are of high quality and easily available across multiple platforms. Apart from study and clean finish, Baggit handbags are known for being vegan. No animal is being hurt in the process of bag manufacturing.

Flying Berry

Flying Berry
Flying Berry

Flying Berry is an Indian brand that offers great quality handbags and other accessories for women. It was started back in 2015 by Abhay Agarwal with an aim to offer quality, affordable, and inspiring accessories. From handbags to sling bags to wallets, here you will get a range of products to enhance your look and make yourself more presentable.

Prominent Features of Flying Berry:

  • It designs durable and highly fashionable handbags without any compromise on the quality
  • Bags go through a 5-step rigorous quality check and testing to ensure that you get the best of the best
  • Flying berry handbags are lightweight and have enough space to carry all your necessary items


  • Comfortable
  • Spacious compartments
  • Authentic Indian brand
  • Affordable prices
  • Exclusive golden/silver fittings

Why We Picked Flying Berry?

Flying Berry is a well-known brand among fashionistas for its exceptional range of women’s handbags. They are a perfect choice for people who are looking for style, quality, and relevance. There are different sizes of bags, from compact to large-sized handbags, for different occasions. Whether you want a bag for casual wear or for going out, you will find something at Flying Berry.



Hidesign is a Pondicherry-based leather goods manufacturing company that entered the market in 1978 as a hobby. Dilip Kapur started the company to design bags with natural, sustainable materials and offer customers clean, simple designs. By 2018, it was serving over 28 countries across the world with its unique handbag designs.

Prominent Features of Hidesign:

  • It offers a handcrafted look and unorthodox designs that is something unique and different from other brands
  • Hidesign has a range of fashionable leather bags that gets better with time and have long-lasting wearability
  • The bag’s material is healthy for the skin and does not cause allergy or any reaction as they are free from chrome and other heavy chemicals


  • Classic and elegant designs
  • Multiple compartements
  • Unconventional sophistication
  • Stylish and functional


  • Expensive as compared to other available options

Why We Picked Hidesign?

Hidesign has been at the forefront of making the most luxurious and stylish handbags in the country. It offers genuine leather handbags with innovative and attractive designs that make them worth the money charged. These handbags are robust, durable and sturdy and look premium. Apart from handbags, it specialises in laptop bags, wallets, and more.



Fastrack is one of India’s largest urban youth brands that was launched in 1998 but became independent in 2005. It is highly popular for its attractive yet affordable watches, bags, accessories, belts, and sunglasses. The brand retails across the nation and has successfully become one of the most loved youth fashion brands in the country.

Prominent Features of Fastrack:

  • The bags come in multiple vibrant and pastel colours and are extremely comfortable for everyday usage
  • There is a wide variety of bags with differentiated styles, contrast cut edges, and different fabrics that assists in making the right choice
  • All the Fastrack bags have spacious compartments and a brand tag on the front, which enhances their beauty


  • Top quality material
  • Fine craftsmanship
  • Spacious and sturdy
  • Various sizes available

Why We Picked Fastrack?

Fastrack is another prominent name on the list of best handbag brands. It is easily accessible and delivers stylish yet affordable bags for today’s youth. The bags come in lovely colours, styles, designs, and fabrics that help in indulging in style therapy with ease. These bags go well with multiple outfits and leave everyone wide-mouthed and pop-eyed with their unique designs.

In addition to this, we would also like you to check our latest blog, where we have mentioned some of the top sunglasses for women in India. Do check it out and let us know if you find it helpful.

Van Heusen

Van Heusen
Van Heusen

Van Heusen is one of the leading fashion brands in India that brings fashion-forward power dressing to countries youth. It represents sophisticated elegance that speaks today’s expression of style. The brand is highly regarded for designing innovative and high-quality accessories, including handbags, that will truly set you apart from others.

Prominent Features of Van Heusen:

  • The Van Heusen bags are crafted with high premium quality material that stays intact for long
  • Available in contemporary and premium designs, these bags are perfect for creating a functional yet polished look
  • They are made of different materials like leather, leatherette and PU solids that look perfect for the boardroom and beyond


  • Smooth and textured finish
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Multipurpose pockets
  • Sturdy build and durable


  • Availability of all options might be an issue

Why We Picked Van Heusen?

