15 Must-Have Sunglasses Worn by Celebrities

One fashion accessory which is a must-have for every wardrobe is a pair of sunglasses. There are a wide range of brands to choose from when it comes to acquiring a pair of shades – Ray-Ban, Fossil, Idee and Fastrack to name a few. If you’re confused about what choice to make, you can always take a cue from celebrities who are always setting trends in terms of fashion.

Take a look at some of these stunning styles of sunglasses worn by celebrities which will help you raise the fashion bar.

Cat Eye Sunglasses – Deepika Padukone

Cat Eye Sunglasses - Deepika Padukone

Deepika is the undisputed queen of Bollywood with her movies but her style statement is also worth mentioning. Deepika looks elegance personified in a pair of cat eye sunglasses. This frame shape helps give an edgy look to your attire and will surely help you catch everyone’s attention.

Round Frame Sunglasses – Priyanka Chopra

Round Frame Sunglasses - Priyanka Chopra

No one rocks harder than Priyanka Chopra who is busy creating international waves. She is one of the most stylish fashion icons not only in India but the world over. She can carry off round frame sunglasses like no one’s business as they add elegance and oomph to her features. Go grab a pair of these for yourself to make a stylish entrance wherever you go.

Mirrored Sunglasses – Rihanna

Akshay Kumar has been ruling the box office with some great hits in recent times. What is also a great hit is his pick of sunglasses and eyewear. Mirrored sunglasses are one of the trendiest styles out there as they give your overall attire a magical upgrade within seconds. They can be worn during the day as well as evenings if you REALLY want to make a statement!

Aviator Sunglasses – Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh set every girls heart aflutter with his Aviator sunglasses in DDLJ over two decades ago and yet it is one of his most iconic looks. Be it Aviator sunglasses for men or women, these frames are loaded with style and you can instantly upgrade your demure wardrobe once you put these on.

Oversized Sunglasses – Alia Bhatt

Oversized Sunglasses - Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt has been setting trends ever since she made her debut. Be it her sassy style in westerns or a more down to earth avatar in Indian traditional wear, this girl can do no wrong. Oversized sunglasses look great on just about every body as they are versatile to suit every facial shape.

Wayfarer Sunglasses – Leonardo DiCaprio

Wayfarer Sunglasses - Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo needs no introduction and is one of the biggest heart throbs around the globe. He looked every bit the Wall Street swindler in a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. Leo’s style statement is unmatched and he is looked up as a fashion icon. Your wardrobe is surely not complete without a pair of classy wayfarers.

White Frame Sunglasses – Emma Watson

White Frame Sunglasses - Emma Watson

Our childhood crush Emma Watson has been ruling the style game ever since her Harry Potter days, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be stopping any time soon. Emma surely knows how to add a spin to her attires and one of those secrets is by donning a pair of glamorous white sunglasses. These sunglasses can be found under a variety of top brands like Fastrack, Idee and Dior. White framed sunglasses look amazingly sophisticated with a tad of sass, perfect for a summer brunch. They match perfectly with every outfit making them extremely versatile.

Tinted Sunglasses – Robert Downey Jr

Tinted Sunglasses - Robert Downey Jr

He might play the formidable Iron Man on screen but Robert Downey Jr. is one eccentric and fun loving person in real life. This is reflected in his choice of wardrobe and eye-wear as well. He has often sported tinted sunglasses at various red carpet events and looked drop dead gorgeous. These sunglasses can add a dash of color to monochrome outfits and escalate the look within seconds.

Clubmaster Sunglasses – Selena Gomez

Clubmaster Sunglasses - Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has one of the highest following on Instagram, and her fashion choices have played a major role in helping her gain so many followers. She can be seen sporting a variety of sunglasses but her favorite pair is Ray Ban’s Clubmaster. These frames are extremely voguish and contemporary and will take your style game through the roof.

Statement Sunnies – Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts has an immaculate style sense and makes waves wherever she goes with her choices. Her choice of these statement sunnies cannot be overlooked as she is pulling off the look with such ease. Get yourself a brand new pair of sunnies for those lunches with your gal pals and beach getaways. These will surely become an accessory without which you cannot leave the house.

Geometric Sunglasses – Ranveer Singh

Can we talk about fashion, and not include Ranveer Singh in it? For those who feel that round or rectangle lenses are too harsh for your face shape, try geometric sunglasses. A geometric-shaped frame will add angles to your face, which can be very flattering. If your face is round, they can create angles to define it. Geometric frames are different from the trends we’ve seen in the last few years and will give you a style that is far from ordinary.

Tiny Frame Sunglasses – Kendall Jenner

Tiny Frame Sunglass - Kendall Jenner

When you think about slim shades, you may think of the ones that were popular in the ’90s. Teeny-tiny sunglasses are here to stay, folks. The small styles vary in shape but instantly add edge to any look, like this version with its slight flattop and triangular bottoms. Wear it low on your nose bridge for that street-style vibe.

Heart Shaped Sunglasses – Lana Del Ray

Heart Shaped Sunglass - Lana Del Ray

You’ve seen your favrouite pop stars such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Lana Del Ray amongst others sport these funky pair of sunglasses. So, why not get one for yourself? Heart-shaped eyes aren’t just for emojis. Your sunglasses will look so playful and fun with these frames, and they’re definitely a different look from other, more traditional designs out there.

Shield Sunglasses – Jennifer Lopez

Shield sunglasses are a lifesaver during the summer. Why? The frames surround the entire eye area and offer more coverage from the bright rays—BUT they can also take up almost half your face. Experiment with this shape in black with minimal details because a bright color or embellishments might look a bit overpowering. Also, check out this well curated list of must-have sunglasses for women.

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses – Brad Pitt

Tortoiseshell Sunglass - Brad Pitt

A style trend that dates back to the 20’s, Tortoise shell glasses, often called horn-rimmed glasses, are eyewear frames that mimic the look of real tortoise shells. The marbled pattern goes with basically anything because it has various neutral black and brown shades. If you’re looking for an everyday pair, this one is a great go-to.

Celebrities surely know how to keep the style game up and you too can learn a tremendous deal from these stunning styles.

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Atreya Mukerjee
Atreya Mukerjee

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