Best Diapers To Keep Your Baby Happy

Best Baby Diapers

Babies have sensitive skin that can react to any material. If you are looking for the best diaper for your baby, check out our top recommendations for each age. These disposable baby diapers come in a variety of sizes and offer your baby complete protection from wetness, discomfort, and rashes.

Top 5 Baby Diapers

1. Pampers Newborn Baby Diapers

Pampers baby diapers make sure that your baby is free from uneasiness and irritation. Available in a tape closure variant, these diapers are made with ultra-soft material which is gentle on the baby’s skin. They also have an extra dry layer which quickly absorbs the moisture and wetness, keeping the baby feeling fresh and dry.

Skin Comfort

These diapers are infused with a mild lotion to offer complete skin protection for newborn babies. The diaper turns blue when wet.

For babies up to 5 kg

2. Huggies Long Hours Wonder Pants

These diapers are made with a soft cottony fabric. They feature a triple leak guard, an extra layer of side padding and a 3-D bubble bed cushioning that locks and distributes excess moisture evenly offering complete dryness. They also have a soft waistband that adjusts on to the baby skin when pulled up and can be removed as easily by tearing it from both sides.

Up to 12-Hours Protection

These slip-on diapers offer up to 12-hours protection depending upon the urination frequency. You can safely use these diapers while travelling.

Babies of 4 – 8 kg

3. MamyPoko Baby Diapers

This diaper fits comfortably on the baby and has a soft elastic closure that rests on the waist preventing it from slipping off. Made with breathable fabric, these diaper pants are gentle not just around the waist but also near the legs. They have soft leg gathers that prevents leakage and fit comfortably on the skin, circling the thighs.

Up to 10-Hours Absorption

Featuring a crisscross absorbent cushion that can absorb wetness quickly, this diaper can keep your baby dry for up to 10-hours.

Babies of 4 – 8 kg

4. Pampers Baby Dry Pants

These diapers come with double leak guards that offer up to 12-hours protection from wetness and keep the baby’s skin dry throughout. The insides of this diaper are infused with the goodness of aloe vera lotion, which offers the baby’s skin complete protection and prevention from rashes, uneasiness, and discomfort.

Dry Nights

The ultra-absorb core turns moisture and wetness into a gel, locking it away and keeping your baby dry throughout the night.

Babies of 9 – 14 kg

5. Supples Premium Pants

Supples Pants feature zig-zag moisture lock channels on its top layer which evenly distributes and absorbs wetness. These pants which are made with a non-woven and soft fabric can easily be slipped on to your baby, without worrying about skin rash or irritation.

Long-Lasting Protection

These diapers have a large absorbent area and gel magnets in its bottom layer, which keep the baby’s skin dry till 12-hours.

Babies of 9 – 14 kg
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