11 Best Hair Curlers in India for All Hair Types (Best of 2020)


Be it beachy waves or tightly defined ringlets, the right kind of curls are every woman’s dream. While many women are gifted with voluminous curls, others daydream about getting those defined ringlets. That is why finding the best hair curler becomes a mandate. With various types of hair curlers available out there, you may feel a little overwhelmed to find the right one. So, we present to you a list of the 11 best hair curlers that are suitable for every hair type.

11 Best Hair Curlers in India for A Beautiful Wavy Mane (2020)

1. Vega Hair Curler – For Instagram Worthy Clicks

Get gorgeous curly hair in a few minutes with Vega Hair curler that comes with a 25 mm barrel diameter. This Vega hair curler features chrome plates with a ceramic coating that makes your hair curls glamorous and prevents them from damage due to high temperatures. With its unique technology, this hair curling machine goes up to 200⁰C to define your curls. It has an easy design that comes with a 360⁰ swivel cord to avoid tangling while providing you effortless curls.

Vega Hair Curler


  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Easy and hassle-free to use
  • Does not cause damage to hair


  • Not to be used on wet hair to prevent damage

Suitable For:

Tongs, Loose Curls, Beachy Waves

2. Havells Hair Curler – For Sunday Brunch Look

If you are looking for super-thin corkscrew hair curls, then Havells Hair Curler must be your pick. This hair curler comes with a unique ceramic barrel that provides even distribution of heat through every strand of hair. Built using a high performing technology, this Havells hair curler heats up in 60 seconds and is one of the best curling irons. It comes with a built-in safety stand to protect your hands and surfaces from heat and burns. Its unique rod-like structure ensures smooth and soft hair curls within a few seconds.

Havells Hair Curler


  • Safe to use
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • Handle is not very long

Suitable For:

Soft Curls, Beachy Waves, Tight Ringlets

3. Philips Hair Curler – Get Instant Hair Curls

If you are looking for a hair curler that provides bouncy curls instantly, then Philips Hair Curler must be your pick. It comes with a 16 mm curling barrel that offers soft and effortless hair curls. This hair curler by Philips has a fast heat-up time that is ready to use within 60 seconds of being plugged in. Apart from that, it comes with a protective ceramic coating ensuring an even distribution of heat while protecting your hair from damage. Moreover, its blinking LED lights indicate a ready to use signal once heated, making it a user-friendly hair curler machine.

Philips Hair Curler


  • Minimized hair damage
  • Universal voltage
  • Cool tip handle


  • Use a setting spray to keep curls intact for long

Suitable For:

Beach Curls, Tight Curls

4. Nova Hair Curler – Salon Hair Curls At Home

Add a professional touch to your hair with Nova Hair Curler which comes with a curling metal rod and an easy to use brush. This curling iron is made of 100% stainless steel rod that is 100% shockproof. Its medium barrel iron features a balanced heating technology leaving your hair curls healthy and beautiful. Durable and portable, this hair curler is ultra-light in weight that makes the swivel movement easy and manageable.

Nova Hair Curler


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient switch on and off
  • Ergonomic design


  • Takes a little time to heat up

Suitable For:

Bouncy Curls, Tight Curls

5. Syska Hair Curler – Dance Night Ready Look

Designed using a tangle-free technology, Syska’s hair curling machine is perfect for getting salon finish curls at home. The Syska curling iron is equipped with a heat-resistant ceramic coated tong that helps prevent damage to hair. The hair curler heats up in 30 seconds making it an ideal choice for last-minute hair curls, even for curling long hair. It can be held with both hands because of its cool tip that provides safety from the heated tong. There is an LED panel that indicates the temperature of the tong for the best hair curling results.

Syska Hair Curler


  • Minimized heat damage
  • Swivel cord
  • Uniform heating


  • Does not have multiple heating options

Suitable For:

Coils, Waves, Ringlets

6. ROZIA Chopstick Hair Curler – Curls When Vacation Mode On

A long-lasting curling iron, this hair curler has ceramic plates that evenly distributes heat for precise curling of the hair. The heating rod is just 1.5” in width and has been created using modern technology, making it super compact and one of the best hair curling machines. It is a handy tool that can be used on-the-go during a busy day or a vacation as it easily fits in any bag. This is one of the best hair curlers that can be used even by those who have absolutely thick straight hair. The curling iron comes along with a 360-degree rotatable power cord.

ROZIA Chopstick Hair Curler


  • Easy to operate
  • Two heat settings


  • Curls may not last long durations

Suitable For:

Super sleek bashful curls

7. Motoway Hair Curler – Rapunzel With Curls

An easy-to-use hair curler, the barrel comes along with a coating to ensure maximum heat conductibility, and a cool tip made of high heat insulation material to prevent your fingers from getting burnt. This hair curler comes with a slip-on brush attachment that helps in creating a variety of trendy curls. Equipped with a light indicator, the curler is ideal for those who have thick hair.

Motoway Hair Curler


  • Long lasting curls
  • Well coated for safety
  • Creative hairstyles


  • Takes time to heat up

Suitable For:

Ringlets and Tight Curls

8. Ikonic Curling Iron – Next Door Diva Look

A simple and popular hair curler that has become very popular among hairstylists and professionals. The curling iron has a simple structure and a rubber grip that heats up quickly. It is a handy product that is ideal for all your last minute hassles. The professional built-up of the hair curler ensures that you won’t have to wait for your turn at a beauty salon anymore and achieve dreamy curls right at home, ideal for both long hair curls and short hair curls.

