10 Best Calculator Brands in India

Calculators are useful tools. Be it at school or at work, a calculator can solve multiple problems in the blink of an eye. The evolution of calculators from their beginning till today has been marvellous. From doing simple quadruple-function operations to solving algebraic expressions, the calculating device has come a long way. While all calculators look more or less the same, brands make calculators with different functions and qualities. Below listed are the top 10 calculator brands in India.

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How Do We Choose the Best Calculator Brands for You?

Calculators are not something we buy regularly. So, when we buy one, we have to select the right one that we can use for a long time. Moreover, there are calculators found in different ranges which makes it further difficult to choose. So, after deciding on the budget, you should contemplate the following two factors.

Purpose of the Calculator

A calculator is found with different functions and features. Firstly, you should assess the purpose for which you need the computation device. It might be for educational purposes or for financial calculations. The purpose is a prime determinant of which calculator to go for. For four function calculations, a regular calculator does the job. However, for algebraic expressions and algorithms, a scientific calculator is mandatory.

Frequency of Use

Many times we end up spending quite a sum on calculators without the need for them for a long time. But students, shopkeepers, and accountants use calculators regularly, and hence, they will need a device that can last long. When you need it for a short-term solution, avoid buying expensive ones. But for long-term requirements, always go for good brands and fine quality calculators.

List of the Top 10 Calculator Brands in India

Best Calculator Brands in India



Continuing the legacy of 50 years, Orpat creates exceptionally good electronic and calculating goods. The company saw its inception in Surat, Gujarat, and has managed to make a strong portfolio. From clocks to calculators, every product manufactured by this brand has a positive influence on the customers.

The company is also committed to bringing about change to the environment by using renewable energy while performing major operations.

Notable Features of the Orpat Brand:

  • The calculators manufactured by Orpat are sustainable and made with eco-friendly materials.
  • They have a tight and hard cover that provides extra protection to save the calculators from heavy impacts.
  • Some calculators have an auto replay function that enables users to revisit the former calculations.
  • Scientific calculators have a GT key (Grand Total) and a MU key (Mark up) for easing lengthy calculations.
  • The products run on a lithium-ion battery that lasts really long.


  • Three-year battery life
  • Affordable
  • Manufacturers of the best calculator used at shops

Why We Picked Orpat?

Orpat has been in the business of making clocks and calculators for a long time and has managed to promote the relevance of the technology implemented in every product it makes. The calculators serve for long without being heavy on the pockets. Besides, its sustainability makes it one of our top picks.



Xech Solutions Pvt. Ltd started its journey as Theo Solutions Pvt. Ltd in 2012. The venture began as a pen drive manufacturer and later on started making different products, including calculators. They apply the philosophy of “We are the Consumers” to drive on and build products of international standards. Numerous tech enthusiast teams work together to bring out the best of technology through their offerings.

Notable Features of the Xech Brand:

  • Xech amalgamates technology and craftsmanship to provide unique digital solutions.
  • The calculator and LCD writing pad combo manufactured by this brand is an unusual combination liked by a large mass.
  • The combo range of calculators comes with a stylus to take notes on the LCD screen.
  • The calculator is battery-operated and can run for a few hours effortlessly.
  • For arithmetic calculations, GT and memory functions are present.


  • The soft silicon key enables fast typing and noiseless calculation
  • Automatic shutdown feature saves battery life

Why We Picked Xech?

The distinct properties and its efficiency make Xech an ideal pick. It provides the scope to digitalise in different horizons. Every person using the range of calculators produced by Xech can easily carry out multiple tasks at the same time. From students to accountants, everyone can make use of the features to culminate tasks in a short span.



Flair has been a leading company involved in manufacturing and distributing writing instruments since 1976. The brand has spread its business in different territories and managed to spread its business over 80 nations. OEM businesses are Flair’s speciality which it offers to major international brands.

Some of the most sought-after writing instruments, such as Pierre Cardin, Rudi Kellner, and Hauser, were brought to India by Flair.

Notable Features of the Flair Brand:

  • Flair manufactures pocket calculators, scientific calculators, desktop calculators, and semi-desktop calculators.
  • For running the calculators, one or two batteries are required. The batteries last long as the calculator consumes less battery.
  • The displays are large enough to carry on intricate calculations.


  • Auto replay feature
  • Battery-powered sollar
  • Unbreakable material

Why We Picked Flair?

Flair implements the best technology and equipment to manufacture each and every product. The calculators are fairly priced and made scientifically to fit every user’s requirements. It provides an ample variety of calculating instruments that you can choose according to your budget.

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments has been a popular name in many schools across the globe. It has been operating for over 30 years and still continues to provide assistance to teachers and students. The brand is transforming the education system by changing the process of learning STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Notable Features of the Texas Instruments Brand:

  • The scientific calculators produced by Texas Instruments have random number operations and random integer generators.
  • The best scientific calculator in India by Texas Instruments has the feature of automatic simplification of fractions that is tremendously helpful for mathematics students in higher classes.


  • Power sourced by both battery and solar energy
  • Review and edit facilities are available in the scientific calculators


  • Premium pricing due to brand name

Why We Picked Texas Instruments?

