Appam is one of the most popular dishes relished by many for breakfast. If you love appam as much as we do, you probably cannot help but eat them every other day. So, getting an appam pan for cooking soft and delectable appams is a good idea. Here is how we enjoy our appams by cooking using some of the best appam pans available in India this year.

Prepared with rice and coconut batter, this super light breakfast is packed with nutrients and is low in calories. Getting the perfect taste depends upon the vessel on which it is cooked. In early times, they were cooked in a pan made from clay and mud. However, as technology progressed, appam pans are now able to help churn out soft, smooth, and crispy appams in a jiffy.

Check out our hand-picked list of the best appam pans in India to grab to make delectable appams every day.

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How Do We Choose the Best Appam Pans for You?

Knowing the key qualities to look for when purchasing an appam pan is crucial, given the wide variety of brands and models on the market. In India, you can find some high-quality appam pans ranging from Rs. 600 to Rs. 13,000.

Before you jump into our recommendations for a good appam pan, we would like to inform you about some crucial factors to take into account whether you want to get an appam pan.


The Appam pan’s material is the first and most crucial consideration that you need to make. The ideal option is an aluminium pan, however, you may also buy ones made of a variety of materials. An aluminium pan distributes heat evenly and is lightweight. Many individuals exclusively use aluminium Appam pans because of their quick cooking times.


The size of the Appam pan is another factor to consider. The number of cavities in each appam maker varies from pan to pan. In order to prepare many appams at once if you have a large family, pick a pan with more cavities. You’ll save a ton of time and cooking gas by doing this.

Non-stick coating

Another factor to consider is that the appam pan should have a non-stick coating. The appam will taste great and be crispy if the pan has a non-stick coating. These appam balls will come out of the pan with very little effort. They are juicy, crispy, and need very little oil to prepare. However, you must guarantee that the coating is of the highest calibre and is food-grade.


It is crucial to choose the correct brand since several models are available from each of the different companies. Although cost is a crucial factor to take into account, it cannot determine the quality of an appam pan. Some brands cost a lot of money. However, they are constructed of materials that are safe for consumption and have a long shelf life. As a result, the brand name should be taken into consideration before buying.

List of the Top 10 Appam Pans for a Healthy Breakfast

1. Prestige Appam Pan

Prestige Appam Pan
Prestige Appam Pan

Whether you’re a professional chef or a kitchen newbie, enjoy cooking savoury appams with the Prestige appam maker. This appam pan’s body is made from aluminium, which is light in weight and allows excellent heat conduction. The non-stick coating requires less oiling and prevents the food from sticking at the bottom. With an ergonomic handle and glass lid, it is comfortable to hold and move around.

This appam pan is easy to maintain as it can be washed under lukewarm water using a sponge scrub and a mild soapy detergent. One of the best appam pans for regular use, this one comes with a safe, non-toxic coating free from harmful PFOA that allows healthy cooking for you and your loved ones.

Prominent Features of the Prestige Appam Pan:

  • The Prestige Appam Pan is made up of aluminium.
  • The appam pan has a non-stick coating.
  • The appam pan is dishwasher safe.
  • The Prestige Appam pan comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Non-stick coating
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant
  • Metal spoon friendly
  • Strong handle
  • Dishwasher safe

Why We Picked the Prestige Appam Pan?

The Prestige Appam Pan will provide you with the best experience for making appams for breakfast. The product has a PFOA-free non-stick coating and a pre-assembled pan, which we love. Additionally, the Prestige Appam Pan comes with a wooden turner. This is extremely helpful in turning the appe conveniently.

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2. Tosaa Appam Patra

Tosaa Appam Patra
Tosaa Appam Patra

The appam pan from Tosaa is a perfect pick for cooking soft and crispy appams. It has 12 slots which make it a suitable choice for people living in joint families. The sturdy handles allow for a stern grip, making the cooking process much more efficient. Additionally, the appam pan comes with a stainless-steel lid that allows you to cook faster even at low heat.

