11 Best Dish Wash Gels In India

People are opting for dish wash gels over conventional dish cleaning soaps and powders. So, check out these 11 best dish wash gels that are bound to make your utensils shine like never before!

Best Dish Wash Gels for Clean Utensils

1. Vim Lemon Dish Wash Gel

Vim Lemon Dishwash Gel
Vim Lemon Dish Wash Gel

Vim dish wash lemon gel cleans a heap of utensils with only 1 spoonful of gel and gives a pleasant lime fragrance. It does not leave a residue, unlike dish wash bars. It has a neutral pH which is gentle on hands and does not damage the surface of delicate cookware as well.

What’s Good:

  • It is soft on hands
  • Pleasing aroma
  • Does not leave any white residue

2. Dettol Fresh Dishwash Gel

Top dishwash gel
Dettol Fresh Dishwash Gel

Dettol Dish Wash Gel formula protects from 100 illness-causing germs. It can be used to clean dishes, kitchen sinks, and slabs. It is dermatologically tested and is safe on the hands and is available in two variants- lemon fresh and lemon splash.

What’s Good:

  • Protects from 100 illness causing germs
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Recommended by Indian Medical Association

3. Giffy Dish Wash Gel Lemon & Active Salt

Giffy Dishwash Gel Lemon & Active Salt
Giffy Dish Wash Gel Lemon & Active Salt

Giffy dish wash gel has the goodness of green lime and active salt. It works 2x faster than ordinary dish wash due to the presence of active salts. It consists of natural ingredients which makes it gentle on the hands. It removes grease, stains, and any food odor.

What’s Good:

  • Concentrated dishwash gel
  • Tough on stains
  • Gentle on hands

4. Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus

Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus
Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus

Ultra Power Plus is a dish wash gel by Seventh Generation. It contains 50% more micro-scrubbing enzymes and is a biodegradable dish wash. With no synthetic fragrances or dyes, it has become a popular choice among people. It also contains plant-based enzymes that keep the utensils germ-free.

What’s Good:

  • Oxy bleach formula
  • Fights greasy stains
  • 0% chlorine

5. Patanjali Super Dish Wash Gel

Patanjali Super Dishwash Gel
Patanjali Super Dish Wash Gel

Patanjali Super Dish wash Gel contains neem and lemon. It is made using herbal ingredients and easily removes stains. Being gentle on your skin, it also offers you a pleasant fragrance. Patanjali Super comes in an easy-to-use dispenser bottle which makes the process of cleaning easier.

What’s Good:

  • Compact size
  • No spillage
  • Easy to handle

6. Palmolive Eco Gel Dish Washer Gel

Palmolive Eco Gel Dishwasher
Palmolive Eco Gel Dish Washer Gel

Palmolive Eco gel dish wash gel easily cuts grease and fights odor. It does not leave any residue and also promotes a sustainable lifestyle. Their dish wash gels are phosphate-free. It has a pouring squeeze spout for ease of use and it has a pleasant fragrance of lime.

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What’s Good:

  • Phosphate-free formula
  • Eco-friendly
  • Gel dissolved quickly

7. Amazon Brand Presto Dish Wash Gel

Amazon Brand Presto Dishwash Gel
Amazon Brand Presto Dish Wash Gel

With just a spoonful of Presto dishwash gel, you can get a sink full of squeaky clean utensils, including delicate cookware and glassware. The strong formula dissolves quickly and cuts through grease and stubborn stains without scratching or damaging the surface of utensils. Tough grease residue, sticky food, oil stains, and food stains like; turmeric or red chili can be easily removed with Presto dishwash gel.

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What’s Good:

  • Prevents white layer formation
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Pleasant fragrance

8. ITC’s Nimeasy Dish Wash Liquid Gel

ITC's Nimeasy Dishwash Liquid Gel
ITC’s Nimeasy Dish Wash Liquid Gel

Indian cooking leaves behind a layer of tough food scum stuck to the bottom of utensils which requires rigorous scrubbing that is frustrating and tiring. Not anymore! Now you can just soak your utensils in Nimeasy Dishwash Gel and its Enzyme Technology gives a powerful lift-off action that eases removal of the layer of stuck-on food particles, oil, and heavy grease, from the surface of the utensils.

