Free-hand exercises are perfect for toning your muscles. However, they are not always enough if one is aiming for a shapely body. Regular exercising at home can definitely come in as an alternative for gyms. If you’re someone who wants to tone your upper body without subscribing to the gym membership, here are some of the best chest expanders you can shop for.

This equipment can tone chest muscles, build arm strength and back muscles, resulting in a toned and fit torso. One can buy a chest expander and practice it at home as well. Here are some of the best brands, along with their respective prices. Here you can also check best dumbbell brands & gym shoes brands in India.

List Of 12 Best Chest Expanders In India

1. Fitsy Chest Expander

Best Chest Expanders
Fitsy Chest Expander

The chest expander from Fitsy is a multi-functional tool that can be used to practice several exercises. The expander comes with 3 to 5 springs that can be attached to the handles at both ends. This allows a free cross-body movement for the person to exercise and tone the muscles.

2. Strauss Chest Expander

Strauss Chest Expander
Strauss Chest Expander

Strauss chest expanders are wonderful for those who want to exercise regularly but do not want to spend hours in the gym. This tool is a great way to test the strength limit. The expander has five strings and special wooden handles for a better grip. Besides, its chrome springs are detachable and have various levels of resistance.

3. Slovic Chest Expander

Slovic Chest Expander
Slovic Chest Expander

This chest expander set by Slovic has a set of 5-level resistance tubes along with 2 handles, a carry bag, 1 door anchor, and two ankle straps. The tubes are made of high-quality flexible material and are durable. You also get an exercise booklet that lists 33 exercises with sets and reps to build strength. Its handles have a big metallic carabiner that can accommodate all the bands together for effective training.

4. Neulife Chest Expander

Neulife Chest Expander
Neulife Chest Expander

This foldable chest expander by Neulife is all that you need for a home workout. Made with heavy-duty ABS plastic, it can be used to build arm muscles and chest strength. It has five resistance bands made of tough carbon steel that are rust-resistant and can withstand prolonged use. This chest expander is suitable for beginner and advanced workouts.

5. Dream Xplore Chest Expander

Dream Xplore Chest Expander
Dream Xplore Chest Expander

Dream Xplore has eight types of expanders for various muscle groups. You can choose one as per your level of resistance or start practising from the beginning. It is a standard tool found in most gyms and can build upper body strength quickly.

6. Kobo Chest Expander

Kobo Chest Expander
Kobo Chest Expander

Kobo brings you this 3-in-1 chest expander that can also be used as a hand gripper and tummy trainer. You can even adjust the tension of the resistance bands by hooking them between the handle grips. It is light in weight and can be carried around easily. As a tummy trimmer, it can be used to perform abdominal exercises.

7. IndiTradition Chest Expander

IndiTradition Chest Expander
IndiTradition Chest Expander

IndiTradition chest expanders come with 5 tubes and are made from unbreakable material for maximum power. The equipment has a total resistance power of 150 kg and is perfect for exercising at home as far as the tools are concerned. Those who are particular about the quality are sure to fall in love with this one.

8. Pro365 Chest Expander

Pro365 Chest Expander
Pro365 Chest Expander

Pro365 has the best chest expanders for use by men and women. This tool comes with adjustable springs and is good for use by users, thanks to its various levels of intensity. You can adjust the springs with a few tweaks and practice your exercise without much fuss.

9. Aurion Chest Expander

Aurion Chest Expander
Aurion Chest Expander

Aurion is a good brand as far as exercise tools are concerned. This chest expander is one of their most reliable products. It is available in a soft version ideal for women and has a cross-body design. The 3-in-1 kit also has some other tools that make stretching exercises an absolute pleasure to indulge in.

10. Veloz Chest Expander

Veloz Chest Expander
Veloz Chest Expander

Veloz multi-utility chest expander has high-quality rubber tubes and comes with an inbuilt tummy tuck holder. It can also be used as a hand gripper that makes the expander work in its most efficient manner. Suitable for use by men and women, this expander has adjustable straps, making it ideal for all kinds of resistance.

11. Bells Chest Expander

Bells Chest Expander
Bells Chest Expander

Bells has really innovative tools that are sure to attract the user’s attention and provide them with the best possible results. Their chest expander is one of a kind and incorporates all the plus points of a good expander. It is affordable and won’t burn your pockets.

12. Tabler Chest Expander

Tabler is a well-known brand that has been making premium chest expanders for a long time. The workout pull rope is also available in a cross-body pattern which is great for all kinds of workouts. The product is priced at reasonable prices and can be used to exercise regularly.

List Of Best Chest Expanders With Pricing

Best Chest ExpandersPrice*
Fitsy Chest ExpanderRs 899
Strauss Chest ExpanderRs 417
Slovic Chest ExpanderRs 1,999
Neulife Chest ExpanderRs 399
Dream Xplore Chest ExpanderRs 245
Kobo Chest ExpanderRs 850
Inditradition Chest ExpanderRs 299
Best Chest Expanders

*Prices are subject to change.


1. Do chest expanders build muscle?

Chest expanders are suitable for building chest muscles and functional strength. However, chest expanders alone cannot help in full-body workouts or muscle building.

2. How do you work out with a chest expander?

Every workout and exercise must be practised in the right way. To use a chest expander, you must stand with your back straight and hold the handles of the expander. Your feet should be slightly apart, while the arms should be straight at shoulder height. You must then cross your arms and open them wide while pulling and contracting the chest expander.

3. What are the best workouts for chest?

Bench presses, pushups, dips, and cable crossover with chest expanders are the best workouts for the chest.

4. Are pushups good for chest?

Yes, pushups are the best for maintaining body weight and help build chest muscles, triceps and strengthen your arms. The arm movement ensures proper expansion and contraction of the chest muscles.

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