Hand blenders are the most convenient kitchen appliances that take care of all your chopping, blending, mixing, grinding, and pureeing tasks with ease. Some hand or immersion blenders come with detachable parts and blades for easy cleaning while others offer variable speeds to go about your most challenging blending and mixing tasks.

If you are looking to buy a handy appliance for your kitchen, check out our recommendations for the best hand blenders available online.

Best Electric Hand Blenders to Ease up Cooking

1. Inalsa Robot Inox 1000

Inalsa Robot Inox 1000

The Inalsa Robot Inox is a multipurpose kitchen solution. This equipment is powered by a 1000 W motor. It sports superior quality food-grade stainless steel blades with a blade shield design to ensure splash-free blending. This silver-black handheld blender has an anti-slip design and a comfortable grip making it a user-friendly appliance. The adjustable speed regulator allows you to adjust it at variable speeds to get your recipes’ right texture. This multi-functional appliance comes along with a 600ml jar & whisker.

Easy to assemble and disassemble the detachable blending wand, this durable hand blender by Inalsa is the perfect assistant for all your chopping, whisking, blending, and whipping needs.

2. Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix

Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix

If you like to top your smoothies and juices with crushed ice, this Maharaja Whiteline handheld blender is the right choice for you. The super-sharp blades are strong enough to crush hard ingredients like ice with ease. The body of the Maharaja Turbomix blender has a food-grade safe material to keep quality intact. It is equipped with a 130 W motor for optimum power and heavy blend capacity. The body has a detachable plastic foot to ensure easy cleaning and long-lasting usage. Best of all, despite its heavy-duty performance, it operates on low noise.

3. Orpat Electric Hand Blender – HHB-100E

Orpat Electric Hand Blender

The Orpat handheld blender features a unique, sophisticated design. This sleek blender houses a robust 250 W motor and a hygienic detachable shaft, and stainless steel blades. You can use it to blend, whisk, and beat food ingredients to the consistency you require. This hand blender comes with a transparent, unbreakable, food-grade bowl for enhanced usability. It has an easy to wash design with a wall-mountable feature for convenient storage.

4. Philips Portable Hand Blender

Philips Portable Hand Blender

The Prestige handheld blender boasts an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip and a slim body. This orange and white hand blender is integrated with super-sharp stainless steel blades to offer a perfectly shredded, blended and whipped texture to your recipes. Prestige’s hand blender is equipped with a 250 W motor for superior performance and prolonged life even after regular use. It features an inbuilt automatic reset switch that shuts off the blender automatically in the event of overheating. To top it all, this handheld blender is a dishwasher device.

5. Hongxin Electric Mixer Frother Hand Blender

Hongxin Electric Mixer Frother Hand Blender

Looking for a handheld blender for your protein shakes, cappuccinos and lattes? The Hongxin frother/mixer/blender is what you need. This battery-operated device has a wide range of applications and lets you prep eggs, milk, cream, and yoghurt blend in no time. This blender features a stainless steel stirrer and a plastic soft-touch handle with a superior grip. A user-friendly device, this Hongxin blender and frother lets you whip up frothy preparations with a one-touch operation in just 20-30 seconds.

6. Kent Electric Hand Blender

Kent Electric Hand Blender

Kent Hand Blender is ergonomically designed for the convenience of handling. Using this hand blender will significantly speed up your cooking process as your ingredients, be it hot or cold, will blend in no time. It is extremely versatile and boasts a stylish design that makes it one of the best hand blenders and a smart kitchen appliance that you’ve always wanted. It has a detachable shaft which makes it easy to assemble and clean. Built of steel, it is equipped with a powerful 400 W motor which offers higher speed and thus it perfectly whisks and blends the ingredients as per your requirement.

7. Prestige Hand Blender

Prestige Hand Blender

Save time, make every preparation easy and get perfect results every time with this Prestige hand blender. It’s impeccable super-sharp stainless steel blades swiftly grinds and blends every particle perfectly, assuring best results every time. Boasting a 250 watts motor, the hand blender is perfectly balanced to give you the right amount of power and long-lasting durability. Ergonomically designed, it gives you a perfect grip, thanks to its slim built.

The hand blender is fitted with automatic reset switch which will ensure that when the hand blender gets overheated, it will shut off automatically.

8. Boss Portable Mixer Blender

Boss Portable Mixer Blender

Boss portable hand blender is a handy appliance that helps complete daily kitchen chores within no time. The 125watt hand blender is a great appliance to simplify your daily mixing and blending tasks. It comes with 3 super sharp Blades and Wall-mounting Stand, saving your precious space in the kitchen while always remaining at arm’s length.

This Blender comes with 3 stainless steel blades, a whisk blade, a mincer blade and a beater blade, that make chopping, slicing and dicing easy and fast.

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