10 Best Brands of Matte Blush- Complete Guide With Price Range

The flush pink color of the cheeks is natural to women from hilly areas. By the rest of us on the plains are not blessed with so. But that does not mean we can’t get one. The Blush is a beauty obsession indeed. Adding that extra tint to the cheeks make us smile more. Here is a list of blush brands you can choose from to add the extra oomph to your makeup routine.

List of 10 Best Brands of Matte Blush

1. Best NARS: Powder Blush

Irrespective of the fact that shimmer makes you glow, the matte products never go out of style. The powder blush by NARS is a peachy pink light textured blush. Easily bendable, the powder adds the right tint to your cheeks. The matte finish is perfect for oily skin. It stays on the skin for 7-8 hours and does not creases. The packaging makes it travel-friendly. Priced at 1500 INR approx.

2. Best Smashbox: O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Colour

The cheek color is a steal for those with lighter skin tones and yellow undertones. The light pink color looks best with no make-up or dewy makeup look. The staying power is decent and staying for 4-5 hours. The cute tube packaging makes it attractive and travel-friendly. The product is priced at 2100 INR.

3. Best Too Faced: Love Flush Powder Blush

Available in six different shades that suits cool to warm undertones. The powder blush leaves a matte finish on the skin. The colors are highly pigmented, and a very little quantity goes a long way. The blush when well blended gives a very international and unique look. Priced at 5787 INR the blush is highly used by professionals.

4. Best Benefit: Sugarbomb Blush

The Sugarbomb blush comes with different hues but looks great on the skin on application. The product comes with 4 different shades to match skin colors. The sturdy packaging and the subdivisions keep the product safe. The texture is soft and carries a slight golden matte undertone. The product is priced at 1500-1600 INR.

 5. Best MAC: Posey Cream Blend Blush

The Posey Cream blush is a rosy pink color blush. Highly pigmented, the blush blends flawlessly onto the skin. The soft texture feels light, and a little amount does the work. The blush successfully creates the flush pink cheeks look. With pleasing stay power. The product is a steal for 1350 INR. The blush is highly recommendable to those with cooler undertones.

6. Best Maybelline: Fit Me Blush

The Fit Me series by Maybelline is the show stopper. The blush from the series comes in 4 different shades to compliment skin colors. The powder blush mattifies the oily skin and gives a radiant look all day. The blush can be carried with minimal makeup to create the dewy neutral day look. The hues compliments all tones. The sturdy packaging makes the blush a must have at 400 INR.

7. Best Bobbi Brown: Pale Pink Blush

The Bobbi Brown Pale Pink blush is a powder product to create the matte finish looks. The color looks absolutely natural on fair skin tones. The apple of the cheeks holds the blush perfectly. The silky texture blends nicely and feels light. The packaging perfect to carry anywhere. The blush is a must-have product. Priced at 1500-2000 INR.

8. Best Dior: Stand Out Rouge Blush

The tangerine orange color blush blends well with warm skin tones. The highly pigmented hue is incorporated with a light golden sheen. The golden touch of the blush glams up the entire look. The trending metallic blush look can also be created using the Rouge blush. The product feels hard in the case but glides smoothly on the skin. With a grand staying power of 8-9 hours, the product is priced at 2000- 3000 INR.

9. Best Lakme Absolute: Face Stylist Blush Duo

The Duo Blush series by Lakme is available in two colors, the Peach and the Coral. The soft and decent pigmented blush glides smoothly on the skin. The black box packaging makes the product attractive. The staying power of the product is decent which lasts for 4-5 hours without reading. The sheen effect works for the glam night look. The products are priced at 720 INR.

10. Best Clinique: Cola Pop Cheek Pop

The packaging of the blush grabs your attention at once. The most versatile blush comes in elegant hues to match warm undertones. The healthy glow look can be easily created by applying the product. Blends well no efforts and the shimmer gives that metallic matte look. The Pop series by Clinique did an excellent job by adding unique hues. The product is priced in between 2000-3000 INR.



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