4 Reasons Why Whey Protein Burns Fat and Helps Loose Weight

Whey protein is most popular among gym goers and athletes. It has proven benefits in aiding muscle growth. However, did you know that it also helps you lose weight? Well, read on to understand how you can supplement whey protein in your diet to lose weight.What is Whey protein?

So, what is whey protein? The answer is surprisingly simple. Whey protein is a milk protein that is the liquid by-product of cheese production.

There are three main forms of whey protein powder:

Concentrate is about 70-80% protein, with some milk sugar and fat.

Isolate is 90% protein and has a little less sugar and fat.

Hydrolysate is also known as hydrolyzed whey, has virtually zero sugars and fat, and is mixed with enzymes for faster digestion.

How does Whey help burn body fat?

1. It is rich in Leucine

Protein synthesis is essential for burning stored calories. Leucine, which is a branched chain amino acid, induces protein synthesis, and also helps in fatty acid oxidation.

2. It is easily absorbed

Whey gets digested and absorbed easily, which makes it an effective source of post- workout protein. It dramatically increases amino acids in the blood which helps in burning calories

3. It gives you a feeling of satiety

Studies have shown that Whey keeps you satiated and helps you control hunger far more effectively than most other types of proteins.

This happens because of the presence of a peptide that stimulates an intestinal hormone. This hormone is produced after having a meal to signal satiety (feeling full).

4. It helps retain muscle tissue and aids in sustained weight loss

A 2008 study published in Nutritional Journal concluded that Whey protein meal-replacement shakes help burn more fat. When you lose weight, you lose both muscle and fat, which causes your metabolism to slow down. This makes it harder for you to lose weight beyond a point.

This is where Whey helps. It prevents muscle loss and makes it easier to continue loosing fat over a period of time.

How to choose the right Whey protein?

All Whey Protein Powder are not made equal. So, how do you take advantage of all of this science to manage your own weight with Whey protein?

  • Most of the powdered Whey protein drinks contain little other than Whey. Just add a scoop or two to water mix it, and drink it up.
  • There are dozens of different brands of Whey protein powders in the market. Check the specifications and choose the one most suitable for your needs.
  • It is also important to calculate your daily protein requirement. Choose your whey protein product based on that. (Know more about how much whey protein should you take daily)
  • The two things to watch out for when choosing a Whey protein shake are: low-quality Whey protein, and unnatural ingredients.
  • Powdered Whey protein drink mixes are the most convenient and efficient way to meet your daily protein requirements.
  • If you over consume whey protein, you may face some bodily issues.

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To enjoy the weight-control benefits of your chosen Whey protein shake, drink one to three servings each day. The best time to drink Whey protein shake is either at breakfast, between meals, before and after workouts, or before you go to bed. Make a Whey protein shake a part of your daily nutrition regimen and shed that excess fat away.

7 Important Questions About Whey Protein Answered

Which protein powder is best for weight loss?

Whey Protein powder is best for weight loss as it helps to increase the metabolism thereby making you lose weight at a faster pace.

Is Whey Protein powder good for weight loss?

Yes, Whey Protein powder is really good for weight loss as it helps to build muscles along with boosting your metabolism and reducing appetite.

Is Whey Protein good for losing belly fat?

Whey Protein is good for losing overall fat. It can be an excellent addition to your weight loss diet as it helps to gain muscles and lose body fat including belly fat.

Will Whey Protein make you fat?

Yes, Whey Protein can help you gain fat. If you consume Whey Protein shake along with a high calorie diet, it can help you gain weight.

Can I just drink protein shakes to lose weight?

Yes, replacing your meal intake with protein shakes can help you lose weight. However, you must consume few meals in order to stay healthy.

How much Whey Protein do I need in a day?

You must consume 1-2 scoops i.e 25-30 grams of Whey Protein in a day.

Does Whey Protein powder actually work?

Yes, Whey protein powder helps you build muscles, but no protein diet would work without a healthy diet and daily exercising.

Buy Whey Protein

There are many brands that make whey protein supplements. Here are some choices that you can consider:

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