8 Best Idli Makers in India to Make Soft Fluffy Idlis at Home

Idlis are one of the most cherished and healthy breakfast meals. Available in various types, this meal has a particular shape that can either be achieved using specially curved bowls or an idli cooker. While finding perfectly shaped bowls can be quite tricky, here are some popular recommendations for idli cookers handpicked by us. These cookers will allow you to make round and fluffy idlis that can be served along with sambhar or chutney.

Pro Tip: If you’re a first-time user, you may face issues while picking idlis up. Grease the plates with vegetable oil or ghee before adding idli batter to the plates to scoop idlis up without any hassle, or place a wet cotton cloth on the idli plates before pouring the batter.

Our Top Picks

How to Choose the Best Idli Makers? 

Idli makers help you get soft, healthy, tasty idlis. They have now become an essential utensil and in demand for every kitchen. You can get them at affordable prices ranging from Rs 300 – Rs 1,500. If you’re looking for an idli maker online, here are some factors that you can consider for choosing the best one.


When buying an idli maker, opt for stainless steel as it is easy to maintain, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant. They are much resistant to heat as well. These days, you can even find idli makers made of non-stick material or plastic which are much easier to clean.


Usually, a 6-plate size idli maker serves the best for a nuclear family. The size of the idli maker is defined by the number of idli plates it contains, along with it indicating the total count of idlis one can prepare in a go. You can also get the plates or bowls in smaller or larger sizes.


If you are fond of cooking, then look for an idli maker that can be used to prepare other delicacies apart from idlis.

Induction Compatibility

Not all idli makers are compatible with induction cooktops. If you have an induction system at home, you might want to buy a more adaptable idli cooker.

Handles & Safety Features

Ensure that the handles are heat-resistant and durable. Also, check if the idli cooker has a proper heat escape mechanism with tight locks and a heavy lid so that it doesn’t open up due to pressure.

List of Top 8 Idli Makers for Home in India

Pigeon Stainless Steel Idli Maker

Pigeon Idli Maker
Pigeon Idli Maker

This idli maker is made with durable and sturdy stainless steel. This vessel features a rustproof coating and is lined with a thicker gauge to prevent it from burning. The cooker is easy to wash and clean, making it even better for those looking for a hygienic alternative to regular idli cookers. This idli cooker contains 6 stainless steel plates that can yield up to 24 idlis making it suitable to be used by big families. The pack contains 1 idli cooker, 6 idli plates, and 1 steamer that is safe to be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Prominent features of Pigeon Stainless Steel Idli Maker

  • This idli maker comes with 6 plates
  • It is food grade, leak-proof, and rustproof
  • Made up of stainless steel
  • High-grade whistle for better pressure control
  • The idli maker is light in weight and easy to use


  • Rustproof and hygienic
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Thicker gauge for better durability

Why we picked Pigeon Stainless Steel Idli Maker?

The idli maker is worth every penny. The material is sturdy and makes your work easy. It can be used on a regular basis for making idlis or other steamed foods for a healthy lunch, snack, or dinner.

Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Idli Maker

Solimo Idli Maker
Solimo Idli Maker

Solimo is Amazon’s private label which has gained huge popularity in India. This idli maker is made with 100% food-grade heavy gauge stainless steel and comes with 1 idli cooking kadhai, 2 idli plates with four cavities each, 2 dhokla or momo plates and 1 extra plate that can be used to steam and cook various delicacies. It is compatible with both induction cooktops and gas stoves. The idli cooker also contains Bakelite knobs for safe handling.

Prominent features of Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Idli Maker

  • Safe, sturdy, and made from food-grade stainless steel
  • The utensil is enough to cook assorted delicacies whenever you want
  • The heavy gauge induction bottom makes it strong enough for daily use
  • Gas stove and induction cooktop compatible
  • It has a bakelite knob for safe and smooth handling
  • Ideal for smaller families


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Cool touch Bakelite knob
  • Heavy gauge induction bottom


  • 2 plates are not enough if you need more servings

Why we picked Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Idli Maker?

