15 Best Cookie Brands in India

Cookies are some of the favourite snacks loved all over the world, and there are countless variations in terms of quality and aroma with each new cookie, owing to everyone’s different preferences. Cookies always lift our spirits since they are crunchy and snappy in taste. A cookie is a sort of baked snack that may contain components such as chocolate, oats, and nuts. Sometimes cookies are referred to as biscuits in India, whereas biscuits might occasionally be replaced with cookies. The cookie sector is one of India’s most popular and growing culinary segments in the snacks industry. We have curated a list of the top-selling and best cookie brands in India to pair with your favourite coffee brand.

List of Best 15 Cookie Brands in India

1. Cadbury


Cadbury is a British Multinational company founded by John Cadbury in 1824. Cadbury first entered India in 1948, and the brand Cadbury has remained associated with chocolates for Indian customers ever since. Cadbury creates the delightful milky-creamy chocolate flavour of Cadbury Dairy Milk by blending the finest ingredients with fresh milk, resulting in a smooth texture of chocolates.

The brand offers various types of cookies such as chocobakes cookies, oreo dipped cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and more. The chocobakes cookies offered by Cadbury are famous for a chocolate-filled centre and crunchy delicious texture.

2. Chaayos


Chaayos is a food tech company founded in 2012 by Raghav Verma and Nitin Saluja. Chaayos has a range of cookies in a variety of flavour options such as dry fruit cookies, premium coconut cookies, premium choco chips cookies, and more.

The dry fruit cookies offered by Chaayos combine the delicious flavour of almonds, cashews, and pistachios with a bakery fresh crunchy texture.

3. Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy
Dark Fantasy
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Dark Fantasy cookies come from the house of Sunfeast biscuits, a brand of ITC limited. The company has a presence in all segments of biscuits and cookies. Dark Fantasy is the premium range of cookies by Sunfeast. Dark fantasy comes in various packs and flavours including choco fills cookies, choco creme cookies, vanilla cream cookies, choco nut fills cookies, choco-chip crunchy cookies, and more.

The choco fills cookies offered by Dark Fantasy is smoothly baked chocolate crunchy cookie with choco cream filling inside that gives a delicious taste.

4. Milano


Milano cookies come from the house of Parle, an Indian food products company. Parle is one of the most selling biscuits and cookie brands in India. The brand has various kinds of biscuits and cookies in every price bracket. Milano is the premium range of cookies offered by Parle. Milano offers various types of cookies such as chocolate chip cookies, mixed berries cookies, choco and hazelnut cookies, centre filled cookies, and more.

The chocolate chip cookies from the house of Milano is a healthy and tasty snack. It is a meal substitute and instant nourishment source.

5. Open Secret

Open Secret
Open Secret

Open Secret is a Mumbai-based Indian cookies brand founded in 2019 by Ahana Gautam. The brand has over 60 offline stores in Mumbai and on Amazon through the launchpad programme. Nuts and chocolates are the prime ingredients of cookies offered by Open Secret that makes a mutual blend between taste and health. The brand offers various types of cookies such as chocolate cookies with nuts, almond cookies, white choco cashew cookies, and more.

The chocolate cookies with nuts offered are a great source of manganese and vitamin E. Dried fruits and nuts included in the cookies have immunity-boosting properties.

6. Britannia NutriChoice

Britannia NutriChoice
Britannia NutriChoice

Britannia NutriChoice cookies come from the house of Britannia Industries, an Indian food products company that is part of Wadia Group. The company was founded in 1982, and is one of India’s oldest biscuit and cookies companies headquartered in Kolkata.

Britannia NutriChoice offers a range of cookies such as almond and milk cookies, whole wheat digestive cookies, multigrain cookies, oats cookies, and more.

7. Chai Point

Chai Point
Chai Point

Chai Point is an Indian tea cafe and QSR chain founded in 2010 by Amuleek Bijral with a prime focus on tea and tea related products. Chai Point offers a variety of cookies such as filter coffee cookies, ginger turmeric cookies, multiseed cookies, and more. The filter coffee cookies offered by Chai Point are delicious and nutritious at the same time.

8. RiteBite Max Protein

RiteBite Max Protein
RiteBite Max Protein

The RiteBite Max Protein cookies are offered by Naturell India Private Limited. The brand offers a range of healthy food items and has specialisation in protein bars, nutrition bars, healthy snacking bars, breakfast cookies, protein chips, and more. The brand has a range of cookies including 7-grain breakfast cookies, chili chocolate cookies, trail mix cookies, oats & raisins cookies, and more.