To add a touch of elegance and sophistication where ever you go, Vas Heusen bags are a perfect choice. Reflecting sheer elegance and class, the bags by this bard are made of quality material and have fine stitching that does not get affected by everyday usage. Also, it hosts a wide range of collections of handbags that go well with all outfits and stand out in the crowd.

DA Milano

DA Milano
DA Milano

Da Milano is yet another top brand for handbags in India that is a perfect blend of luxury and affordability. It brings together Italian and Indian craftsmanship and designs some of the unique styles of bags that you can’t find anywhere else. While it is a premium handbag brand, its top-notch products are worth every penny. Its out-of-the-box design and shape bags represent creativity and sophistication that you must try at least once.

Prominent Features of DA Milano:

  • It provides its customers with an incredible range of handbags, from elegant pieces to some standout bags
  • The handbags are comfortable and lightweight that makes them easy to carry everywhere
  • The brand operates across the country with over 100 retail outlets and an online presence on top-notch e-commerce platforms


  • Premium quality leather
  • Spacious Interior
  • Excellent detailing
  • Eye-pleasing designs and shapes


  • Expensive



Guess is a renowned American clothing brand for women that is quite famous in India for its promising yet alluring range of bags. While it offers a range of fashion accessories such as watches, jewellery, perfumes, shoes, etc., its bags are what people love the most. Its timeless designs with edgy printed add a touch of style to every outfit and turn them into something to admire. If you want to show off your fashionable side, this is the brand that you must check out.

Prominent Features of Guess:

  • It produces finely crafted and thoughtfully designed bags to satisfy the needs of different customers
  • The bags are a perfect synonym of comfort, quality, and durability and are perfect to be used on an everyday basis
  • Guess bags features some embellishments and unique accents like a chain, adjustable strap, etc. that add to the details


  • Bags for every occasion
  • Spacious handbags
  • Multifunctional pockets
  • Finest quality material
  • Comes in beautiful packaging

The House of Tara

The House of Tara
The House of Tara

One of the most prominent brands amongst youngsters of India, The House of Tara, is a Delhi-based brand that was founded back in 2012. Unlike other brands, it offers funky and modern pieces that are casual, stylish, and pop-designed. Its innovative bags at an affordable price are highly lured by Indian customers making it one of the best brands for handbags.

Prominent Features of The House of Tara:

  • The bags are designed in Indian colours and digital prints with beautiful heavy embellishment to add more to the style
  • It designs bags with multiple compartments and zip pockets both inside and outside to make them high in utility
  • Available in different shapes, colours, and sizes, making them perfect for every occasion


  • Affordable and high-quality bags
  • Range of fashion and utility handbags
  • Fresh and unique designs
  • Easily available online


  • Not as lightweight as others on the list


Handbags for Women
Fostelo Handbag

If you are a style-conscious buyer looking out for fashionable handbags to carry all year long, Fostelo is the right brand for you. It is a brand that offers high-quality handbags at a much cheaper price. There is a wide range of bag options of different designs and colours to choose from. Whether you like to carry your house in a bag or just a few necessities, here you will find a perfect handbag for you.

Prominent Features of Fostelo:

  • Fostelo bags have a sturdy build that makes them durable and suitable for daily use
  • The team studies the global fashion trends for designing a new range of handbags
  • Bags have stud and ring detailing that makes them stronger, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing


  • Delicate detailing
  • Extra compartments for quick access
  • Highly affordable
  • Easy to clean and maintain material
  • Ideal for daily use


  • The quality of the fabric is satisfactory

Speed X Fashion

Speed X Fashion
Speed X Fashion

Looking for the best handbags for travel? If yes, this is the brand for you. Handbags by Speed X Fashion envisage remarkable choice because of their simplicity and artisanal design. They are adequately sized and feature multiple compartments, zippers to secure the stuff, and buckle closures for better security. To upgrade your fashion journey, check this brand and get a beautiful handbag.