This appam pan offers a healthy way of preparing breakfast and snacks as its non-stick layers require minimum cooking oil. It comes with a triple layer coating of heavy gauge aluminium which makes this cookware robust and durable.

Prominent Features of the Tosaa Appam Patra:

  • The Tosaa Appam Patra is made up of aluminium and ceramic.
  • The appam pan has a triple layer German finish of heavy gauge aluminium and non-stick inner coating.
  • The Tosaa Appam Patra is oven and dishwasher safe.
  • The appam pan has a one-year warranty.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Insulated and sturdy handles
  • Dishwasher and oven safe


  • Aluminium quality used in the product is not very good

Why We Picked the Tosaa Appam Pan?

The Tosaa Appam Pan is perfect for people who want an appam pan that is both affordable and durable. With 12 cavities, this Tosaa Appam Pan can cook numerous appams at once.

Additionally, the non-stick inner layer and a triple-layer German coating of thick gauge aluminium make your breakfast cooking simple.

3. Anjali Appam Pan

Anjali Appam Pan
Anjali Appam Pan

The non-stick appam pan from Anjali is an excellent cookware choice for making low-calorie food. It has been internally reinforced with 2-coat technology, which ensures that the food doesn’t stick to the bottom and can be scooped out quickly. This appam maker is available in a pan-shaped design with backlit handles that are fire-resistant.

This 12-cup appam pan comes with a wooden and plastic picker to flip those appams in styles. Made from high-grade aluminium with PTFE non-stick coating, this appam pan is equally suitable for making idlis. One of the best appam pans for modern cooks, this one features an induction base that enables the cookware to be used on an induction cooktop as well.

Prominent Features of the Anjali Appam Pan:

  • The Anjali Appam Pan has an aluminium base.
  • The appam pan has two-coat technology.
  • The Anjali Appam Pan comes with a stainless steel lid and a wooden and plastic picker.
  • The appam pan has a non-stick coating.


  • Affordable
  • Low-calorie cookware
  • Dishwasher safe


  • No induction bottom
  • Not pre-assembled
  • Cavity of the pan is slightly smaller than the other brands

Why We Picked the Anjali Appam Pan?

One of the most well-known cookware manufacturers in India is Anjali, and this is one of their top products. The pan includes a stainless steel cover and an aluminium base. The appam pan also includes a wooden turner that makes it easy to turn the appe. The Anjali Appam Pan is value for money as it costs far less than its competitors while producing similar cooking outcomes.

4. Cello Appam Patra

Cello Appam Patra
Cello Appam Patra

Do away with boring breads and cook flavourful appam and other snacks with the Cello Appam Patra. The product is the right fit for your healthy lifestyle. There is no need to pour excess oil as this appam patra features a non-stick coating that ensures low-fat cooking. Its strong and sturdy handles are resistant to heat and offer ease of cooking and carrying the vessel.

The 12-cavity appam pan ensures a smooth distribution of the heat while consuming less energy. The additional stainless-steel lid further allows you to experiment with your recipes. This appam pan features an ergonomic design with a striking finish, set to withstand regular wear for years of use.

Prominent Features of the Cello Appam Patra:

  • The Cello Appam Patra features a non-stick coating which allows for lower-fat cooking options.
  • The appam pan is made up of pure grade aluminium.
  • The appam pan has a one year warranty.
  • The Cello Appam Patra comes with sturdy bakelite handle which allows smooth handling.


  • Non-stick coating
  • Affordable
  • Easy to hold and use


  • Lid does not fit properly
  • Handles heat fast

Why We Picked the Cello Appam Patra?

Cello is another popular cookware brand in India, that is trusted by everyone. The Cello Appam Patra is simple and easy to use. It has a high-quality non-stick coating that is very durable. As aluminium alloy effectively conducts heat in this appam pan, you may enjoy crispy and delicious appams in a matter of minutes.

