10 Best Training Shoes Brands

Training shoes are absolutely essential if one wants to exercise with ease and they reduce the chances of injury while gymming and training. The shoes are meant to maximize the efficiency of training and the right shoes can go a long way in improving the way one exercises as well. While there are a number of training shoes out there, there are some brands that have really good user reviews and they have been listed here with their prices to help you make the right choice.

Here are the best brands for training shoes

1. Best Asics training shoes

Asics is a standard brand in training shoes and they are known for their stability and strength. The shoes provide maximum comfort and cushion the feet while training for any sport or while engaged in rigorous exercise. They are available around a price of Rs 2300 to Rs 5200 and come highly recommended by professionals as well.

2. Best Reebok training shoes

Reebok is a world renowned brand and all major athletes recommend the training shoes that have brought together the best of technology and design. The shoes are crafted by experts and they provide maximum protection to the feet during a session. One can have them at a price range of Rs 4500 to Rs 7800 approximately.

3. Best Adidas training shoes

Adidas is famous globally and it is difficult to find a sportsman who is not a fan of the shoes. The training shoes are made from best quality breathable fabric and they are also extremely lightweight. They do not constrict the toes in any way and prevent injuries to large extent. They are available around a price range of Rs 3500 to Rs 6200.

4. Best Liberty training shoes

Liberty multi- sport training shoes are actually great for training in any sport and they are hence preferred by a number of sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts. The shoes are made using rubber and mesh nylon and special attention is given to the designing for a snug fit. The shoes are affordably priced around Rs 999.

5. Best Puma training shoes

One of the highest selling shoes, Puma shoes are fashionable and sturdy at the same time and the shoes are available in a range of sizes and fits. They are also available in waterproof varieties and make training in every weather possible, without having to compromise training for anything. Buyers can have the shoes for a price of Rs 4600 to Rs 8700.

6. Best D:FY training shoes

One of the best shoes in the mid- range segment, the D:FY shoes are extremely comfortable and they are known for the snug fit they provide. The shoes make training a pleasurable experience and they are lightweight and made from natural rubber. The soles are especially made with added cushioning. They are priced around Rs 1734 to Rs 2800.

7. Best Goldstar training shoes

Goldstar shoes are popular among students and young athletes and not without a reason. The shoes provide a fairly good amount of support and the ankles are made with added cushioning. They are a relatively new brand but at Rs 2000, they are also pocket friendly.

8. Best Nike training shoes

Nike has always been a favorite among the top professionals and the users have always had a positive reaction to the shoes. They are known for their durability and the shoes are designed to prevent injury to the feet, as well as prevent cramps and added pressure. The shoes can be had around a price of Rs 4500 to Rs 7600 approximately.

9. Best Fila training shoes

Fila is a well known brand that has been providing premium quality shoes to athletes and sportsman and has always invited positive reviews. The shoes have soft rubber soles and a strong body and they are available in both slip- on and tie up variety. The shoes can be had around a price range of Rs 1899 and Rs 3400 approximately.

10. Best Sketchers training shoes

Sketchers shoes are one of the best options when it comes to training. The shoes have anti – skid soles that prevent slipping and they are also designed with innovative use of technology that makes the durable and strong, and yet comfortable on the feet at the same time. One can buy the shoes around a price range of Rs 1000 and Rs 5200 and are among the best selling ones in the market.

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