15 Best Sandwich Makers in India for Quick and Easy Snacks

If you want to cook tasty, healthy, and evenly cooked sandwiches in no time, you must have a sandwich maker by your side. It is an incredible kitchen appliance that will help you bid goodbye to the usual morning tussles about breakfast. Since there are leading brands that offer nonstick surfaces for making delicious sandwiches and are easy to clean as well, choosing the right one is not an easy task. But fret not! You’ve found the perfect place to learn about the best sandwich makers in India. We have curated a list of the 15 best sandwich makers available in India so that you can make an informed choice.

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How Do We Choose the Best Sandwich Makers for You?

Cooking evenly brown and crisp sandwiches was never this easy. Thanks to the modern sandwich makers that do the job quickly and make our mornings stress-free. In India, you can easily find a sandwich maker both on online and offline platforms. They are available for different budgets that, usually range from Rs 500 to Rs 4,000.

The surface of the Plate

The cooking surface of the appliance is an important factor to consider. A good quality surface not just prevents you from scrapping but also ensures a healthy cooking experience. A non-toxic ceramic covering is considered to be the best. It is easy to clean, does not chip off, and is also good for health.

Size & Capacity

The size and capacity of the maker are some crucial considerations when picking a sandwich maker. As per your frequency of use and the number of members in the family, you must choose a suitable size for the maker. The size of the appliance determines how big bread you can use, and capacity determines the number of sandwiches you can make in one go.

List of the Top 15 Sandwich Makers in India

Borosil Prime Grill Sandwich Maker

Borosil Prime Grill Sandwich Maker
Borosil Prime Grill Sandwich Maker

Borosil’s Super Jumbo sandwich maker features large plates that allow you to grill four sandwiches in one go. It comes with an in-built oil collector tray to collect any excess oil or butter. Consuming 2000 W power to heat and grill, it will help you grill the perfect sandwiches quickly and efficiently. Thanks to its efficient size, it is one of the best sandwich makers for larger families.

Prominent Features of the Borosil Prime Grill Sandwich Maker:

  • It is a thermal fuse sandwich maker with a cool touch handle for extra safety
  • Comes with a 1.4m long power cord that can be wrapped easily for convenience
  • The sandwich maker features a nonstick grilling plate that opens to 90 degrees for easy usage


  • Metallic silver finish
  • Anti-skid legs
  • Power indicator
  • 2 years warranty


  • High power consumption

Why We Picked the Borosil Prime Grill Sandwich Maker?

Packed with high-quality features, this Borosil Prime Grill Sandwich Maker offers exceptional performance. It has nonstick grill plates that make it easy to clean and prevent sandwiches from sticking to the surface. This sandwich maker has a temperature control knob to enable you to select the desired temperature for your sandwiches.

AGARO Elegant 1500-Watt Sandwich Maker

AGARO Elegant 1500-Watt Sandwich Maker
AGARO Elegant 1500-Watt Sandwich Maker

Agro is a well-known electronic appliance brand with a strong foothold in the Indian market. This sandwich maker by Agro is an elegant design maker that is easily operable and does not consume a lot of energy and time. It is made with nonstick plates and has a heart-proof touch handle that ensures safe and easy usage.

Prominent Features of the AGARO Elegant 1500-Watt Sandwich Maker: 

  • This nonstick sandwich maker is easy to clean and can be used for multiple purposes
  • It comes with a temperature control knob that helps you grill the food perfectly, as required
  • Features oil collection tray that collects all the oil that drips and ensures mess-free cooking


  • Cool-touch handle
  • Lightweight design
  • 1-year warranty
  • Light indicator


  • Expensive

Why We Picked the AGARO Elegant 1500-Watt Sandwich Maker?

AGARO Elegant 1500-Watt Sandwich Maker is an extra-safe product that offers a pleasant grilling experience. This sandwich maker has anti-skid feet and a sturdy build that prevents the device from sliding. Also, it has a floating hinge for proper closure of the maker and a better grill for the sandwich. This compact and lightweight sandwich maker is indeed a perfect addition to your household.

Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill Sandwich Maker

Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill Sandwich Maker
Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill Sandwich Maker

Cello Super Club sandwich maker features nonstick plates that require less oil for grilling, resulting in healthy and crisp sandwiches. It has easy-grip and heat-resistant handles to help you work more efficiently and protect your hands from burning. Sporting an elegant black finish, it requires 750 W of power, making it an incredible choice.

Prominent Features of the Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill Sandwich Maker: 

  • It has a nonstick coating, which is easy to clean and sustains temperature for better performance
  • The ergonomic design of this sandwich maker makes it easy to move and convenient to place anywhere
  • Made from high-grade aluminium material, this maker is heat resistant that allows perfect roasting


  • Heat-resistant bakelite body
  • Elegant black finish body
  • Durable die-cast aluminium
  • Indicator lights

Why We Picked the Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill Sandwich Maker?

Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill Sandwich Maker is a high-efficiency appliance that is highly portable and comes with great features to enhance the experience. The exterior of this appliance is carefully made to not conduct heat and burn the hands. Rather, it stays cool and offers safe usage.

Morphy Richards SM3006 Sandwich Maker

Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker
Morphy Richards SM3006 Sandwich Maker

A durable and long-lasting product, Morphy Richards SM300 sandwich toaster is a contemporary appliance that is sure to give you a delightful experience in the kitchen. It features a ready-to-cook indicator that helps determine when you can start cooking.

Sporting a cool touch body for maximum safety, it comes with a detachable cord. This is a space-saving appliance that can be stored upright.

Prominent Features of the Morphy Richards SM3006 Sandwich Maker: 

  • Comes with 2 different plates for toast and grill, which are easily removable
  • Features handle in the front for comfortable usage and anti-skid feet for preventing slipping
  • It is a stylish and compact sandwich maker that has easy-to-clean non-grill plates


  • 2 Slice Capacity
  • Prevents greasy oil-drip
  • Ready-to-cook indicator
  • 24 Months Warranty


  • Temperature control is not there

Why We Picked the Morphy Richards SM3006 Sandwich Maker?

Presenting you the Morphy Richards SM3006 Sandwich Maker, which is a great addition to your kitchen. It has been built using a zero-oil drip technology, preventing the bottom surface from getting messy and the sandwiches from getting soggy. Apart from this, it consumes 750-watt power and serves you healthy and delicious sandwiches.

Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker

Inalsa sandwich maker
Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker

The Inalsa Phoenix 750 W sandwich maker has a shockproof and heat-resistant body. It also features easy-to-clean nonstick cooking plates made of die-cast aluminium that cut the sandwiches into perfect triangles. Equipped with non-slide rubber feet, this sandwich maker stays steady on the surface, making it easier to work with.

Prominent Features of the Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker

  • It has an overheat safety protection feature that cuts off electricity in case of overheating
  • This maker features a cord winder for wrapping up the cords and hiding them for aesthetic looks
  • Built with easy locking and cool touch handles that ensure safe and easy handling of the device


  • Shock proof body
  • Ready-to-cook indicators
  • Mess-free cooking
  • power-efficient


  • Not a great choice for large-size bread

Why We Picked the Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker?

Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker is a perfect device for everyday usage. It is an easy-to-use maker that features an automatic thermostat to ensure even cooking of the toast from both sides. Also, its quick heating system perfectly grills the bread in no time without burning them. If you want an appliance for crispy, healthy sandwiches, it is an ideal pick.

Prestige PGMFB Grilled Sandwich Maker

Prestige PGMFB Grilled Sandwich Maker
Prestige Grill Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Grill Plates

Fix quick hunger pangs by nibbling on tasty sandwiches prepared at the comfort of your home using this Prestige sandwich maker. It is a grilled appliance that lets you cook healthy sandwiches in no time. It has a non-toxic coating on the grill plates which lets you prepare sandwiches without dousing your food in oil or butter.

Prominent Features of the Prestige PGMFB Grilled Sandwich Maker

  • It has two lights, one for power or heater and the other for grill ready or cut off
  • This sandwich maker consumes less power to operate, as low as 850 watts
  • The device has a Bakelite body which is heat-resistant on the exterior, ensuring safe usage


  • Nonstick heating plate
  • Easy-to-clean and maintain
  • Smooth outer surface
  • Maximum endurance


  • Short warranty period

Why We Picked the Prestige PGMFB Grilled Sandwich Maker?

