An image scanner aka scanner is a device that can scan images, printed text and such other objects and converts it in a digital image. Commonly used scanners in offices are flatbed scanners and hand held scanners. Scanners have come of age today and employ a charge coupled device (CCD) or a contact image sensor (CIS).

Let’s delve into the most common types of scanners available today


Flatbed scanners have a flip-up cover to protect the glass. They are ideal to scan items like books. Legal, standard size documents can easily fit.

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2. Photo Scanners

They have high resolution and colour depth. They are best to deal with film negatives and slides. All-purpose scanners can also scan pictures. But photo scanners give unmatched quality.

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3.Sheetfed Scanners

Sheetfed scanners have an automatic document feeder. They are light on the desktop. They are ideal for scanning documents. These scanners are smaller than sheetfed scanners. Multiple sheets can be fed at once.

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4.Portable Scanners

They are small scanners, easily transferable from one place to another. They are not suitable for high-resolution requirements. Portable scanners are suitable for students and researchers. The quality depends on how firmly you hold the device.

Canon and HP provide Portable Scanners.



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