5. Hawkins Appam Pan

Hawkins Appam Pan
Hawkins Appam pan

If you’re looking for a sturdy and solid appam pan for your kitchen, this appam maker from Hawkins is for you. It is crafted with PFOA-free German non-stick coating which is highly resilient and durable. The outer ceramic coating on the pan adds to the look of the cookware and is also stain resistant. The handle has an integrated bracket cum flame guard that ensures the handle stays in place and does not get heated.

The pan comes with a rigid heat-proof glass lid to help you keep a check on your recipes. One of the best appam pans for healthy cooking, this is made using die-cast technology that delivers metal thickness at relevant points to ensure the pan is strong and heats evenly, while being lightweight and easy to handle.

Prominent Features of the Hawkins Appam Pan:

  • The Hawkins Appam Pan is made up of Die-cast Technology.
  • The technology used heats the pan evenly, yet is light and easy to handle.
  • The Hawkins Appam Pan has an outer German ceramic coating.
  • The appam pan also has a PFOA free non-stick coating.
  • The appam pan comes with a glass lid.
  • The Hawkins Appam Pan provides a two-year guarantee.


  • Pre-assembled
  • See-through glass lid
  • Even heat distribution
  • Handle stays cool even while cooking
  • Non-stick coating

Why We Picked the Hawkins Appam Pan?

The Hawkins Appam Pan is one of our recommended top picks because of the numerous advantage it provides. The product comes pre-assembled and pre-seasoned. The Hawkins Appam Pan uniformly cooks of the appe and the handle stays cool even while cooking. Additionally, the PFOA-free ceramic coating and the 2-year warranty make this product stand out among the others.

6. Dynamic Cookware Appam Pan

Dynamic Cookware Appam Maker
Dynamic Cookware Appam Pan

This appam pan by Dynamic Cookware is built with high-grade cast-iron ore. The product provides non-stick properties to each part of the pan. Its hefty design and high quality add to the strength and durability of the product. Perfect for your Sunday brunches and Tuesday breakfasts, this pan requires less cooking oil in your appam preparations owing to the pre-seasonings.

This cast iron appam maker has superior heat retention properties and is the best pan for slow cooking. This appam pan has an ergonomically designed handle to allow a comfortable grip and is built for versatility. It can be used efficiently on gas stoves, induction stoves, convection ovens, and even adventure campfires.

Prominent Features of the Dynamic Cookware Appam Pan:

  • The Dynamic Cookware Appam Pan is made up of cast iron.
  • The appam pan has dual side handles for a comfortable grip.
  • The Dynamic Cookware Appam Pan has a thick base for slow and even cooking.


  • Induction compatible
  • Comfortable grip
  • Durable


  • No non-stick coating
  • Not dishwasher safe

7. Bharath Agencies Appam Pan

Bharath Agencies Appam Pan
Bharath Agencies Appam Pan

The cast iron Appam Pan from Bharath Agencies is unlike any we have seen on this list. The pan is different in terms of both design and form. This Bharath Agencies Appam Pan is square in form and has only nine cavities. This is one of your finest options if you’re seeking for a compact pan.

This appam pan is composed of cast iron, unlike other pans that we have seen thus far. The product is a pre-seasoned appam pan, so you can use it right away and start cooking appams with only a little oil. It just has modest cast iron handles.

Prominent Features of the Bharath Agencies Appam Pan:

  • The Bharath Agencies Appam Pan is made up of cast iron.
  • The appam pan is square in shape.
  • The appam pan is pre-seasoned.
  • The Bharath Agencies Appam Pan is dishwasher safe.


  • Comes pre-seasoned
  • Affordable


  • No lid
  • Not oven safe
  • No non-stick coating

8. EuroSleek Appam Pan

EuroSleek Appam Pan
EuroSleek Appam Pan

Another excellent product to think about for your kitchen is the EuroSleek Appam Pan with Lid. It has a robust and solid design since aluminium was used in its construction. The Appam Pan’s finest feature is that it comes in Red and Blue, two separate colours.

