Best electric rice cookers
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Rice is a staple dish widely savoured as a major carb source in your meals. As opposed to the traditional cooking methods, an electric rice cooker comes to your rescue by easing the preparation method. The best electric rice cookers are easy to use, portable, sturdy, and save you the time that you spend in the kitchen preparing rice dishes.

Whether you want to steam rice, quinoa, oats, or pulao, an electric rice cooker will help you cook your food and keep it warm without being on a constant watch. If you are looking to add electric rice cooker to your kitchen appliances, our curated list of the best electric rice cookers will come in handy.

8 Best Electric Rice Cookers for Your Kitchen

An electric rice cooker is a boon especially for those who are aversive to using a gas stove and want their meal prepared without any supervision. Here is a list of the best electric rice cookers in India for a quick and hassle-free experience. Bon appetite!

1. Prestige PRWO Delight Electric Rice Cooker

Best electric rice cookers
Prestige PRWO Electric Rice Cooker

The Prestige PRWO electric rice cooker features a 700-W motor with a capacity of 1.8 litres and can cook 1 kg of rice. It can also be used to steam vegetables, cook porridge, soup, pulao, stew, and idli. With a five-year warranty on the heating plate, this electric rice cooker is the top choice in our best electric rice cookers list.

This electric rice cooker is equipped with a bundle of features, including two aluminium cooking pans, a close-fit stainless steel lid, cool-touch handles, and the two cook and warm control modes. Additionally, the detachable power cord makes the appliance portable and convenient to store and use.

What’s Good:

  • 5 year warranty on heating plate
  • Keep Warm mode
  • Detachable power cord

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2. Bajaj Majesty RCX 5 Rice Cooker

Rice cookers
Bajaj Majesty Electric Rice Cooker

Sporting a supreme all-white body, Bajaj’s RCX 5 is a 1.8-litre electric rice cooker that cooks rice within minutes, with no supervision required. Bajaj RCX electric rice cooker features a 550-W motor that makes the appliance heat up faster, saving electricity. The rice cooker comes with a stainless steel lid with steam vents to regulate the release of steam and maintain perfect moisture levels.

The aluminium cooking bowl comes with an anodised finish to give the product extended durability and resistance from corrosion. However, this electric rice cooker does not have a warm mode.

What’s Good:

  • 1.8-litre capacity
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Detachable power cord

What’s Bad:

  • Does not have a warm mode

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3. Panasonic SR-WA18 E Automatic Rice Cooker

Electric rice cookers in India
Panasonic SR-WA18 E Rice Cooker

The Panasonic SR-WA18 E automatic rice cooker offers a capacity of 1.8 L and is powered by a 660-W motor. It has a sturdy build and an elegant design that adds to the look of your kitchen. This electric rice cooker comes with a high-quality anodised aluminium cooking pan, cooking plate, measuring cup and a scoop.

You can use this electric appliance for cooking nearly 0.6 kg of rice, ideal for a small family. It features an auto cut-off function that automatically cuts off the power when the rice has been cooked. This electric rice cooker comes with a high-quality lockable lid and heat resistant plastic handles.

What’s Good:

  • Automatic power off
  • 1.8L capacity
  • Low power consumption

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4. Geek Robocook Zeta Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric cookers
Geek Robocook Zeta Electric Cooker

If you are looking for an electric cooker with smart features, our list of best electric rice cookers has got you covered with the Geek Robocook Zeta. It is equipped with a 1000 W motor and offers a capacity of 5 L. This versatile kitchen appliance lets you cook rice dishes from the great Biryani to the simplistic Pongal without any supervision. The steel pot is accompanied by several accessories such as tempered glass lid, strainer, silicone gasket, egg rack, steamer basket, and steamer rack that can be used as per convenience.

Other noteworthy features of this electric cooker include seven safety guards, preset menus, PiC intelligent cooking method to retain the nutrition, and detachable parts for easy cleaning.

What’s Good:

  • Multifunctional
  • Smart features with preset menu options
  • Accessories

5. Panasonic SR-WA22H(E) Rice Cooker

Best electric rice cookers
Panasonic SR-WA22H Electric Rice Cooker

Serve perfect steaming rice with the Panasonic electric rice cooker. One of the best electric rice cookers, this cooker is made from premium-quality cold-rolled steel and features a 750-W motor that heats the appliance faster for efficient cooking. It houses an anodised aluminium cooking pan with a capacity of 2.2 litres and can cook 1.25 kg of rice at once.