Ikonic Curling Iron


  • Safety from overheating
  • Auto switch-off
  • Fast heating


  • Not suitable for short hair

Suitable For:

Loose curls

9. BaByliss Hair Curler – For Different Hair Curls

BaByliss’ Hair Straightener has been crafted using a high-density ceramic coating. The modern technology that prevents hair damage and softens the hair upon usage. It has a titanium ceramic coating with a cool tip. This hair curling iron also features an LED indicator, along with an automatic switch-off option for those times when the iron has reached its maximum heating. The temperature can be adjusted according to your curling needs. An easy-to-use hair curler, it is one of the best hair curlers for home use.

BaByliss Hair Curler


  • Non-slip grip
  • Efficient curling
  • Durable


  • Heavy for shoulder bags

Suitable For:

Wavy Curls, Tight Curls, Loose Curls

10. Remington Hair Curler – Automatic Hair Curler

Remington hair curler has a ceramic coating that works towards locking-in the moisture of your hair. It ensures the heat is evenly distributed across the barrel of the hair curler. The maximum heat goes up to 180-degree Celsius, enabling fast results. This hair curler also has an automatic switch-off feature.

Remington Hair Curler


  • Lightweight
  • Fast heating
  • Digital temperature setting


  • Power cord is not long

Suitable For:

All kinds of hair curls

11. Corioliss The Magic Wand – For The Dinner Date Ready Look

Corioliss The Magic Wand hair curler comes with a 22mm ceramic curling barrel that gives volume to your curls and makes them look natural. The product has been made using anti-static negative ions technology to help prevent fizziness. The temperature of heating can be controlled between 100-200 degree celsius. For safety purposes, it also features a 1-hour automatic sleep mode.

Corioliss The Magic Wand


  • Minimum damage
  • Variable temperature setting


  • Tricky to use at first

Suitable For:

Deep Waves, Ringlets, Tongs, Loose Curls

Things to Know Before Buying a Hair Curler: Handy Tips

1. Safety of the Curling Iron

Safety definitely needs to be a priority, especially when buying hair curlers. Do ensure to buy a curling iron that is safe to use at all times. Check for an automatic switch on/off button in the product.

2. Temperature Control System

When curling your hair, at times you may need to use high-temperature settings, while other times a low temperature will do the work to achieve your desired curls. This is also important for different hair types as temperature settings may vary for each type of hairstyle.

3. Size of the Barrel

In hair curlers, barrels are available in different sizes. For long hair, it is advisable to choose a long barrel while a short barrel works well on short hair. Not keeping this in mind may result in quite a struggle when curling your hair.

4. Material of the Hair Curler

Different hair curlers have barrels that are made using different materials. The most commonly used for curling irons is Ceramic, also preferred by most hairstylists. For those keen on a healthier and gentle approach to hair curling, ceramic plates are your go-to choice.

Other less commonly used materials are Tourmaline and Titanium. While the former is highly recommended for getting rid of frizz from the hair, the latter is favourable for long-lasting results. If you are looking to buy the best hair curlers at an affordable price, then look for the best Amazon coupons and Tata Cliq offers on CashKaro to get the best deals and discounts.

Top 10 Hair Curlers in India – Full Comparsion with Ratings (2020)

Best Hair CurlersBest FeaturesRating
Philips Hair CurlerBouncy Curls4.2/5
Vega Hair CurlerGlamorous Curls4.0/5
Babyliss Hair CurlerAll Types of Curls4.3/5
Nova Hair CurlerBeach Wavy Curls3.4/5
Syska Hair CurlerSalon Like Curls4.2/5
Remington Hair CurlerQuick Curls4.5/5
Iconic Hair CurlerFor Hairstylists4.3/5
Rozia Hair CurlerMessy Curls4.3/5
Motoway Curling IronAll Types of Curls3.2/5

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Hair Curlers in India (FAQs)

Q. Is it okay to curl hair everyday?

A. Curling irons are now being made using safe and easy-to-use technology. They are mostly coated with Ceramic, Tourmaline or Titanium materials that work towards causing minimal damage to the hair. While the advancement is a blessing for everyone who loves curling their hair it is advisable to use a curling iron not more than thrice a week to maintain the health of your natural hair.

Wash your hair with the best mild shampoos in India before curling your hair every day. This way you can regain the natural look of your hair.

Q. Does curling on wet hair give better results?

A. Curling irons are designed to help create a versatile range of curls right at the comfort of your home. The basic function of a curling rod is to heat up and curl the hair strands. During this process, if the hair is wet, or even slightly damp, it’s way more susceptible to hair damage. For best results, always ensure that hair is dried-up before curling.

Q. Should I apply mousse on my hair before curling?

A. For naturally straight,thin or flat hair types, one may consider applying mousse to add volume to hair before curling it. This results in big and bouncy curls. However, it is not mandatory and for those who prefer a minimalistic approach to healthy curls can avoid doing so.

Q. Which are the safest brands for curling irons?

A. When buying a hair curler for your gorgeous locks, it is important to keep the safety aspect in mind. A safe-to-use curling iron is a must because that is what prevents damage to your hair and provides the best natural curls. Some of the safest known brands for hair curlers are Philips hair curler, Vega hair curler, Syska hair curler, Rozia hair curler, Ikonic hair curler, BaByliss hair curler, and others listed above.

Q. How long should one keep the curling rod on the hair for best results?

A. Curling hair is a fun experience especially after seeing beautiful results on your hair. Typically, for bouncy curls, the curling iron should be held to your hair for not more than 10-20 seconds. The time varies for each curling iron as temperature settings are not always uniform in each product.

Also, want to straighten your hair? If yes, then look at our guide about the best hair straighteners in India.

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