Best Dark Chocolates
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Dark chocolates are bitter-sweet preparations sourced from the seeds of cocoa trees. These decadent treats are loaded with nutrition and rich flavours compared to their milk and white chocolate counterparts. The nutritional goodness of dark chocolates is predominantly due to the high cocoa content. The best dark chocolates deliver an astounding amount of antioxidants, soluble fibre, manganese, selenium, copper, magnesium, iron, and potassium.

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The 8 Best Dark Chocolates for Every Chocolate Lover

A versatile ingredient, chocolates can be eaten raw and even be used to prepare tons of different desserts. Rich in antioxidants, dark chocolates are good for your heart, boost your energy levels and are also a great mood-lifter.

While the nutritional perks are sky-high, it is essential to exercise moderation in its consumption. We have rounded up the best dark chocolate brands available to help ease your chocolate shopping in the online space.

1. Amul 99% Cacao Chocolate

Best dark chocolates
Amul 99% Cacao

Amul 99% Cacao chocolate contains nothing but cocoa and fits the bill as the top choice for best dark chocolates. It is pure dark chocolate with no sugar. It is free from milk, milk products, and vegetable fat. It hosts the fresh and striking notes of pure cocoa and offers an intense dark flavour in its best form.

This exceptionally bitter chocolate bar is masterfully crafted with the strength of single-origin cocoa beans. Nibble a square of this chocolate every once in a while for an added dose of antioxidants and minerals.

2. Cadbury Bournville Cranberry Dark Chocolate Bar

Dark chocolates in India
Cadbury Bournville

When a trusted brand in the world of chocolate introduces its dark chocolates, we know it has to be one of the best dark chocolates. Cadbury Bournville is made from the finest cocoa beans and comes with a smooth texture and flavour. This dark chocolate has 50% cocoa and comes with the sweetness of cranberry.

The rich cocoa offers you a delightful taste of dark chocolate and luxury in every bite. Get your hands on this product to experience the world of premium dark chocolates.

3. Amul Dark Chocolate: Assorted Pack

Amul chocolate
Amul Dark Chocolate Assorted Pack

Your search for the best dark chocolates ends with Amul dark chocolates. These chocolates are made from the finest cocoa beans to extend robust flavour and aroma. It is crafted with extreme precision to deliver an extraordinarily smooth and deliciously intense taste.

This dark chocolate assortment comes in 3 flavours of dark, bitter, and intense dark chocolate with 50%, 75%, and 90% cocoa content, respectively.

4. Morde Dark Compound Slab

Dark Chocolate
Morde Dark Compound Slab

Morde dark chocolate is made up of premium quality cocoa solids, sugar and edible vegetable fat. Perfect for baking, this dark chocolate can be used to bake cookies, cakes, pastries, muffins and much more. Its rich dark brown colour will add intense chocolate colour and flavour to your dishes. This dark chocolate is vegetarian and has an added natural vanilla flavour.

Easy to melt, this chocolate can be used to make a ganache for your cakes and pastries. Melt it using the double boiler method to prepare your homemade chocolate ganache. The beautiful aroma of these dark chocolates will entice your guests, leaving them wanting more.

5. Nepenthe Keto Culture Hazelnut Dark Chocolate

Nepenthe Keto Culture

Looking for vegan and gluten-free keto chocolate? Our list of the best dark chocolates has got you covered by this pick from Nepenthe Keto Culture. These chocolates are made with organic cacao beans and cocoa butter sourced from our plantation in Wayanad, Kerala. Sweetened with stevia, this chocolate is a completely sugar-free alternative.

It is loaded with hazelnuts that give a nutty finish to the texture. This hazelnut keto dark chocolate bar houses 60% cocoa, is packed with proteins, healthy fats and is low on carbs. Additionally, this bar is free from preservatives and packaged without foil and plastic.

6. Lindt 99% Dark Chocolate

Best dark chocolates
Lindt’s Excellence 99% Dark Chocolate

This extra fine dark chocolate from Lindt’s house offers an unmatched dark chocolate experience in its proper form. Created by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers, this dark chocolate is an absolute delight with its robust, full-bodied flavour.

This dark chocolate is made of 99% cocoa solids, giving it an absolute bitter taste. It has an intense earthy aroma and superior texture to suit every bitter chocolate lover’s palate.

7. Ketofy Dark Chocolate

Ketofy Dark Chocolate

Made with premium cocoa butter and original, unsweetened cocoa, this dark chocolate is a  vegetarian product. From the house of Wellversed, Ketofy dark chocolate is a keto-friendly pick that rightfully deserves to be on the list of the best dark chocolates. It is extracted from authentic cocoa beans and is rich in proteins, antioxidants and vitamins. What’s best – it is free from added sugars and is sweetened with stevia.

This dark chocolate contains no trans fats, added preservatives or artificial flavouring. It is a great alternative to regular chocolates for making delectable keto-friendly cakes, shakes, mousse and much more.

8. Ambriona Dark Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate
Ambriona Daarzel

Ambriona has come up with its pure dark chocolate option that makes for a great gifting idea. The cocoa beans used in its production originate from South India. This assortment of dark chocolates comes in a pack of 4 flavours – 70% dark Indian origin, 45% mild dark with caramelised almonds and sea salt, 45% mild dark with roasted hazelnuts, and 65% intense dark with muesli.

These chocolates bear a characteristic strong flavour and earthy, citric and berry notes from their high-finish cocoa beans. The harvested cocoa beans used are fermented in hygienic conditions before processing. These Darzel bars are vegan and gluten-free, with a punch of nutrition and taste, reason enough to one of the best dark chocolate bars.

Buyer’s Checklist

When looking to buy dark chocolates, read the labels carefully to ensure you buy the right product. The following checkpoints are a key to getting your hands on the best dark chocolates:

  • Cocoa Content: Make sure to buy chocolates with a high cocoa content between 70-90% to reap the chocolate’s maximum health benefits.
  • Milk: Opt for dark chocolates that are devoid of milk or milk products.
  • Flavours: Always read the labels carefully to ensure the quality/nature of flavours. To this end, one should prefer organically processed chocolates containing natural flavours.
  • Trans Fat and Sugar: Avoid dark chocolates that contain sugar or trans fat.
  • Fair Trade: Choosing chocolates made from ethically sourced cacao beans offers a fair price to the cacao bean farmers.
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