Best Spell-Binding Books By Agatha Christie

Regarded as the queen of mystery, Agatha Christie is an English writer well known for her detective novels majorly revolving around the fictional characters, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. She was also the writer of the longest-running murder mystery play, The Mousetrap. Having sold over 2 billion copies worldwide, her novels are a reflection of creative thinking. Christie wrote these mysteries during the span of the 1920s to the 1970s.

Read on below to check out our top selection of Agatha Christie books for you.

Bestselling Agatha Christie Books (Updated) – 2019 Price & Reviews

Agatha Christie BooksPriceRating
The Mysterious Affair At StylesRs.2994/5
And Then There Were NoneRs.2244.6/5
The Murder Of Roger AckroydRs.2994.6/5
Murder Of The Orient ExpressRs.1354.4/5
Death On The NileRs.2994.4/5
The ABC MurdersRs.2334.4/5
Endless NightRs.2753.7/5
The Murder At The VicarageRs.8504.4/5
Peril At End HouseRs.2334.6/5

1. The Mysterious Affair At Styles


The first mystery of Agatha Christie unfolds into a scene where a wealthy woman is poisoned at Styles St. Mary. The strange goings force Lieutenant Hastings, a houseguest to call his friend Poirot, a Belgian refugee to put the pieces of the events surrounding the murder together and solve the case. The novel has also been adapted in television, radio and stage.

Year Of Publication: 1920
Price: Rs.299

2. And Then There Were None


Published initially as Ten Little Niggers, And Then There Were None is a story about 10 strangers who are brought together at the Soldier Island near the Devon Coast. Their generous hosts and invitee Mr and Mrs Owen are mysteriously absent and each of the guests is accused of a terrible crime. Death at the party makes them realise that they may be harbouring a murderer in their group. Turn the page around to know who will survive and who the killer is. The novel was also adapted in films, radio, stage, television and other forms of media.

Year Of Publication: 1939
Number Of Copies Sold: Over 100 million copies sold worldwide
Price: Rs.224
Awards: Declared the ‘World’s Favourite Christie’

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3. The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd


The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd is a detective fiction that revolves around the sudden death of Roger Ackroyd and Mrs Ferrars. Roger knew that the woman he loved had poisoned her first husband for being brutal to her. Tragically, the woman ends up taking her own life through a drug overdose while Roger is stabbed to death while reading a piece of information that was brought to him by post. Poirot is called to join the crime scene by Roger’s niece to find out the truth.

Year Of Publication: 1926
Price: Rs.299
Awards: Voted as the best novel by the British Crime Writer’s Association in 2013

4. Murder On The Orient Express


Set on a luxurious train, Murder On The Orient Express is about an American tycoon who calls for help from Poirot with a belief that his life is in danger. However, Poirot refuses and soon enough, a sudden snowdrift stops the train and the man is found dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times. Poirot embarks on this mystery murder to find out who in the first class is responsible for the man’s death. The novel’s film adaptation won various reputed awards.

Year Of Publication: 1934
Number Of Copies Sold: 3,00,000 copies sold in 1974 when the film adaptation opened
Price: Rs.135

5. Death On The Nile


Death On The Nile is a classic Agatha Christie novel based on a luxury cruise in Egypt running along the Nile River. A young, rich and beautiful woman finds herself as the target of an unknown passenger who shot her through the head. The story of Poirot’s vacation turns into a mission of solving two murder cases. The novel also forms the basis of various films, television and theatrical adaptations.

Year Of Publication: 1937
Price: Rs.299

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6. The ABC Murders


On receiving a mysterious letter detailing serial murders of people with initials, A.A., B.B. and C.C, Poirot heads out to solve the riddle of these cases before the fourth victim is killed. Poirot works his way through the alphabets to catch the killer on the loose.

Year Of Publication: 1936
Price: Rs.233

7. Curtain


A wheelchair-bound Poirot returns to Styles with Hastings after three decades of solving his first case there. He returns to the venue to solve the story of a mystery murder he knew of. Hastings, who still mourned the death of his wife, was taken by shock when Poirot declared that one of them was a five-times murderer. The novel was later developed for television in 2013.

Year Of Publication: 1975
Price: Rs.233

8. Endless Night


Based on the concepts of greed, guilt and desperation, Endless Night is a dark mystery thriller. Penniless Michael Rogers discovers a beautiful house in the Gypsy’s Acre and dreams of living there with her heiress. However, he ignores the warning of an old lady about the ancient curse and evil begins to stir into his paradise.

Year Of Publication: 1967
Price: Rs.275

9. The Murder At The Vicarage


Set in a little village of St. Mary Med, The Murder At The Vicarage is a detective mystery about the murder of Colonel Protheroe, a local magistrate who was the most detested man in the village. Everyone wished he were dead and soon enough, he was shot in the head in vicar’s own study. There is not one, but two suspects to the crime. Miss Marple must use her intellect to unravel the tangled web of clues to unmask the killer.

Year Of Publication: 1930
Price: Rs.850

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10. Peril At End House


Peril At End House is an ingenious murder mystery. Nick Buckley, a young woman was constantly encountered with unusual circumstances, which persuaded Poirot to believe that someone might want to kill her and that she needed his protection. While he calls to meet all of Nick’s friends at her home, the End House, another murder provokes Poirot to mount a serious investigation.

Year Of Publication: 1932
Price: Rs.233

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Niharika (CK Book Critic)
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