People are choosing to use dish wash gels over the conventional dish cleaning soaps and powders. So, check out these 6 amazing dishwash liquid gel brands that are bound to make your utensils shine like never before.

1. Vim Lemon Dishwash Gel

Vim dish wash lemon gel cleans a heap of utensils with only 1 spoonful of gel and gives a pleasant lime fragrance. It does not leave a residue, unlike dish wash bars. It has a neutral pH which is gentle on hands and does not damage the surface of delicate cookware as well.

2. Dettol Fresh Fragrance Gel

Dettol Dish Wash Gel formula protects from 100 illness-causing germs. It can be used to clean dishes, kitchen sinks and slabs. It is dermatologically tested and is safe on hands and is available in two variants- lemon fresh and lemon splash.

3. Giffy Dishwash – Lemon & Active Salt

Giffy dish wash gel has the goodness of green lime and active salt. It works 2x faster than ordinary dish wash due to the presence of active salts. It consists of natural ingredients which makes it gentle on hands. It removes grease, stains and any food odor.

4. Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus

Ultra Power Plus is a dish wash gel by Seventh Generation. It contains 50% more micro-scrubbing enzymes and is a biodegradable dish wash. With no synthetic fragrances or dyes, it has become a popular choice among people. It also contains plant-based enzymes which that keeps the utensils germ free.

5. Patanjali Super Dishwash Gel

Patanjali Super Dish wash Gel contains neem and lemon. It is made using herbal ingredients and easily removes stains. Being gentle on your skin, it also offers you a pleasant fragrance. Patanjali Super comes in an easy to use dispenser bottle which makes the process of cleaning easier.

6. Palmolive Eco Gel

Palmolive Eco gel dish wash gel easily cuts grease and fights odor. It does not leave any residue and also promotes a sustainable lifestyle. Their dish wash gels are phosphate free. It has a pouring squeeze spout for ease of use and it has a pleasant fragrance of lime.




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