OTG’s are dedicated appliances for baking, grilling and toasting. It costs lower than a microwave oven but if you are still in splits regarding what to buy, here are some basic differences:


Solely for bake, grill and toast Can be used for baking, grilling and even cooking
Takes more time as it is based on heat waves Takes less time
Low Power consumption Power consumption is high
Metal can be used No metal should be used
High capacity Low capacity
Light weight Heavy
Mechanical controls and difficult to use Easy setting and usage

Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards is a brand that specializes in toasters, hair dryers, kettles etc. They have a quality collection of OTG’s that help you serve delicious food. Their gradual cooking mechanism adds nutrition and taste to your meals. Now you can be a pro at baking and grilling with Morphy Richards OTG.


Panasonic gives you a joyful baking experience with its range of OTG’s. You can control heat and temperature effectively with a fermentation function. They also have thermostat for accuracy. With even distribution of heat, you can now enjoy creating sumptuous food with Panasonic OTG. Panasonic prices are easy on your pocket and if you want more discounts, you can shop online.


Bajaj OTG’s are available from 10 litre capacity to 45 litre. The coils heat up to set temperatures and retain the authentic taste of food. Its versatile packaging, functionality and design takes up minimal space in your kitchen and also reduces energy consumption. Experiment with cooking to create drool worthy dishes with Bajaj OTG.


Prestige is a reliable name in the Indian home appliances market. Earlier known for its pressure cooker range, the brand has lived upto the needs of modern times with various other wonderful home appliances. Prestige OTG ovens have advanced features that fit perfectly in today’s modern kitchen.


Created by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and food enthusiast Mr. Ravi Saxena, Wonderchef reminds us of the good old, prime time cooking shows. The brand is the “most loved Kitchenware Company” in India with high standard appliances that have become a part of India’s lifestyle. Wonderchef OTG’s check all the requisites for a perfect kitchen appliance.


Usha is a popular name which brings OTG’s to cook nutritious and tasty food. Their convection heating technology, 360-degree rotisserie, skewers and other features make it a top choice for people looking for an OTG.


Singer was established in 1851 by Sir Issac Merit Singer. Their sewing machines have been the most loved appliance since over 176 years. The company was acquired by Indian Sewing Machine Company Limited in in 1977 and was later renamed as Singer India Limited. Singer OTG’s are equipped with features to make you the master of your kitchen and a fine chef!

If you want to explore the world of cooking, get yourself an OTG from these fine brands.

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