15 Best Brands of Matte Blushes for the Perfectly Sculpted Look

The simple recipe to getting those flushed rosy cheeks is using a quality blush. Blush perks up the colour of your cheeks, and adds a wow factor to your overall look. From powder to liquid formulas with shimmer and matte finishes, there is a blush for everyone. Here is a list of the best brands of matte blush you can choose from, to add the extra oomph to your looks.

List of the Top Brands of Matte Blushes

1. Maybelline

best brands of matte blush

Maybelline is one of the biggest American brands in cosmetics. It is a subsidiary of L’Oreal, a French cosmetic company that was established in 1915 by Thomas Lyle Williams.

The Fit Me series by Maybelline is the show stopper. The blush from the series comes in a collection of different shades to compliment every skin tone and colour. The powder blush mattifies your skin and gives a radiant look all day. The blush can be carried with minimal makeup to create a dewy neutral day look. The hues compliments all tones. The sturdy packaging makes the blush a must-have at Rs 1,666.

2. Lakme Absolute

best brands of matte blush

Lakme Absolute owned by Hindustan Unilever, is crafted by experts with a professional touch. It is the most popular Indian cosmetics brand specialising in a wide array of skincare and beauty products.

The Lakme 9 to 5 Pure Rouge Blusher is a soft and decent pigmented blush that glides smoothly on the skin. This pressed powder has a lightweight formula and works well for Indian skin tones. The staying power of the product is decent which lasts for 4-5 hours without reading. Available in 6 matte shades, this blush can be availed at Rs 550.

3. Clinique

best brands of blush
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Cheek Pop Blush from Clinique Blushing is a product that suits all skin types and is especially beneficial for oily or acne prone skin types, as it is one of those products that is highly pigmented and finely-milled and allows the product to stay on the face of the person without melting or fading off. With all these properties, it becomes an easy choice for oily skinned people.

This fragrance-free and allergy tested product is priced at an estimated cost of Rs 9,277.

4. Faces Canada

best Faces blush

Faces Canada Ultime Pro HD Light Camera Blush features a long lasting matte finish. It offers excellent blending and stays ultra-smooth on application and gives an airbrushed look. This pressed powder comes in 2 chic shades and is a little shimmery to add a natural glow to your cheeks.

The dermatologically tested blush is free from parabens, mineral oils, and nano-ingredients. You can have it at Rs 559.

5. Miss Claire

best blush palettes
Miss Claire

This versatile palette of shimmer and matte blushes by Miss Claire is one of our favourite finds when it comes to matte blushes. The colours are super pigmented and ultra-blendable and give lasting results. This kit comes with mirrors and applicators and is a great pick for those who love to experiment. It is available at an affordable price of around Rs 495.

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6. Colorbar

best matte blushes

Colorbar‘s Mattillusion blush is a combination of beauty with science and luxury. This wonderful matte blusher is a worthy addition to your vanity – all thanks to the silky sheer flushed look it offers on application. Highly-blendable, this lightweight powder formula contains Japanese sericite, an anti-creasing agent. It is ideal for all skin types.

If that was not all, this product is free from parabens, artificial fragrances, and mineral oils. All this will cost you nearly a price of Rs 675.

7. Swiss Beauty

best brands of matte blush
Swiss Beauty

Swiss Beauty brings a set of 8 high-quality blush colours in a single palette. Their blush is made with transparent pigments to avoid heaviness after application and feels virtually weightless. This blush glides on the skin effortlessly and lasts all day long.

Suitable for all skin tones, this illuminating blush powder is the perfect recipe to give yourself a flushed look. You can get this beauty at Rs 499.

8. Sugar Cosmetics

best matte blushes
Sugar Cosmetics

Give your oily skin an instant flush of long lasting colour with the Sugar Cosmetics blush. Available in 5 flattering shades, these have a lightweight formula that gives a radiant pop of colour and has a long staying power. This powder blends easily and is suitable for every skin tone.

Additionally, it is dermatologically tested and approved. 100% Safe for your skin, you can get this travel friendly blush at just Rs 349.

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9. My Glamm

best matte blushes
My Glamm

My Glamm is a global brand that makes beauty products free from parabens, preservatives, and mineral oils. They are a cruelty free and vegan brand.

Infused with fresh fruity flavours, My Glamm matte blushes are heavily pigmented. These blushes are crafted with moisturisers and spherical powders to give your skin a healthy look. Available in 3 stunning shades, these matte blushes are priced at nearly Rs 645.

10. NARS

best matte blushes

NARS is a French cosmetic and skincare company founded in the year 1994 by François Nars a make-up artist and a photographer. NARS is the ultimate authority for blushes.

Irrespective of the fact that shimmer makes you glow, matte products never go out of style. The powder blush by NARS is a peachy pink light-textured blush.

Easily bendable, the powder adds the right tint to your cheeks. The matte finish is perfect for oily skin. It stays on the skin for 7-8 hours and does not crease. The packaging makes it travel-friendly; it is priced from Rs 3,000 onwards.

11. Smashbox

best gel blushes

The O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color by Smashbox is a match made in heaven for those with lighter skin tones and yellow undertones. The light pink color looks best with no make-up or dewy makeup look.

It comes in a gel-like formula that stays for 4-5 hours. The cute tube packaging makes it attractive and travel-friendly. Additionally, this product isn’t tested on animals and is free from talc and parabens.

The O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color by Smashbox is priced at an estimated cost of Rs 2,470.

12. Too Faced

best cruelty free blush brands
Too Faced

Available in five different shades that suit cool to warm undertones. The powder blush leaves a matte finish on the skin. The colors are highly pigmented, and a very little quantity goes a long way. The blush when well blended gives a very international and unique look. Priced at Rs 5,787 the blush is used by several professionals.

13. Benefit Cosmetics

best Benefit cosmetics blush
Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics LLC is a cosmetic manufacturing company founded in 1976 in San Francisco, California. The Sugarbomb blush comes with different hues but looks great on the skin on application. The product comes with 4 different shades to match skin colors.

The sturdy packaging and the subdivisions keep the product safe. The texture is soft and carries a slight golden matte undertone. The product is an expensive product that will cost you upwards of Rs 5,000.

14. MAC

best MAC blush

Founded in Toronto, Canada, MAC in March 1984, has taken the makeup industry by storm by offering a wide range of products that blend street-savvy and glamorous styles. Today, it is sold in over 120 countries around the world.

The Posey Cream blush is a rosy pink color blush. Highly pigmented, the blush blends flawlessly onto the skin. The soft texture feels light and a little amount does the work. The blush successfully creates the flush pink cheeks look. The blush is highly recommendable to those with cooler undertones.

15. Bobbi Brown

best Bobbi Brown blushes
Bobbi Brown

The Bobbi Brown Pale Pink blush is a powder product to create the matte finish looks. The color looks absolutely natural on fair skin tones. The apple of the cheeks holds the blush perfectly. The silky texture blends nicely and feels light. The packaging is perfect to carry anywhere. The blush can be availed at an estimated cost of Rs 4,870 online.


1. Which brand has the best blush?

The Fit Me series by Maybelline is the perfect choice when it comes to the best blush. The blush from this series comes in a collection of different shades to compliment every skin tone and colour.

The powder blush mattifies your skin and gives a radiant look all day. The blush can be carried with minimal makeup to create a dewy neutral day look. The hues compliment all tones.

2. How to apply matte blush?

Start by choosing the blush formula that suits your skin. Prep your skin using a good moisturiser and primer and get done with the foundation and concealer. Using the right brush, apply the a little bit blush on the apple of your cheeks and blend it till you get an even hue.

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