What’s Good:

  • Removes food malodour
  • Washes away bacteria
  • Best dishwash gel for Indian cooking

9. Bacleen Dish Wash Gel

Bacleen Dishwash Gel
Bacleen Dish Wash Gel

Bacleen dishwash gel helps clean the toughest stains off your greasy vessels. This is a real hygienic way of washing utensils or vessels as compared to using a bar or powder. It leaves no marks or residues on the utensils as it gets completely dissolved. It is 100% soluble and it never creates drainage problems. This liquid is totally safe on the hands as it contains neutral pH levels.

What’s Good:

  • Quick dissolving
  • Prevent glass corrosion & redeposit
  • Includes Dawn’s grease-cleaning power

10. Zimmer Aufräumen Dish Wash Gel

Zimmer Aufräumen Dish Wash Gel
Zimmer Aufräumen Dish Wash Gel

The Zimmer Aufraumen dishwash gel uses a double powerful detergent agent which makes it a concentrated heavy-duty antibacterial dishwashing liquid gel. This product is pH balanced and specially formulated to provide quick action to penetrate food and oil deposits fast and efficiently. It effectively removes oil, fat, grease, and grime from utensils. It is skin-friendly and gentle on hands and does not contain any harsh chemicals, safe for baby and pet dishwashing too.

What’s Good:

  • Baby safe and pet safe
  • Natural herbal oils of Lime and Neem
  • Excellent foam building
  • Non-sticky formula

11. Purela Dish Wash Liquid Gel

Purela Dishwash Liquid Gel
Purela Dish Wash Liquid Gel

Purela Gel dishwashing liquid is infused with the power of lemons. Its special formula ensures that it is tough on stains but gentle on your hands. Just one teaspoon of Purela Gel in one cup of water and you’re ready! It ensures that the toughest of grease is removed with ease without damaging your precious cookware. So whether it is burnt Halwa or your experimental Dal Makhani, sparkling clean utensils are something you will get every time.

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What’s Good:

  • Removes stubborn malodour from plastic
  • No bar like residue on dishes
  • Prevents scratches on delicate cookware
  • Tough on stains

List of Best Dish Wash Gels for Squeaky Clean Utensils

Best Dish Wash Gels Price
Vim Lemon Dish Wash GelRs 334
Dettol Fresh Dishwash GelRs 72
Giffy Dish Wash Gel Lemon & Active SaltRs 222
Seventh Generation Ultra Power PlusRs 5989
Patanjali Super Dish Wash GelRs 50
Palmolive Eco Gel Dish Washer GelRs 1459
Amazon Brand Presto Dish Wash GelRs 549
ITC’s Nimeasy Dish Wash Liquid GelRs 180
Bacleen Dish Wash GelRs 500
Zimmer Aufräumen Dish Wash GelRs 530
Purela Dish Wash Liquid GelRs 389
*Prices are subject to change

FAFAQs Answered about The Top Dishwashing Liquids

Which dishwashing liquid is best?

Some of the best dishwashing liquids are Vim Dishwash Gel, ITC Nimeasy Dishwash Gel, Dettol Dishwash Gel, and Purela Dishwash Liquid Gel among others. Dish soaps are pretty much one of the least expensive cleaning products you can buy, so if you try one you don’t like, it’s not a big deal to switch brands.

Which dish soap is gentle on hands?

Dish soaps that are gentle on the hands are:

  • Patanjali Super Dish Wash Gel
  • Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus
  • Dettol Fresh Dishwash Gel
  • Vim Lemon Dishwash Gel

What is the most gentle dish detergent?

Some of the most gentle dishwashing liquids for sensitive skin are the Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, Maple Holistics Dish Soap, Puracy Natural Dish Soap, and Dawn Ultra Free Gentle Dishwashing Liquid.

Is dish detergent good for washing hands?

Dishwashing detergents are harsher than regular hand soaps and they clean natural oils off your hands. It is okay to wash your hands with dish detergent once in a while but one must not do it regularly.

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