TeaFloor Coupons: Flat Rs 500 CashKaro Cashback over Rs 500 (once per user)


    Our Cashback is Hard cash paid into your Bank Account. It is not like Wallet Cash


    When you click out from CashKaro & shop, we get paid from TeaFloor & we pass most of this money to you!


    Our Cashback is on top of all other Coupons & on-going Sales - truly extra savings

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CashKaro Cashback on all orders above Rs 500 (excluding Shipping and GST, valid once per registered Tea Floor)

  • There is No CashKaro Cashback on Orders below Rs 500.
  • Valid once per registered Tea Floor user.
  • Cashback is not applicable on purchases made on TeaFloor Mobile App.
  • Your Cashback will be tracked within 10 minutes of completing the Transaction
  • Cashback is not applicable if the sale is cancelled or if the goods are returned or exchanged. There is no cashback on partial return orders.
  • Cashback paid to you can not be greater than the transaction amount
  • Any query related to your Cashback will not be entertained by TeaFloor. If you have any queries, please contact Cashkaro customer support at contact@cashkaro.com
  • To minimize risk of failed cashback, we recommend you to complete your sale in the same session after clicking out to the TeaFloor website from this page.
  • Please only use Voucher Codes available on our site to avoid failed cashback transactions.
  • Cashback paid using a voucher code may track at lower rates.
  • Cashback is often paid excluding GST, delivery and other administrative charges.
  • You can raise a missing cashback ticket for your transaction within 10 days of the purchase date. Any missing cashback ticket after 10 days will not be accepted by TeaFloor.
  • Please note that if your transaction was tracked via 'Missing Cashback Ticket' process, the Cashback will take up to 120 days to get updated in your CashKaro account.
  • If you have Adblock installed on your laptop/computer, your Cashback may go missing
  • Your Cashback might initially track at a lower/higher amount and will be updated to correct Cashback at the time of confirmation.

TeaFloor Coupons & Offers

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100% Cashback: Flat Rs 500 CashKaro Cashback on all orders over Rs 500Hide Details

  • CashKaro Cashback is valid on transactions above Rs 500
  • Valid once per registered Tea Floor user.
  • Delivery charge of Rs 50 on orders below Rs 450
  • GST applicable extra
Expires in 2 days

All Users: Flat 50% Off Expert's Pick Tea + Rs 500 CashKaro CashbackSee Details

Teafloor Deal Specifics
Tea Type
Green, Black, Oolong, and White Tea
Assam, Nilgiris, Darjeeling, Nepal, and Kangra
Collection Available
Organic & Non-Organic
Delivery Charge
Rs 50 on orders below Rs 450
CashKaro Cashback
Valid on orders over Rs 500(once per registered TeaFloor user)
Not Applicable on
Teafloor App transactions
GST Charges
Applicable extra
Expires in 2 days

New Users: Flat 10% Off on First Order + Rs 500 CashKaro CashbackSee Details

  • Not applicable on discounted products
  • CashKaro Cashback is valid on transactions above Rs 500
  • CashKaro Cashback is valid once per registered Tea Floor user.
  • Delivery charge of Rs 50 on orders below Rs 450 for all TeaFloor Offers
  • GST applicable extra
Expires in 13 days

About TeaFloor

Are you a tea lover always looking to score the best blends for a freshly brewed cup? If yes, then you will fall in love with TeaFloor, a store that crafts a premium tea collection with a tantalizing aroma and a mesmerizing taste. You can get the authentic tastes of green tea, black tea, white tea and oolong tea in several flavors. Apart from the large variety of tea, the store also gives amazing Teafloor offers which means you will not have to spend too much on your favorite blends. Plus, when you shop via CashKaro.com, you can also get your hands on some amazing TeaFloor coupons which will get you extra discounts. Couple that with the extra Cashback with every order and you get a sweet deal on tea. So, shop as much as you want and sip on health without worrying about the cash. Shop now!

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Make Your Morning Tea The Most Enjoyable With The Power of Teafloor Coupons

Every morning, the first thing that comes to your mind is having a fresh cup of tea that charges you up and prepares you for the day. The production of tea has its roots in India and Teafloor makes this tradition its centre. Teafloor gives you amazing choices of tea to choose from for what they feel is the real celebration of the Indian culture. Mesmerize yourself with a hot cup of tea by Teafloor with awesome Teafloor coupons.