Texas Instruments simplifies the way of living by providing a broad range of calculating devices to the world. From scientific calculators to financial calculators, each one of them integrates new innovations and the latest technology. The brand from the Philippines produces the best scientific calculator in India that helps in calculating two-variable statistics.



Canon merges efficiency with convenience to provide the best calculators to commemorate different tasks. Other than calculators, Canon is known for its world-class cameras and printing devices.

The brand was established in 1937 in Japan and came to the Indian market in 1997. Since its formation, it has been a world leader in technologies related to the products it creates.

Notable Features of the Casio Brand:

  • Canon calculators have stylish features and numerous models of handheld, office printing, scientific, and desktop calculators.
  • They have large LCD screens and other impressive features like memory keys.
  • They are sustainable and well suited for everyday use as they are portable and powered by solar energy.


  • Made with recycled plastic
  • Have a compact design for ease of use
  • Dual power supply (battery and solar)


  • Expensive



When we think of calculators, Casio is the first name that pops into our minds. The brand came into existence in 1996, and since then, they have been manufacturing quality products. The brand is providing everyone with the best Casio calculator by implementing the best technological assistance.

It manufactures a varied range of calculators in addition to watches, clocks, and label printers. The brand is also famous for manufacturing keyboard instruments of the finest quality in India. The efficiency and durability of each and every product it manufactures are top-notch.

Notable Features of the Casio Brand:

  • Casio produces different ranges of calculators belonging to the two basic categories – regular and scientific.
  • It is the best calculator company in India for semi-desktop calculators.
  • The best Casio calculator has an Indian Comma marker for the ease of reading and interpreting large denominations.
  • The key operation in these calculators gets stored in a buffer. It helps in successfully registering large input in a small duration.
  • All Casio calculators have a list display function that enables easy and fast learning.


  • Dual powered; can be charged through solar power as well as batteries
  • Manufacturers of the best Casio scientific calculator


  • Slightly premium pricing

Why We Picked Casio?

Casio is a staple among the calculator brands. The types and their qualities are at par with other brands even in the international market. Every calculator can be charged through solar energy, including the best Casio scientific calculator. This feature makes all Casio calculators energy efficient.



Bambalio has been producing unique pens and stationeries since its establishment in 2007. Over 400 products are manufactured and distributed by this brand to different parts of India. The wide variety includes calculators, marker pens, paper shredders, corrections pens, price labellers, and many more. Bambalio calculators are the most sought-after products of this brand.

Notable Features of the Bambalio Brand:

  • All the Bambalio calculators have the inclusion of an anti-scratch LCD made with high-quality material.
  • The electronic variation of the calculator by Bambalio is the best calculator for shops that requires calculations of up to 12 digits.
  • Each product has long durability because of anti-break technology that provides protection to the devices during falls and impacts.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Heavy plastic keys
  • Presence of anti-slip pads in each corner for additional safety


  • Little expensive



Citizen is a must-mention name in the discussion of the best calculator company in India. Producing a comprehensive range of solutions with robust technology and design are the USPs of Citizen. Apart from calculators, Citizen manufactures watches and printers of standardised qualities. Every machinery it produces is handy and easily portable.

Notable Features of the Citizen Brand:

  • The exponential calculations can be easily done on desktop calculators.
  • You can step check up to 120 times in these calculators.
  • Most Citizen calculators have a 2 tier display that enables foolproof calculation.
  • The calculators show the formula input in addition to the obtained results at the same time.


  • 1-year warranty
  • 10+2 LCD character display



HP has been a staple technology company worldwide. It believes in the philosophy of achieving more than just profits and numbers. The company has an extraordinary profile and contributes to humanity immensely with its products and technology. The brand has several products like printers, calculators, service portfolio systems, and several others in its name.

Notable Features of the HP Brand:

  • HP manufactures leading calculators belonging to basic, graphics, financial, and scientific categories.
  • It provides answers to calculative problems for both students and professionals.
  • The graphing calculators can be used for programming and visualising solutions to difficult numerical and algebraic expressions.
  • The financial big size calculator price is high-end, but it is worth it as it has great features and good longevity.


  • Energy star certified
  • High-quality materials used for manufacturing each calculator



To attain great levels of customer satisfaction, Oreva goes through intense Research and Development. The company manufactures telephones, LED TV, E-bikes, Lighting products, and Calculators of the best quality. It has employed over 5000 women to execute optimum services to the clientele.

Notable Features of the Oreva Brand:

  • The calculators have a big LCD display where calculations can be easily inspected and help read the data. 
  • The outer body of the calculators is made with good quality plastic, safeguarding against threats of damage from impacts.


  • The big size calculator price of the Oreva company is affordable
  • Operates through both solar energy and battery

Final Word

Calculators have transformed our everyday life since their invention. While selecting a calculator, every feature should be assessed. With that, the reviews should be followed carefully to avoid incorrect decisions. The Orpat calculators are the most sold and loved calculators in India. But all the brands mentioned in the list have an equally dependable range of calculating devices. Select according to the discussed factors for availing the best product.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

The team of CashKaro comes to a conclusion after thorough research on the brands and products. The industrial rankings and consumer reviews are also considered while reviewing each one of them. No products with negative reviews are selected while going through the reviewing process. Every factor adhering to the products is inspected, and then the lists are made. The same has been done while reviewing the best calculator brands in India.

Sanskriti Mathur
Sanskriti Mathur

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