Prestige PGMFB Grilled Sandwich Maker features an ergonomic handle that is resistant to heat and ensures complete safety. Twice as durable as its preceding variants, this is one of the best sandwich makers in India with its advanced nonstick coating that presents the use of excess oil or butter. Also, its elegant black finish body looks appealing in the kitchen.

If you also like the proper crunch of toasted bread, then this list of popup toasters in India is just for you. You can totally rely on this list for crispy toast.

Wonderchef Electric Tandoor With Sandwich Maker

Wonderchef Electric Tandoor With Sandwich Maker
Wonderchef Sandwich Maker

Prepare delicious patties, cutlets, kebabs, and more with minimum oil in this Wonderchef Kapoor Super Tandoor Grill. Now even the health-conscious can binge on these yummy fried items without worrying about excessive oil consumption.

This sandwich grill has a sleek design which makes it an ideal addition to your kitchen. The toasting and grilling functions allow you to make an assorted variety of tasty and healthy dishes with ease.

Prominent Features of the Wonderchef Electric Tandoor With Sandwich Maker: 

  • This maker opens at 180 degrees, so you can easily cook on both sides without making them soggy
  • It has a 10-step thermostat that lets you cook on low to very high heat and adjust the temperature
  • It is a standard-size sandwich maker with an adjustable slope to drain the excess oil and make food healthy


  • Opens 180 degrees
  • LED Indicators
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Adjustable Temperature


  • Expensive

Why We Picked the Wonderchef Electric Tandoor With Sandwich Maker?

Wonderchef Electric Tandoor With Sandwich Maker is high-quality, innovative kitchenware that has PFOA and heavy metal-free coating, which does not harm health. It also has an adjustable top and features adjustable thermostat control for maintaining the right temperature. Without a doubt, this sandwich maker is suitable for long-term use.

Havells 800-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker

Havells 800-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker
Havells 800-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker

If you love sandwiches, this sandwich maker by Havells deserves a place in your kitchen. It is a high-performance, inexpensive maker that is ideal for small groups or gatherings. This maker has two food-grade, nonstick aluminium plates that support healthy cooking. Also, it features a full Bakelite body that keeps the outside cool and prevents hands from getting burnt.

Prominent Features of the Havells 800-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker: 

  • It has a heat-resistant body with an easy hinged lock for excellent safety
  • This maker has a light indicator for power and ready function, making it easy to use
  • It is a compact design sandwich maker with upright storage for taking less space


  • Easy-to-clean plates
  • Safe to use
  • BPA free material
  • cool touch handle


  • Comes with a short cord

Anjali DGTS1 Grill Sandwich Toaster

Anjali Grill Sandwich Maker - DGTS1
Anjali Grill Sandwich Maker – DGTS1

One of the best grill sandwich makers in the market, this one by Anjali is a perfect choice for your home. The griller is the easiest way to get homemade grilled sandwiches, as it runs without electricity.

It features an attached handle lock that helps to hold the sandwich together. It is simple to use that requires you just to flip sides randomly, and voila! Your favourite sandwiches are ready to be devoured.

Prominent Features of the Anjali DGTS1 Grill Sandwich Toaster

  • The perfect length of handles with an adequate Bakelite grip offers safe usage
  • It is a good quality griller that is smaller in size, making it easy to carry with you
  • The heat-resistant handles and strong locking ensure proper grilling with ease


  • Nonstick toaster
  • Safe to use
  • Quality coating
  • Affordable


  • Cannot fit large sandwich bread

Nova NSG 2439 Panini Grill Sandwich Maker

Nova NSG 2439 Panini Grill Sandwich Maker
Nova NSG 2439 Panini Grill Sandwich Maker

Now grill sandwiches like a chef at home with Nova NSG 2439 Panini Grill Sandwich Maker. It is an efficient marker that features non-stick-coated heating plates for a better cooking experience. This maker comes with a grilling function that provides a crispy texture to the bread and makes them good to taste. It also encourages healthy eating habits that, make it a worthy investment.