Latest & Working TeaFloor Coupon Codes - December 2017

Teafloor Promo CodesOffersCK Cashback
New Users Flat 10% Off on First Order Rs 500 Cashback
Expert's Pick Tea Flat 50% Off Rs 500 Cashback
All Users Assured Cashback on all orders above Rs 500 Rs 500 Cashback

Find a Wide Variety of Teas With Teafloor Offers For Fresh Beginnings

There are so many different types of Tea on Teafloor that you will be spoilt for choice. Know about the various flavours and leaves of tea before you decide which ones to take home. Teafloor offers great combi packs and the benefits of buying Nilgiri tea online with assured free shipping services with great packaging. You can check the entire collection of over 3000 varieties of tea.

1. Green tea – The freshest picked teas from the mountain terraces of Munnar, Kodaikkanal and the Nilgiris are soon to be your new favourite once you try them from Teafloor. Teafloor has over 10 types of Green tea with Rose, Lemon, Chamomile and Tulsi flavours. You can select whether you want to take first flushed tea or second flushed tea too.

2. Oolong tea – A Chinese brew savoured to perfection according to brewing time with the Gaiwan pot, Teafloor brings to you low oxidised tea in more than 5 organic tea and non-organic flavours. Get more options on Oolong tea from the Tea Shelf which sources teas directly from the estates in Assam, Kangra, Nilgiri, and Munnar. Registered with the Tea Board of India, you can buy with full confidence the retailer. Use the Tea Shelf coupons for discounts on different varieties of teas online.

3. Black tea – Stronger tea with more caffeine, has greater retention properties and requires more oxidisation than other variants. Tea floor gives you black teas from Darjeeling, Assam and the Nilgiris, as well as Kashmiri Kahwa chai with amazing Teafloor promo codes.

4. Assam Tea – The Assam tea plantations have the finest Camelia sinensis var Assamica variety of the tea plant. Take note of Teafloor’s Assam Special Clonal Black tea, English Breakfast tea, and Mulethi Green Tea packages that you can buy at affordable prices with Teafloor coupon codes. Similar to Teafloor, there is another retailer who source tea products from Darjeeling and Assam. Teabox coupons can be applied for discounts on a variety of teas. Enjoy the sip of blended teas that are sourced from the best places in the world. Check out the new arrivals every month to order and taste new flavors of teas all the time.

5. White tea – Originating in China and a rare kind across decades, white tea is made by harvesting tea just after the first buds grow and then restricting their opening. It comes with a light and sweet flavour and should be boiled just the way green tea and jasmine tea is. Check Darjeeline Silver leaf white tea and Nilgiris Silver tip white tea by Teafloor.

Teas with medicinal properties, teas for the perfect wake-up call, teas for engaging conversations and regular CTC tea, Indians have a wholesome amount of tea in their culture. Teafloor has embedded this philosophy into the core of its business and come up with amazing garden fresh tea variants including non-organic teas that will make you want more! If you want fresh Darjeeling tea from the plantations of Siliguri and Darjeeling that was served to the British before 1947, you may like to try Udyan Tea. With a traditional touch in all their products, you will be wowed by the esteemed taste and preferably like to buy more with the Udyan Tea coupons we are giving you.

CashKaro.com is The Best Place to Get All the Best Tea products in India

With all the different tea sellers in India coming together to take tea to the locals and cities, CashKaro presents to you all the best tea manufacturers and sellers all under one roof. You can check out the different websites and their collections for better decisions on buying good tea. Take a look at Goodwyn tea offers for a fresh collection of jasmine tea, Chamomile tea, everyday masala tea and herbal tea combos to have a good stock of teas for endless conversations. Accentuate your tastes in white tea and other beverages with CashKaro’s updates on special combos and offers. Be a better conversationalist with rich taste of beverages, and a variety of collectibles to go along with them. Visit the online stores through CashKaro.com and check the extensive beverages section to pick the beverage brand that best suits and tastes for you. Get the latest discount codes for every online purchase at CashKaro.

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