The idli maker is lightweight and easy to handle. It makes cooking easy and fast and can help you make idli, dhoklas, or other dishes in one go.

Moreover, if you also want to cook perfect roasted sandwiches at home. We have created this amazing blog where we have mentioned some of the top sandwich makers in India.

Butterfly Stainless Steel Curve Idli Cooker

Butterfly Stainless Steel Curve Idli Maker
Butterfly Stainless Steel Curve Idli Cooker

Made with heavy gauge stainless steel, this idli cooker features a rustproof coating that offers it durability. The vessel is compatible with an induction cooktop and features a bright mirrored look for an impressive appearance. The pack contains a stainless steel handi-shaped steaming vessel and four idli plates with four slots each. The vessel can capacitate up to 4.5 litres of food and can be used to steam idlis at the ideal temperature. This idli cooker is equipped with a pressure whistle to release steam and have better control over pressure.

Prominent features of Butterfly Stainless Steel Curve Idli Cooker

  • The idli maker is made with high-grade premium stainless steel
  • It has a mirror finish look
  • It comes with a steam adjusting knob
  • One can cook 16 idlis in each cooking
  • Curved handi style representing traditional cookware shape
  • Strong handles for better grip


  • Induction compatible
  • Whistle for releasing steam
  • Rustproof
  • Food grade material


  • Precaution to be taken while filling the batter

Why we picked Butterfly Stainless Steel Curve Idli Cooker?

The idli maker is easy to use and clean. It offers value for money and is sufficient for a small family. It is made of quality stainless steel and takes less cooking time.

iBell Idli Cooker

iBell Idli Cooker
iBell Idli Cooker

This idli cooker is made with high-quality stainless steel that offers the vessel sturdiness and durability. The cooker is safe to be used on induction cooktops and gas stoves. The rustproof coating further protects the vessel from damage caused by water and keeps the cooker hygienic and safe from the inside out. The package contains 1 idli cooker and 4 idli making plates featuring four cavities each. The Bakelite handles stay cool even after prolonged exposure to heat and protect your hands from unwanted wounds and burns. This idli cooker is a lightweight product that can be lifted and placed on the stove with complete ease.

Prominent features of the iBell Idli Cooker

  • Made with high-quality stainless steel, making it sturdy and strong 
  • It has a rustproof body
  • It is compatible with induction and gas stove 
  • The thicker gauge offers high durability


  • Lightweight and hygienic
  • Energy-efficient idli maker
  • Cool-touch handles

Why we picked iBell Idli Cooker?

Featuring a cool-touch handle that makes it easier to hold, this idli maker is a complete solution for steaming various delicacies in your kitchen. Its premium quality assures strength and sturdiness for daily use.

BMS Lifestyle Stainless Steel Idli Maker

BMS Lifestyle Idli Cooker
BMS Lifestyle Idli Cooker

The quality material used in making this stainless steel idli maker takes care of your health and hygiene. It is sturdy and easy to clean. Elegantly designed, this idli maker cookware set brilliantly blends into any kitchen.

Prominent features of BMS Lifestyle Stainless Steel Idli Maker

  • 18 gauge high-quality stainless steel
  • Can be used on induction cooktops, portable stoves, electric stovetops, gas burners
  • The trays have a centre rod that makes them stand firmly in the cooker
  • Each plate has four concave spaces to set the idli batter


  • Compact design
  • Heat resistant handles
  • Perfect sized-idlis
  • Easy to clean


  • There are no handles for the plates

Alisha Stainless Steel Idli Maker

Alisha Stainless Steel Idli Cooker
Alisha Stainless Steel Idli Maker

This idli cooker is compatible with both induction and LPG gas stoves and can thus be used over all cooktops. The vessel has a compact design and can be used to make several dishes without hassle. Made with high-grade stainless steel, this idli maker features a mirror finish and carrier handles that can be used to place and pick the plates out from the idli maker. This idli cooker is a versatile product that can be used to cook multiple dishes, including noodles, dhokla, appam, etc.