Prominent Features of Speed X Fashion:

  • These handbags have enclosed back pockets to keep your high-access products secure and safe
  • They are made with high-quality fabric that makes these bags highly durable and long-lasting
  • Speed X Fashion bags are available both as standalone bags as well as combos of multiple bags for a better selection


  1. Classic design
  2. Multiple colour options
  3. Sturdy construction
  4. Leather-like appearance
  5. Perfect for office or casual usage


  • Zippers might not be too smooth

Women Marks

Women Handbags
Women Marks Handbag

Do away with constantly switching between bags for different plans with Women Marks handbags. It offers bags in every style, shape, and colour with beautiful detailing that spells elegance and class. These bags have a structured design and quality fabric carrying, which will leave all your friends gushing over your new bag. Without a doubt, they are a perfect go-to choice for everyday use.

Prominent Features of Women Marks:

  • These handbags have a branded logo, comfortable zipper, and high-quality handles that add to their beauty
  • All the bags have an inner lining to enrich the look and makes them more durable and increase their wearability
  • They have a soft, smooth texture that feels comfortable and is easy to maintain as well as clean


  • Detachable arm and sling straps
  • Buckle closure
  • Easy to maintain
  • Keeps things organised
  • Highly accessible
  • Affordable and fashionable


Women Handbag Set
Mammon Women Handbag

If you want to stock up on the best handbags for women this season, these Mammon Women Handbags are worth digging into. They come with a handle and long strap so you can carry them conveniently. While making them attractive, Mammon never compromises the quality and ensures higher durability. Also, they have innovative and creative designs that are worth considering.

Prominent Features of Mammon:

  • The bags have enough space with multiple compartments to hold essentials and keep them save
  • The unique design of these bags makes you stand out and goes well with all outfits and occasions
  • Mammon has a large collection of handbags which are available at factory rates, making them extremely affordable


  • Quality PU leather material
  • Low maintenance
  • It can be cleaned off with a dry cloth
  • Highly affordable
  • Gold detailing lends a classy look
  • Versatile handbags


  • The colour might vary slightly from the pic
Women Shoulder Bag
Legal Bribe

Legal Bribe is another handbag brand that is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. It offers a wide variety of vibrant and chic design handbags with a strong build that will last you years. The bags it offers are a perfect blend of style and comfort and are available at a much lesser price than high-end luxury brands. Just like the brand, you must also experiment with colour that is by no means common.

Prominent Features of Legal Bribe:

  • The bags feature a detachable shoulder belt for added convenience and comfortable usage
  • They are made from the best quality PU material that looks rich and ensures its longevity
  • The bags are designed with multiple compartments and zipper closures for storing your belongings in an organised way


  • Non-bulky yet spacious
  • Vegan faux leather
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable inner fabric lining
  • Removable sling strap
  • Multiple colour options are available


Women Handbag

It’s the right time to ace your styling game with Frisco’s elegant handbags. It is one of the best handbag brands for women on the go. The brand is known for creating stylish handbags with quality PU material and silk inner lining to enhance the look and make the bag more durable. Also, it has a wide range of designs and colours that goes well with all outfits and can be carried both for travel and work.

Prominent Features of Fristo:

  • They have spacious compartments, each secured by a zipper, and also have pockets for keeping smaller essentials
  • Bags come with irremovable, sturdy hand straps that provide enough support for heavy loads and make carrying the bag comfortable
  • Fristo handbags are easily available across multiple platforms and at an affordable price which makes them a great choice for everyday usage


  • Dual straps
  • Sturdy and highly durable
  • Ideal for formal as well as casual use
  • Chic and stylish
  • Structured design
  • Easy to organise things


  • Quality is not that great

Steve Madden

Steve Madden
Steve Madden

Starting back in 1990 as a shoe company, Steve Madden today has become a global fashion brand for delivering high-quality handbags. It is one of the most iconic brands that have an array of bag collection that is innovative, daring, and inspiring. The vibrant colours, chich designs, and exclusive look are certainly a great choice to have.