Prominent Features of the Nova NSG 2439 Panini Grill Sandwich Maker

  • Comes with a 1.2-meter-long cord that makes it easy to place even at a distance
  • It has cool touch housing, which does not conduct heat from inside and burn hand
  • The non-skid feet of this sandwich maker makes it easy to use without the risk of sliding


  • Nonstick coating plates
  • Ergonomically designed maker
  • Sleek and easy to use
  • Long term usage


  • Expensive

Pigeon Egnite Sandwich Grill

Pigeon Egnite Sandwich Grill
Pigeon Egnite Sandwich Grill

This sandwich maker by Pigeon works on fast heating technology for a quick and efficient cooking experience. It has bigger and deeper plates with shockproof heat resistant body for safe usage. The nonstick coating plates do not just toast the bread perfectly; they are also easy to clean and need less oil for healthy meals.

Prominent Features of the Pigeon Egnite Sandwich Grill: 

  • It is extremely lightweight and compact in size, making it easy to store
  • Operating on 220-240 volts and 750 watts, it saves energy and electricity bills
  • Features non-slip rubber feet to offer excellent grip and prevent slipping


  • Reduces cooking time
  • Easy to carry
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use


  • The toaster tray should be a little big

BAJAJ Majesty Grill Ultra Sandwich Press

BAJAJ Majesty Grill Ultra Sandwich Press
BAJAJ Majesty Grill Ultra Sandwich Press

Next on the list, we have a smart innovation from the house of Bajaj. This Majesty Grill Ultra Sandwich Press is an elegant design appliance that serves perfect sandwiches every time. It produces an efficient toasting and grilling experience while using minimum power, i.e. 750 watts. Apart from this, it boasts multiple features that make it a must-have.

Prominent Features of the BAJAJ Majesty Grill Ultra Sandwich Press: 

  • Comes with a drip-oil collector for mess-free cooking and reducing wastage
  • It has an attractive Bakelite body with SS trim for the best results without putting much effort
  • This maker has an adjustable temperature control knob for perfect cooking


  • Opens up to 180 degrees
  • Neon light indicator
  • 2 years warranty
  • Easy and quick work


  • The clip on the handle is not so durable

Hamilton Beach 25451 Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach 25451-IN Sandwich Maker
Hamilton Beach 25451 Sandwich Maker

This sandwich maker by Hamilton is a 2-in-1 maker with panini & grill. It is a highly versatile appliance that is a perfect choice for a fast, easy meal. Featuring removable nonstick grids, this sandwich maker is easy to clean and serves crispy, well-cooked sandwiches. Also, it takes minimum space with its upright storage feature.

Prominent Features of the Hamilton Beach 25451 Sandwich Maker

  • It has a café-style floating lid that presses the item evenly for the best results
  • Offers 216 square centimetre cooking surface that makes it easy to cook large-size bread
  • This maker has removable trays, which makes it easy to clean and keep the appliance hygenic


  • Highly functional
  • Easy to use
  • Oil drip tray
  • 2 years warranty


  • It is a bit bulky

iBELL SM301 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker

iBELL SM301 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker
iBELL SM301 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker

From the house of iBELL, this sandwich maker comes with 3 detachable plates for toast, grill, and waffles. It is an easy-to-clean and maintained appliance that is elegantly designed for easy usage. Regardless of its outstanding performance and durability, this 3-in-1 sandwich maker comes at a low cost, making it an outstanding choice for your kitchen.

Prominent Features of the iBELL SM301 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker

  • It has thermostatically controlled plates with an auto cut-off feature for perfect cooking
  • The elegant black finish body adds to the aesthetic of the kitchen and offers a great grip
  • This is an easy-to-use sandwich maker that allows changing of the plates by pressing a button


  • Easy cleaning appliance
  • Excellent build quality
  • Less power consumption
  • Value for money


  • Cord length should be longer

Solimo Non-Stick Grill Sandwich Maker

Solimo Non-Stick Grill Sandwich Maker
Solimo Non-Stick Grill Sandwich Maker

Bring home this sandwich maker by Solimo and enjoy crunchy, delicious grilled sandwiches. This toaster has double Teflon nonstick coating heating plates that are easy to use and maintain as well. Also, it is compact in size and has a hinged lock for sealing the food properly and ensuring perfect grilling. This premium quality sandwich maker is a value-for-money pick and an incredible appliance to have in the kitchen.