The 7-grain cookies offered by RiteBite Max Protein contain the goodness of nutrition-rich grains which has several health benefits.

9. Hey Grain

Hey Grain
Hey Grain

Hey Grain is a Chandigarh-based Indian cookie brand offering a range of delicious cookies. It offers honey oatmeal cookies, seed and bran cookies, chocolate and oat cookies, chickpea cookies, tulsi, ginger, honey digestive cookies, and more. The cookies offered by Hey Grain are filled with energy. They are made up of natural sugar, grains, oils to provide maximum health benefits.

10. Unibic


Unibic is one of Australia’s major biscuit and cookies manufacturer companies. The brand entered the Indian market as Unibic Food India, which is a joint venture between serial entrepreneur Dhruv Deepak and Australian cookie maker Unibic. The brand offers a range of cookies such as choco-chip cookies, assorted cookies, oatmeal cookies, fruits & nuts cookies, and more.

The choco-chip cookies come loaded with chocolatey gems and choco chips.

11. Romanzo


Romanzo cookies come from the house of Anmol Industries, one of the major cookie, biscuit, rusk, and cake manufacturers in India. Anmol Industries Limited was established in 1994 and is currently one of the leading FMCG companies in India. It is a well-known and established brand in biscuit and cookies.

Romanzo offers a premium range of cookies under its banner. The choco filled cookies offered by Romanzo are filled with chocolates and taste delicious.

12. Bisk Farm

Bisk Farm
Bisk Farm

Bisk Farm cookies come from the house of SAJ Foof Products Ltd., a subsidiary of the Aparna group of companies. The company is headquartered in Kolkata and is known for its cookies, delectable biscuits, and more. Bisk Farm offers delicious cookies made of fine grade materials. The pack of vanilla flavour cookies offered by Bisk Farm is a quality vegetarian product and tastes delicious.

13. Dukes


Dukes is a Hyderabad, Telangana based Indian food-products company established in 1995. It is a subsidiary brand of Ravi Foods Pvt. Ltd. The brand is known for its cookies, wafers, biscuits, and chocolates. Dukes offer a variety of cookies such as premium assorted cookies, butter cookies, bourbon cream cookies, and more.

Dukes premium assorted cookies boast of heavenly taste and texture, and are absolutely irresistible.

14. Karachi Bakery

Karachi Bakery
Karachi Bakery

Karachi Bakery is a Hyderabad based Indian cookies brand founded by Sri Khanchand Ramnani in 1953. It is one of the more popular cookie brands in India known for its plum cakes, biscuits, and cookies. Karachi Bakery offers a variety of cookies such as coconut cookies, double choco-chip cookies, handmade fruit cookies, double delight badam cookies, and more. The coconut cookies offered by Karachi Bakery is a premium range of greatly appetising cookies.

15. Wheafree


Wheafree is a premium gluten-free products brand offering healthy food products. The brand brings you gluten-free cookies, biscuits, rusks, breakfast cereals, pasta, noodles, and more. Wheafree offers a variety of cookies such as jam cookies, almond cookies, pista coconut cookies, tutti-fruity cookies, and more. The Wheafree jam cookies contain a wholesome blend of healthy and natural ingredients.

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Best Cookies Brand in India With Price List

Cookie BrandsPrice*
CadburyStarting at Rs 225
ChaayosStarting at Rs 309
Dark FantasyStarting at Rs 107
MilanoStarting at Rs 30
Open SecretStarting at Rs 199
Britannia NutriChoiceStarting at Rs 63
Chai PointStarting at Rs 290
RiteBite Max ProteinStarting at Rs 306
Hey GrainStarting at Rs 197
UnibicStarting at Rs 188
RomanzoStarting at Rs 30
Bisk FarmStarting at Rs 25
DukesStarting at Rs 279
Karachi BakeryStarting at Rs 350
WheafreeStarting at Rs 114
*Prices are subject to change and can vary according to product type and packs.

FAQs About Best Cookie Brands

Which Indian cookie is best?

Mixed fruit and nuts Indian cookie are best in taste and deliciousness. However, most people have a personalised favourite cookie depending on flavour preferences.

What is the best cookie brand?

Cadbury, Britannia, and Parle are usually the best cookie brands. You can check out the blog for similar brands too.

Which is the No 1 biscuit company in India?

Parle is the No 1 biscuit company in India in terms of overall sales. Britannia and Cadbury are close contenders for the title.

Which is the top-selling cookie?

Parle is the top-selling cookie brand in India due to the success of its Parle-G glucose biscuits that are loved across age groups.

What are cookies called in India?

Cookies are also called biscuits in India.

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