Prominent Features of Steve Madden:

  • It has a range of different bags that serves the budget as well as offers a premium feel
  • They offer a genuine product with high-quality fabric and inner lining for long-lasting usage and no wear and wear
  • The brand pays special attention to detailing and ensures a high comfort level for everyday wearing


  • Chic patterns and vibrant colours
  • Worldwide availability
  • Premium look and feel
  • Highly durable


  • Expensive as compared to other options



Peperone is a world-famous brand for handbags that has captured a huge market in India. It was founded in 2010, and since then, it has garnered a customer base that keeps growing. The brand manufactures a range of accessory lifestyle products like handbags, wallets, etc., that are comfortable, have progressive style, and come in exquisite colour combinations. It is a perfect amalgamation of craftsmanship and modern styles.

Prominent Features of Peperone:

  • The handbags have a polished structure with quality hardware detailing that enhances the look
  • The bags are highly durable and feature faux leather that stays intact even after regular usage
  • They have multiple zip closures to keep your things secure and have detachable straps for ultimate comfort


  • Soft and supple texture
  • Quite spacious
  • Quality fabric and hardware
  • Multiple colour options


  • Not available on multiple online platforms

Lino Perros

Lino Perros
Lino Perros

Lino Perros is a subsidiary of Sumitsu Apparel which was launched back in 1999. It is a high-quality handbag brand that is well-known for its exclusive designs and reasonable price. The handbags provide a premium look and are always according to the latest trends that help the customers to keep up their fashion game. If you want a bag with comfort, quality, and durability without breaking your bank, Lino Perros is the brand for you.

Prominent Features of Lino Perros:

  • The bags are meticulously crafted in timeless and classic designs that are perfect for modern and elegant women
  • They are made with faux leather material and polished hardware that enhance their sophisticated look
  • Available in bold contrasts of colours with a premium finish and sturdy handle, which makes them a comfortable choice to carry


  • Easy to clean and manage
  • Unique and chich designs
  • Comfortable and elegant
  • Huge collection of designs
  • Available on all major e-commerce platforms


  • The handbags are not really affordable

Diana Korr

Diana Korr
Diana Korr

Diana Korr is a leading brand that offers a premium range of handbags with modern designs and trendy styles. Its bags offers fine finishing, vibrant colours, great detailing, and high durability, which makes them popular among India’s youngsters. Also, its trendy collection is readily available at affordable prices, which makes it a great brand checkout.

Prominent Features of Diana Korr:

  • The bags are made with faux pas leather, which is strong and durable and ensures a long-term usage
  • They have an extensive collection of bags in multiple colour and shape options which makes it easier to get a perfect bag
  • These bags give a sense of luxury with fine craftsmanship, excellent detailing, and quality hardware


  • Highly versatile bags
  • Bold and feminine look
  • Ultra-chich and modern design
  • High-shine logo

Final Word

Handbags are women’s best friends and accompany them to most places. They can fit in all the essentials and makes moving easy without any hassle. Apart from this, they are a perfect piece of accessories to enhance a look and make every outfit stylish. While all the brands mentioned above are the best from the lot, we personally love using Lavie, Caprese, Diana Korr, and Van Heusen bags because of their exclusive collection, easy availability, and affordable prices. Let us know which ones are your favourite from these top 20 handbag brands.


Which handbag brand is best in India?

Lavie, Caprese, Baggit, and Hidesign are some of the best handbag brands in India.

Is Lavie an Indian brand?

Yes, Lavie is an Indian brand based in Gurgaon. It was started by Mrs Shobha Tainwala and her brother in 2009.

Is Caprese a luxury brand?

No, Caprese is not a luxury brand. It is a brand offering mid-premium category products that fulfils the gap between high-end luxury bags and low-priced inferior-quality handbags.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro’s highly experienced and qualified researchers work hard to deliver the best market recommendations for making the best buy. They evaluate brands and products on various factors to ensure the best addition. For these top 20 handbag brands, we have considered factors like utility and purpose, styles, colours, availability, price, material, and more. We hope you find this list helpful in making an informed purchase decision.

Megha Agarwal
Megha Agarwal

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