Prominent features of Alisha Stainless Steel Idli Maker

  • The idli maker can steam 13 idlis at a time
  • The utensil is perfect for a small-sized family
  • It has dual compatibility that makes sit work for induction and LPG stove
  • Has a smooth mirror finish as it is made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Occupies lesser shelf space
  • Useful in cooking various dishes


  • Gas stove & induction idli maker
  • Compact and modern design
  • High-quality stainless steel


  • It has steel handles that may hurt your hands

Hawkins Idli Stand Pressure Cooker Idli Maker

Hawkins Idli Stand
Hawkins Idli Stand

Enjoy delicious freshly made idlis with the Hawkins aluminum idli stand. This idli stand is neither too big nor too small and is lightweight. With the help of this idli stand, you can make 12 idlis in no time at all! It is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a pressure cooker idli maker since this stand can easily be put inside a pressure cooker to make perfect idlis.

Prominent features of Hawkins Idli Stand Pressure Cooker Idli Maker

  • High-quality idli stand
  • The size is a perfect fit to be used in 5 liters Hawkins pressure cooker
  • Idli sizes are medium
  • It is easy to use, wash, and store


  • Versatile idli maker
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Compact & easy to store
  • Provides evenly cooked idlis


  • Needs sufficient water in the cooker
  • Need to be steamed on low to medium flame to avoid burning

Luxuria Idly Steamer

Luxuria Idly Steamer
Luxuria Idly Steamer

Among all premium idli cookers, this is one of the best idli makers. Made of food-grade stainless steel, it is sturdy and durable. It contains 3 idli plates with 7 idlis per plate, letting you make 21 idlis in 10 to 15 minutes! There is no whistle, so the lid slightly lifts when the steam builds up, giving the steam away. It is compact and does not take too much space.

Prominent features of Luxuria Idli Pot & Steamer

  • Classic design that occupies less space
  • Pure stainless pot & plates
  • Multiple dishes can be cooked, like idly, dhokla
  • It has non-melting and heat-resistant handles


  • Comfortable handles
  • Dual Compatibility: Induction and Gas Stove
  • Multiple usages: Idly Pot, Steamer, Dhokla Cooker


  • No Rust Warranty

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Final Words

Various brands provide good quality idli makers, such as Pigeon, Hawkins, Butterfly, and more. Our favorite has to be the one from Pigeon, but you can explore all other options to pick the one that suits you best.


Is buying a steel idli maker good?

Stainless steel idli makers are the best options as they do not rust, are highly durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain. 

How long do you keep idli in the cooker?

Idli steamers, pressure cookers, electric pressure cookers, and Instant Pots can be used to cook idlis. Just add two or two and a half cups of water and heat it to a light boil. Keep the idli mold in the steamer or pressure cooker. Steam for 12 to 15 minutes to get fantastic idlis.

Why are my idlis hard?

The prime factor could be that you are overcooking or over-steaming the idlis. It takes 10-12 minutes to steam idli in a regular idli steamer, with some resting time after cooking. Electric stoves/cookers may take a couple of minutes longer but should finish cooking within 15 minutes.

Is an Aluminium idli cooker good for health?

The extensive use of aluminum is due to its ability to conduct heat quickly and its durability. Aluminum can, however, react with acidic foods such as vinegar and tomatoes when heated. Thus avoiding aluminum cookware is better.

Why Trust CashKaro review?

At CashKaro, we have a team of leading experts who research products to develop the best recommendations. We consider unbiased customer reviews and check the product on various factors before adding them to the list. For this list of the best idli makers, we analysed products on factors like quality, material, size, compatibility, and more. We hope that this list will make your shopping experience smooth and hassle-free.

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