10 Best Waterproof Lipsticks Brands

When it comes to makeup, lipsticks are indeed a woman’s best friend but it is true that the regular ones hardly stay on throughout the day. The lipsticks may rub off while drinking a beverage or just while washing the face and one might not always remember to touch up. Waterproof lipsticks are great in this regard because they stay on for hours and they can really do their job throughout the day. Here are some of the best brands of waterproof lipstick and they are sure to appeal to you.

Here are the best brands for waterproof lipsticks

1. Best Miss Rose waterproof lipstick

Miss Rose has always been known for its matte lipsticks and most of them are waterproof. They have a long lasting formula that lasts through the day and the creamy texture prevents the lips from chapping or from drying out. They are available around a price of Rs 300 and are one of the best in the mid- range segment.

2. Best Lakme Argon waterproof lipstick

Lakme waterproof lipsticks from the argon range are enriched with the goodness of argon oil which makes them long lasting and also keeps the lips adequately moisturized. The lipsticks come in rich colors and creamy textures and they are long staying lipstick which are waterproof and smudge free. They are priced around Rs 750.

3. Best Colorbar waterproof lipstick

Colorbar waterproof lipsticks are an absolute favorite with most women because of the fun and pop shades they are mostly available in. The colors don’t fade for hours and they do not fade away while drinking any sort of beverage. The lipsticks are also known for their creamy texture and at around Rs 300, they are quite affordably priced.

4. Best Maybelline New York waterproof lipstick

Maybelline has always been a pioneer and their products never disappoint. The waterproof lipsticks are one of a kind and they stay put for up to 9 hours. The colors are extremely vibrant but there are some elegant nudes as well. The lipsticks are available around a price point of Rs 800 and they are worth it.

 5. Best In Color waterproof lipstick

In Color lipsticks are light and weightless and they are also known for their affordable pricing. The waterproof formula is fairly good and the lipsticks stay put in humidity and rain. The colors are available in a smooth cream formula that is long lasting and waterproof. One can have them around a price point of Rs 299.

 6. Best Blue Heaven waterproof lipstick

Blue Heaven lipsticks are known for their long lasting and smudge free formula and although being a comparatively new brand, the lipsticks have already garnered quite a fan following. The lipsticks are really effective against moisture and humidity and stay on for quite a few hours without having to touch up. The can be had around Rs 350.

 7. Best Faces waterproof lipstick

Faces has some of the best lipsticks in this segment and not without a reason. The lipsticks have smooth and creamy texture, and they are also enriched with Vitamin E that prevents the lips from feeling chapped or dry throughout the day. The shades are very modern and perfect for the modern woman of today, priced at around Rs 900.

 8. Best L’Oreal waterproof lipstick

L’Oreal is a world renowned brand and their products have stood the test of time, and have been tried by women from all corners of the world who are of the opinion that the lipstick truly does what it promises. The color does not fade at all when in touch with moisture and nor does it transfer to any kind of surface. The beautiful lipsticks are available around a price of Rs 750 and above.

 9. Best Revlon waterproof lipstick

Revlon has always been the perfect lipstick for the street smart women and the colors are truly one of a kind. They are also waterproof and does not transfer or smudge easily and that makes it the perfect makeup accessory for those who have to spend hours outdoors. They are priced around a range of Rs 600 and Rs 850.

 10. Best Sugar Cosmetics waterproof lipstick

Sugar Cosmetics is good mid- range lipstick and the colors are quite exciting and fun. The waterproof variants come in deep and rich colors and are perfect for a night out. They can be had around Rs 450 and are not heavy on the pocket either, making it possible for all women to have good makeup within budget.

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