Prominent Features of the Solimo Non-Stick Grill Sandwich Maker: 

  • It comes with power on and heating indicators that make it easy to use the product
  • There is a high-quality coating on the plates that are rust-resistant, thereby increasing the life
  • The long cord of 1.2 meters makes it easy to place it anywhere, even away from the plug-point


  • Perfect locking system
  • Compact vertical storage
  • Highly convenient to use
  • 1-Year limited warranty


  • Availability might be an issue

Types of Sandwich makers

Panini press

This sandwich maker can make varieties of sandwiches. It has a basic function of a grill, but it can be a replacement for a toaster too. It has plates on top and bottom. When closed, it heats the food. You can also prepare pancakes, kebabs, burger patty, etc., with a Panini press.

Four-triangle sandwich maker

This is a common sandwich maker found in most households. It has four square plates that cut sandwiches into two, along with heating them. The way to use it is to close the plates with the bread and fillings inside, transforming them into four triangularly shaped sandwiches in less than 5-10 minutes.

In addition to this, we would also like you to check our latest blog, where we have listed some of the best idli makers in India to make fluffy idlis at home. Do have a look and let us know how your idli tastes when choosing the right idli maker.

Final Word

A sandwich maker is a quintessential appliance in the kitchen that does the work quickly, requires low maintenance, and comes with great durability. If you are tired of worrying about breakfast every morning or just want to have a delicious snack on the go, you definitely need a sandwich maker. From this list, our personal favourite makers are Cello, Agaro, and Borosil. However, you are free to choose the one that fits your needs the best.


Which company is good for the sandwich maker?

In India, Borosil and Cello are considered to be the best brands for sandwich maker.

Which sandwich maker is better, gas or electric?

While electric sandwich makers are commonly used in households, there are gas makers also for areas with electricity issues. While eclectic appliance provides even heat and is easier to use, gas sandwich makers are affordable and let you cook the meal even when there’s no electricity.

Which is the better option, the sandwich maker or the griller?

Both sandwich makers and grillers offer great results. The purchase decision depends upon your requirement and preferences. If your end goal is to make just sandwiches, you can go for a sandwich maker. However, if you want versatility, you must choose a griller.

What are the advantages of using a Panini Press?

If you are just interested in regular bread or making simple veggie cheese sandwiches, then you should probably go for sandwich makers. On the other hand, a Panini press is versatile and prepares more than just a sandwich. Also, the pricing is competitive and starts at Rs 1000 and goes up to Rs 4,000.

Lover of bread

If you are a lover of different kinds of bread and want to experiment with some wonderful snacks, then using a Panini press is an obvious choice. Add as many fillings as you want to get the best snack for yourself.

Not just a plain sandwich

Bored of having sandwiches? Try different recipes with fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and eggs! How about a chocolate sandwich filled with some strawberries? Or prepare an omelette with lots of mushrooms and cheese!

Stuff as much as you want

With sandwich makers, the slices and the number of fillings are limited. You need to be careful with the thickness as well. However, a Panini press lets you add any amount of stuffing you want. The bread gets toasted properly, and the ingredient gets cooked well.

Heavy duty plates

Since the Panini press can cook a good amount of snacks, it is equipped with heavy-duty plates. The seared lines are well-formed on the toasted bread, making it crunchy and tasty.

Greater space equals less mess

With sandwich makers, the shape and size of bread slices are limited. But a Panini press has good space to keep things in the right order irrespective of the number of ingredients you stuff.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro has a team of researchers who are skilled, curious, and well-trained to test different available options and study them to find the ones that are better than the rest of the lot. For curating this list of best sandwich makers for you, we have researched products on factors like price, size, plate coating, heat resistance, body, power consumption, and more. We only add reliable products to the list so as to make shopping easier and less stressful.

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