A food processor undoubtedly takes care of all cooking preparations. From chopping to blending and grinding to juicing, it can get your job done quickly so that you can spend all your time with your loved ones. Equipped with powerful motors, additional jars and attachments, this kitchen essential allows you to complete your food preparation tasks easily and quickly. If you are looking to bring home a food processor, you can consider buying any of these to chop, juice, grind, and mix without worrying much.

List Of 8 Best Indian Food Processors to Make Cooking Easy

1. Bajaj Mixer Grinder for Easy Cooking

Bajaj Mixer Grinder

This Bajaj food processor not only features a sturdy body, but it also delivers impeccable performance. It has a 750-Watt powerful motor to give an astounding performance for all kinds of food processing. The high-quality leakproof jars enable spill-free grinding, juicing, mincing, and pureeing. All accessories that come with this mixer are dishwasher safe. It comes with Gear Drive Technology that allows operation from 20000 RPM to 1700 RPM. Here you can also check Types of Wet Grinders & best Hand Blenders for cooking

It is an all-purpose mixer grinder that features a compact design, taking up minimal space for storage.

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2. Rico Multifunction Food Processor

Rico Multifunction Food Processor

Rico Food Processor is equipped with a 400-watt copper motor. This all-in-one food processor can be used for kneading dough, juicing, chopping, shredding as well as slicing. It features 2-speed settings to control speed for each of the functions. The food processor is made with sturdy ABS plastic while its bowl is made with strong polycarbonate material and can capacitate up to 800ml.

This food processor comes with blades made with high-grade steel for chopping and food-grade plastic for kneading dough.

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3. Inalsa Easy Prep Food Processor for Indian Cooking

Inalsa Easy Prep Food Processor

This highly efficient Inalsa food processor helps you chop, shred, slice and emulsify the ingredients of your dish so that you can tantalize the taste buds of your loved ones. Its 1.4 L large bowl helps you process large quantities of food at the same time, helping you save on your personal time. It comes with a silent motor and is also easy to maintain. With swappable attachments that can be cleaned easily, this silent food processor is as easy to maintain as it is to process food in it. Its silent motor gives you a peaceful cooking experience.

This Inalsa food processor helps you slice and dice the ingredients in the most precise manner. These finely chopped ingredients allow uniform cooking thus helping you come out with dishes that are not only visually appealing but also taste great.here you can also check types of Roti Makers in India

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4. WonderChef Nutriblend Food Processor

WonderChef Nutriblend Food Processor

WonderChef Nutriblend is a sleek food processor that comes with multiple attachments to make your work easier. Equipped with a 400-Watt motor, it can be used to grind, make smoothies, blend, juice and chop. This food processor, unlike its bulky counterparts, can be stored at any compact place easily. Available in pretty white colour with floral design, it can be a perfect add on to your collection of kitchen appliances.

This food processor allows you to perform multiple actions depending on your different requirements.

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5. Butterfly Cresta Food Processor

Butterfly Cresta Food Processor

Butterfly Cresta food processor is something that is your go-to kitchen appliance for varied needs. This appliance comes with three stainless steel jars for grating, slicing, chopping, kneading & whisking. Besides, it features a transparent juicer jar with a pusher for extracting juice from the fruits and vegetables. The body of this food processor is made with shock-proof ABS material and a 750-Watt powerful motor for efficient performance.

It features four-speed control for quick usage and perfect grinding.

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6. Morphy Richards Food Processor

Morphy Richards Food Processor

One appliance that can perform 16 functions, that’s what this Morphy Richards food process is known for. It has been made using a Quadra Flow Technology which acts as a flow breaker, ensuring the ingredients are grounded or blended as perfectly as you want it to be. The powerful motor of Icon Superb enables you to perform the toughest of jobs effortlessly, including extraction of natural fruit juice with ease from fruits such as oranges, sweet lime, and lemon. One can also knead aata(wheat) in this food process to help cut down on time spent in the kitchen.

It is a safe-to-use food process that helps avoid accidents by ensuring the food processor doesn’t start up on its own. It enables you to perform the toughest of the jobs effortlessly.

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7. Croma Multifunctional Food Processor for Daily Use

Croma Multifunctional Food Processor for Daily Use

The Croma food processor will help you to make that process easy, owing to its powerful motor. The motor makes it convenient for you to chop, shred, slice, grind, and puree almost any food with utmost precision. One of the main attractions of this food processor is that it can be used for various food preparation tasks. You can use it as a slicer, a grinder, a chopper, a shredder, a kneader, a mixer and also as a juicer. Bring out the inner chef with this versatile kitchen appliance.

One of the best Indian food processors, it also features a pulse mode that provides you with an added advantage while you are at your preparation process.

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8. Bosch Food Processor

Bosch Food Processor

This Bosch food processor is going to take care of your kneading, chopping, slicing, grating, whipping, and grinding needs so that you can enjoy delicious smoothies, healthy juices, and also prepare mouth-watering dishes in no time. This appliance offers smart storage that lets you neatly store all the accessories without misplacing them. With a powerful 800 W motor, you can use this appliance to carry out tough food processing applications with ease. This food processor comes with multiple speed settings that let you vary the processing power depending on the ingredients and the consistency required.

With this appliance, you can enjoy up to 50 different applications. This way, you can try cooking exotic dishes and drinks in the comfort of your kitchen.

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