Best Astrology Books

Willing to learn astrology and zodiac signs all by yourself? Pick these books that are perfect for beginners.

Astrology is a part of science that allows readers to interpret the ongoing events in an individual’s life. The process involves looking at the position of planets and celestial objects at the time of their birth and comparing it with the present time. If you’re curious about learning how to read and write interpretations, you must check these books.

Best Astrology Books

1. The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk

This is the latest edition of the original version written by J.M. Woolfolk. The book is perfect for beginners to understand the fundamentals of astrology, including sun signs, cusps, and the effect of planetary movement. It further tells the reader about houses in astrology, the zodiac signs and has a glossary of specific terms used by the astrologers.

Progressing Narrative

This book has a progressive narrative that introduces the reader to the basics of astrology and explains the intricacies further.

Editor’s Choice

2. Moonology by Yasmin Boland

This book is all about understanding the effect of the moon on health, mood, relationships, and work. This book helps you manifest your dreams while planning your life in the right way. It speaks about how individuals can deepen their connection with nature and the cosmos.

Lunar Cycle

This book focuses more on how lunar cycles affect an individual.

Popular Choice

3. The Stars Within You by Juliana Mccarthy

The Stars Within You provides a modern outlook on the ancient practices of self-discovery. This book enables readers to recognise themselves, their gifts, and ways to move towards happiness and contentment. It features beautiful depictions that make the narration understandable.

Discover Yourself

This book by Juliana Mccarthy helps readers discover themselves through various means.

Most Loved

4. Astrology: Using the Wisdom of the Stars in Your Everyday Life by Carole Taylor

This book has an authoritative tone yet a simple narrative. It uses case studies to help readers understand the simple concept of self-fulfilment. The book teaches them to read their own birth chart to understand themselves better while also offering insights and bits of advice to improve relationships in professional and personal spheres. It further allows readers to learn to deal with stress and helps expand their creativity.

Learn Interpretation

This book enables the reader to learn the interpretation of various astrological concepts like zodiac signs, planetary movements, and more.

Trusted Pick

5. Astrology for Yourself by Douglas Bloch

This book allows readers to write their chart interpretations by learning all the primary facets of astrology. It uses various exercises of self-direction to provide insights to the reader. This book can introduce you to the treasure of knowledge and change your life in meaningful ways.

Promotes Personal Growth

This book promotes the personal growth of the reader as it helps them understand their desires well.


6. Lal-Kitab by U.C. Mahajan

This is an English version of the Lal Kitab and completes the contents of its predecessor. It adds a new dimension to the original Urdu version written by astrologer Roop Lal back in the 19th century. The book has easy to understand language and talks about everything from planetary movements to their effect on different zodiac signs. Aside from this, it has case studies for in-depth explanation and interpretation of birth charts according to the Southern tradition.

Updated Extension

This book is an extended version of the original 2000 edition written by Professor U.C. Mahajan

Also Consider

7. Vedic Astrology by P.V.R. Narsimha Rao

This book is all about Vedic astrology – the traditional system of Indian astrology or Jyotish. It introduces the fundamental concepts and moves ahead to complex topics like dasa, transit, tajaka, special topics in astrology, and real-life studies. Each topic is placed in order, thus ensuring that the reader understands everything easily.

Six Parts

This book is divided into six parts, each of which touches upon a different topic in astrology.

Runner Up
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