The product has two handles on each side of the pan and a 12-cavity appam pan. It has a plastic knob in the centre and a stainless steel cover. It has a non-stick coating, preventing food from sticking to the pan’s bottom. You can cook appam rapidly since aluminium is a superb heat conductor. The pan is sturdy and will last a very long time.

Prominent Features of the EuroSleek Appam Pan:

  • The EuroSleek Appam Pan is made up of aluminium which makes it lighter in weight.
  • The appam pan has a non-stick coating that allows you to make appams with less oil.
  • The EuroSleek Appam Pan has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to use.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Non-stick coating
  • Affordable


  • Not good quality aluminium

9. BMS Lifestyle Appam Pan

BMS Lifestyle Appam Pan
BMS Lifestyle Appam Pan

Kitchens must have appam makers so you can simply prepare appam at home. The BMS Lifestyle Appam pan is made from the highest grade of aluminium. The product makes it simple for you to cook Appam since it uniformly distributes heat around the pan.

On each side of the pan are two handles that come with it. The handles have a rubber coating and are constructed of stainless steel. Even when the pan is hot, the rubber coating makes it simple for you to grasp it. The pan has a very straightforward design with a stainless steel top. At one moment, you may prepare 12 appams. There is a 12-month warranty included with this product.

Prominent Features of the BMS Lifestyle Appam Pan:

  • The BMS Lifestyle Appam Pan is made of pure-grade aluminium.
  • The appam pan has a non-stick coating.
  • The appam pan has a strong bakelit handle.
  • The BMS Lifestyle Appam Pan comes with a stainless steel lid.
  • The appam pan provides a one-year warranty.


  • High-quality aluminium
  • Non-stick coating
  • Affordable


  • Low-quality rubber covering on the handle
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not oven safe

10. Royal Non-Stick Appam Patra

Royal Non-Stick Appam Patra
Royal Non-Stick Appam Patra

The appam is one of the most popular south Indian breakfasts is appam. The Royal Non-Stick Appam Patra has twelve cavities. This implies that you may prepare 12 appams at once. The pan is made of aluminium, which helps evenly distribute the heat in the pan.

The Royal Appam Patra has a nonstick coating and is also scratch resistant. The new and upgraded coating guarantees durability and protects food from injury. You don’t need to worry about cleaning it since a simple sponge can be used to do so. The Royal Non-Stick Appam Patra includes a stainless steel cover and two handles on each side of the pan.

Prominent Features of the Royal Non-Stick Appam Patra:

  • The Royal Non-Stick Appam Patra is made up of aluminium.
  • The appam pan has a non-stick coating.
  • The Royal Non-Stick Appam Patra has a grooved bottom for excellent heat distribution.
  • The appam pan comes with a stainless steel lid.
  • The Royal Non-Stick Appam Patra comes with bakelite handles with grip areas.


  • Non-stick coating
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Does not work on an induction cooktop

Final Word

Appams are a popular South Indian breakfast that is loved by all. Making appams is really easy, and you can serve them to your whole family quickly. Based on material, brand, and size, the Prestige, Tosaa, and Hawkins appam pans worked the best for us. However, we recommend you go through the entire list and choose the brand that is best suited for your needs.


Which Appam pan is best?

According to our research here at CashKaro, the Prestige, Tosaa, and Hawkins appam pans are our top picks. We recommend buying an appam pan based on your needs, including your budget.

What is Appam pan made of?

Most appam pans are made up of cast iron or aluminium. Compared to a cast iron pan, appam pans made of aluminium is far more affordable and lightweight.

What is the price of an Appam pan?

Appam pans come in a variety of models and is sold by several companies. The best high-quality appam pans in India cost around Rs. 600 to Rs. 1300. We recommend you to go through our list and buy an appam mark best suited to your needs.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Our highly experienced and competent researchers at CashKaro work hard to provide the finest market suggestions. To create a list of products you can trust and use, we evaluate various products and compare them based on a variety of factors. We considered material, size, brand, and other aspects while making our recommendations for the best appam pans for breakfast. We really hope that this list will assist you in reaching an educated conclusion.

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