The lid is made from tough stainless steel and has a cool-touch handle atop that prevents your hands from getting burnt. This rice cooker has a ‘Keep Warm’ function that keeps your food warmer for up to 5 hours.

What’s Good:

  • Cool-touch handles
  • Close-fit lid
  • Cooks 1.25 kg of rice in one go

6. KENT Personal Rice Cooker

Electric Rice Cookers
Kent Electric Rice Cooker

KENT Rice Cooker is powered by an 860-W motor that features advanced induction technology to ensure even heat distribution for perfect cooking. It allows precise temperature control in a short time. With 0.9 L capacity, this cooker offers plenty of functions, including different cooking modes, warm mode, delay start, cook, and cancel for more control over the appliance.

The delay start function lets you cook food at the desired time. Just set the timer, and the cooker automatically starts the steaming process at the selected time. Best of all, the portable design adds to its utility as a travel companion.

What’s Good:

  • Portable design
  • Delay start function

What’s Bad:

  • Can cook very less rice

7. Pigeon by Stovekraft Joy Rice Cooker

Electric rice cookers
Pigeon by Stovekraft Electric Rice Cooker

This electric rice cooker from Pigeon features an aluminium heating plate that spreads uniform heat to the cooking bowl for effective cooking in less time. It houses an aluminium cooking pot with a capacity of 1.8 litres and can cook 0.5kg of raw rice at once.

This appliance operates on a 700 W motor and is equipped with cool-touch handles, stainless steel lids, and an additional pot for easy storage. The Auto-Off feature and ‘Keep Warm’ mode easily monitor the temperature when the rice is cooked and keeps your food warm for up to 5 hours.

What’s Good:

  • Additional pot
  • Automatic power off
  • Cool-touch handles for easy grip

8. Agaro 33307 Rice Cooker with Steam Pot

best electric rice cookers
Agaro 3307 Electric Rice Cooker with Steam Pot

Serve easy recipes with just a click of a button using this electric rice cooker by Agaro. This rice cookers boasts a 1 L capacity and is powered by a 400 W motor. Additionally, the steamer pot lets you steam vegetables and meat while the rice is being cooked.

Some noteworthy features of this electric rice cooker include an anodised aluminium pan, a measuring cup, tempered stainless steel lid,  detachable power cord, and double-walled cool-touch handles. More so, it comes with a 3-year warranty on the heating plate for enhanced consumer experience.

What’s Good:

  • 400 watts motor
  • Cool-touch handles
  • 3 year warranty on heating plate

What’s Bad:

  • Capacity is less

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Electric Rice Cookers in India (FAQs):

Q. How do I select an electric rice cooker?

A. One of the most important aspects to take into consideration when buying an electric rice cooker is the number of people it will be catering to, i.e. the size of your family. For families that have 5-6 members, it is suitable to buy a cooker that is of 3-litres and above. Bachelors can consider buying rice cookers with minimal capacity since their requirements would be much less than that of a large family. For couples, it is suitable to opt for a cooker that is less than 3-litres.

Q. Is electric rice cooker good for health?

A. Contrary to popular belief, research has proven that food cooked in an electric rice cooker is not harmful and is safe to consume. It is a convenient and healthy way of cooking. However, food should not be kept in the cooker for more than 6-7 hours as it may lead to loss of nutrients.

Q. How to pick the best rice?

A. Picking rice is not as complex as it may seem and gets better with practice and experience. Some factors to look out for when choosing rice are:

  • The colour of the rice: Opt for the colour of rice that has a bright colour with not much yellow.
  • The texture of the rice: Opt for the rice that is sturdy. Use the technique of pressing each grain to derive to a conclusion.
  • The rice must not stick when squeezed
  • It is important to check the rice is lice-free.
  • Always opt for a well-reputed name.

Q. What else can be cooked in a rice cooker?

A. These days most electric rice cookers are built for versatile usage. Apart from rice, some dishes that can be prepared in a rice cooker are pasta, stew, porridge, noodles, quinoa, and oatmeal amongst others.

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