7 Best Beer Glasses For Your Next House Party In 2022

Did you know beer stays colder for longer when you drink it out of a glass as opposed to a bottle? As someone who shares the love for this irreplaceable beverage, here is our take on some of the best beer glasses you can get for your minibar this year.

While pints and bottles are easy and convenient for parties, true beer enthusiasts know that beer glasses and mugs are the right way to go when it comes to drinking beer. Beer glasses help keep your beer cold for long as they reduce the direct friction from your hands and enhance the taste of certain lagers.

To make the most of your favourite beer, check out some of the best beer glasses that we have handpicked for your next big house party. Here you can also check best chopping boards and appam pans in India.

7 Best Beer Glasses to Get for Your Minibar This Year

1. Ocean Imperial Beer Glass

Best Beer Glasses
Ocean Imperial Beer Glass

If you’re a wheat beer lover, then this Ocean Imperial glass set is perfect for you. With a contemporary design, this glass set of six has a tall and slim structure at the bottom, with a relatively larger opening.

This is because it reduces the foam that is formed when the beer is poured into a glass and helps release the citrus and spicy aromas that wheat beers usually emit. With a capacity of 350mL, these beer glasses are a must-have for you.

One of the best beer glasses for long term use, these are made from soda lime glassware which is completely hygienic and safe to use. Scratch and heat resistant, these glasses are highly durable, and completely dishwasher safe. Well, you can also check the list of best Whiskey brands in India.

2. Treo by Milton Beer Mug

Treo by Milton Beer Mug
Treo by Milton Beer Mug

Great for malty flavours like lagers, stouts, and porters, this beer mug set from Treo is everything you need right now.

It has a dimpled design that makes it easier to hold, prevents slipping, and adds to its strong build. With a liquid capacity of 292 ml, these mugs are ideal also for serving juices, mocktails, and other fancy beverages.

Made from premium quality glass, this set of beer mugs is extremely sturdy, and must be your go-to for your evening relaxation sessions.

3. MIR9 Skull Beer Mug

MIR9 Skull Beer Mug
MIR9 Skull Beer Mug

Whether you like everything quirky and unique, or just like to own edgy stuff, these skull beer mugs from MIR9 might be the one for you. Crafted from lead-free glass, these mugs feature a heavy base for extra stability and balance.

With a capacity of 520mL each, this set of two mugs is perfect for serving everything from beer and iced tea to lemonade or black coffee. One of the best beer glasses for professional use as well, this set lends the perfect gothic touch to any boring setting.

4. Pashabache Beer Glass

Pashabahce Beer Glass
Pashabahce Beer Glass

Featuring the pilsner long drink glass shape with a wide mouth, this set of two beer glasses from Pashabache is an excellent choice for drinking bottled beers and pints. Its shape helps hold the bubbles longer and prevents the beer from going flat. Made from sturdy transparent glass, these glasses can be stored in the refrigerator and can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

With a capacity of 320ml, these glasses can be used for your fancy peach iced teas, or plush summer drinks. Made from high-grade material, this set does not scratch or break easily, and will last you through years of use.

5. Milton Glass Beer Mug

Milton Glass Beer Mug
Milton Glass Beer Mug

Drink beer the classic way and make the most of your drink with these glass beer mugs from Milton. Made from high-grade glass material, this set is dishwasher and freezer safe. Designed to maximise your drinking experience, these glasses come with a sturdy handle and heavy base to give you a firm grip, and prevent spillage.

With an optimal capacity of 359mL, they can be used for other alcoholic drinks as well. Affordable, sturdy, and stylish, these are one of the best beer glasses for regular use, and a must-have this season.

6. Yuzing Beer Mug

Yuzing Beer Mug
Yuzing Beer Mug

If you want to add a unique piece to your beer mug collection, then this one from Yuzing is the best pick for you. Its incredibly tall design and interesting looking handle make it an eye-catching contemporary piece. The handle resembles a flexed arm, which gives this beer mug quite a macho look. The mug also has an insanely large capacity of 600 ml, which is more than a pint.

This beer mug has a unique shape with a slim and heavy base that lends extra stability and balance to the glass. The clear shining glass material makes it the perfect pick for your exclusive house parties.

7. MIR Beer Mug

MIR Beer Mug
MIR Beer Mug

The perfect beer mug for those who don’t want to settle with just half a pint, this set of two beer mugs will make for a great addition to your at-home bar. With a unique design, these dimpled mugs are easier to clean and provide a better grip while drinking.

These beer mugs can hold almost an entire pint of beer with their 565 ml capacity and are the ultimate combination of sturdy and stylish. Made from toughened glassware for maximum safety, these glasses offer superior resistance and durability. One of the best beer glasses for professional use, they also make for an ideal gifting option.

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