10 Best Biryani Masala Brands in India

Biryani is fragrant, exquisite, and one of the world’s most popular dishes. The tastes of biryani vary from region to region owing to the use of native spices that are popular or cultivated in that particular region. The flavour of the meat and rice cooked together with spices is delectable.

India is a country of spices; it is always a great idea to use biryani masala to find the perfect taste while eating. There are various options available in the market providing good quality spices with supreme ingredients, so here we have come up with some of the best masala brands for biryani available in India to help you make an informed choice.

List of 10 Best Biryani Masala Brands in India

1. Everest


Everest spices brand is owned by Everest Food Products Pvt Ltd. It is a producer, importer, and distributor of ground spices and spice blends under the Everest brand in India. It is India’s best-selling spice brand, with over 45 masala varieties available in both pure and blended forms. Accepted and enjoyed by millions of households not only in India but also in over 58 nations throughout the world, Everest’s popularity ranges from the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Singapore.

Everest Shahi Biryani Masala is the ideal combination of the many fragrant spices necessary to produce an appetising plate of biryani. It saves you the time and effort of making the spice blend that gives Biriyani its distinct flavour. It is mostly a blend of flavouring spices and taste compounds that improve the scent of regular rice.

2. MDH


MDH is a spice company situated in New Delhi, India. Mahashian Di Hatti Private Limited (MDH) is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Indian spices. Mahashay Chunnilal Gulati founded the spice company in 1919 in Sialkot, which is now located in Pakistan’s Punjab region. MDH offers 62 products in over 150 distinct packaging options. These include spices that have been ground or blended and are devoid of preservatives.

MDH Bombay biryani masala is all-natural and has no artificial flavours or additives. The ingredients of MDH biryani masala consist of coriander, red chilli, dried plums, fennel, muskmelon, turmeric, mango, cassia, cumin, cloves, garlic, black pepper, cardamom seeds, nutmeg, mace, green cardamom, and more which make it unique and provide a delicious taste to your biryani.

3. ChefBoss

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ChefBoss is Jubiliant Foodwork’s brand, which sells ready-to-cook pastes, sauces, and gravies. ChefBoss is on a quest to introduce you to new culinary options with exciting products on offer. It’s your personal cooking toolset for experimenting with various Indian and foreign frozen food favourites.

It’s a lot of fun to experiment with new recipes at home. But then there’s the exhausting work of gathering the correct spices and ingredients, cutting, peeling and chopping. But don’t worry, ChefBoss offers premium quality biryani masala paste to make it easier for everyone to make biryani in their kitchen.

4. Nawab’s Secret

Nawab's Secret
Nawab’s Secret

Spiceco Cuisine owns the Nawab’s Secret brand, which was developed with the idea of giving their customers the most authentic and comprehensive spice blend for Lucknow’s famous foods. The spice blend offered by Nawab’s Secret includes some of the most exotic herbs, spices, and flowers that have historically been utilised in Awadhi cuisine.

Nawab’s Secret Lucknow Biryani Masala provides the precise spice combination as well as the recipe that imparts the unique tastes and flavours of the Awadh area with the hope that genuine Awadh food will be replicated in today’s kitchen.

5. Shan


Shan spices brand is owned by Shan Foods Private Limited. It is a Pakistani food products company that manufactures packaged spice blends used in Pakistani and Mughlai cuisine. The company’s goods are sold to over 60 countries, and their appeal stems from the reduced time necessary to prepare traditional dishes.

Shan Special Biryani Masala is ideal for making real Bombay biryani. Shan Bombay Biryani mix allows you to replicate the real traditional flavour of Bombay Biryani, which is a unique sub-continental food legacy.

6. Urban Platter

Urban Platter
Urban Platter

Urban Platter is an Indian company started by Chirag Kenia in 2015, and the company has since grown to become India’s biggest manufacturer of gourmet items. The company is situated in Maharashtra and sells everything on the internet. This business sells a wide range of gourmet products.

Hyderabad Urban Platter Biryani masala is a delectable spice combination used to create the ultimate Hyderabadi biryani. This excellent Biryani Masala is simple to make and always turns out perfectly. Its seductive scent and rich flavours make it a fantastic dish that can transform an average dinner into a feast.

7. Keya


Keya Foods is well-known for producing high-quality Seasonings and Herbs. Keya’s mission is to provide gourmet-style condiments and meals for every kitchen. The ingredients for all of the items are sourced from reliable sources and are of high quality to offer a positive consumer experience.

Keya Awadhi Chicken Biryani Masala is a mixture of whole spice blends that have been hand-picked in the appropriate proportions by skilled chefs, carefully combined and coarsely ground to unleash flavour and fragrance only during cooking.

8. Vedaka


Vedaka is an Amazon India brand that sells spices, groceries, dry fruits, pulses, lentils, tea leaves, grains, dried fruits, oils, flours, and other everyday products.

Vedaka Biryani Masala is a delicious spice combination that improves the flavour of your Biryani. Supreme quality ingredients are used to offer a great taste and fragrance to your dish. Vedaka Biriyani Masala is packaged in a sanitary manner to keep the spice moisture-free and fresh.

9. Rooted Peepul

Rooted Peepul
Rooted Peepul

Rooted Peepul is an Indian brand that good quality spices by keeping both health and flavour in mind. The business, which is based in New Delhi, is an entrepreneurial endeavour to bring healthy living to the centre of the urban lifestyle.

Rooted Peepul provides a superb and genuine combination of 23 spices for mutton, chicken, and veggie biryani. It has less chilli but greater heat. Rooted peepul has been properly balanced with spices and chillies, making it more flavorful.

10. ITC Master Chef

ITC Master Chef
ITC Master Chef

ITC Master Chef is an ITC Limited ready-to-cook product brand that offers a variety of quality ingredients and ready-to-cook goods that make cooking more interesting. All ITC Master Chef products are of the highest quality, decrease preparation time, and are easy to prepare and store. The brand provides a variety of high-quality items such as biryani cooking paste, frozen prawns, frozen snacks, cooking pastes, dehydrated onions, gravies, mango pulp, and more.

ITC Master Chef biryani pastes are free of preservatives and manufactured with high-quality ingredients to provide you with the greatest flavour possible. The collection is inspired by the professional chefs of ITC’s best hotels to provide you with excellent gourmet style cuisine directly from your kitchen.

Best Biryani Masala Brand With Price List

Biryani Masala BrandsPrice*
Everest Starts at Rs 70
MDHStarts at Rs 70
ChefBossStarts at Rs 180
Nawab’s SecretStarts at Rs 142
ShanStarts at Rs 150
Urban PlatterStarts at Rs 295
KeyaStarts at Rs 133
VedakaStarts at Rs 52
Rooted PeepulStarts at Rs 559
ITC Master ChefStarts at Rs 75
*Prices are according to packs and subject to change.


Which is the best biryani masala brand?

There are various brands offering good quality biryani masalas such as Everest, MDH, Nawab’s Secret and more.

What is the secret ingredient for biryani?

In various parts of the country, biryani is made with different secret ingredients and thus it tastes different.

What is the famous biryani?

Hyderabad and Lucknow biryani is the famous biryani in India.

Which is the No 1 biryani in India?

There is various debate on No 1 biryani in India, but there is no conclusion yet as people consider the recipe of their region is the best.

Which is the best selling biryani masala brand?

Nawab’s Secret is the best selling biryani on Amazon India.

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