7 Best Sandwich Makers in India for Quick and Easy Snacks

Looking for the best sandwich makers that will FINALLY help you bid goodbye to the usual morning tussles about breakfast? Look no more, because you’ve found yourself the perfect place to know about the best sandwich makers in India! Cooking evenly brown and crisp sandwiches was never this easy, thanks to the modern sandwich makers that have made our mornings so much easier.

Having a sandwich maker allows you to cook tasty, healthy, and evenly cooked sandwiches in no time. Most leading brands offer non-stick surfaces that are perfect for making delicious sandwiches and are easy to clean too. To help you choose the right one, we have curated a list of the top sandwich makers available so that you can make an informed choice. Also, here you can Check Best Sandwich Makers & Idli Makers.

Best Sandwich Makers in India to Get Yummy Snacks at Home

1. Borosil Super Jumbo Sandwich Maker

Borosil Sandwich Maker
Borosil JUmbo Sandwich Maker

Borosil’s Super Jumbo sandwich maker features large plates that allow you to grill four sandwiches in one go. It comes with an in-built oil collector tray to collect any excess oil or butter. Consuming 2000 W power to heat and grill, it will help you grill the perfect sandwiches quickly and efficiently. The non-stick grill plates make it easy to clean and prevent sandwiches from sticking to the surface. This sandwich maker has a temperature control knob to enable you to select the desired temperature for your sandwiches.

This is one of the best sandwich makers for larger families, thanks to its efficient size.


  • Capacity: 2 slices
    Consumes 700W


  • Cool touch handle for safety
  • Longer than regular power cord
  • Automatic Temperature Control

2. Prestige Grilled Sandwich Maker

Prestige sandwich maker
Prestige Grill Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Grill Plates

Fix quick hunger pangs by nibbling on tasty sandwiches prepared at the comfort of your home home usingthis Prestige sandwich maker grill that lets you cook healthy sandwiches in no time. It has a non-toxic coating on the grill plates which lets you prepare sandwiches without dousing your food in oil or butter. The grill’s ergonomic handle is resistant to heat for your safety. Twice as durable than its preceding variants, this is one of the best sandwich makers in India with its advanced non-stick coating that presents the use of excess oil or butter.

This kitchen appliance features two lights, the red one indicates when the sandwich maker is being heated, and the green light suggests that the appliance is grill-ready or can be cut off.


  • Capacity: 2 Slices
  • Consumes 800 W


  • Non-stick heating plate
  • Elegant black finish body
  • Fixed grill plates
  • Heat-resistant handles

3. Anjali Grill Sandwich Maker – DGTS1

Anjali Grill Sandwich Maker - DGTS1
Anjali Grill Sandwich Maker – DGTS1

One of the best grill sandwich makers in the market, this kitchen appliance is a perfect choice for those who wish to buy a good gas burner for your home. The griller is the easiest way to get home made grilled sandwiches without using electricity. The attached handle lock helps holding sandwich together. It is simple to use, all you have to do is just flip sides randomly and voila! Your favourite sandwiches are ready to be devoured.

Perfect length of its handles with adequate Bakelite grip will ensure that your hands are safe while using the appliance.


  • Capacity: 1 sandwich at a time


  • Non stick sandwich toaster
  • Safe to use

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4. Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill Sandwich Maker

Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill Sandwich Maker
Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill Sandwich Maker

Cello Super Club sandwich maker features non-stick plates that require less oil for grilling, resulting in healthy and crisp sandwiches. The non-stick coating also makes it easy to clean. It has easy-grip and heat-resistant handles to help you work more efficiently and protect your hands from burning. Sporting an elegant black finish, it requires 750 W of power consumption when in use.

The compact size of the sandwich maker makes it an easy-to-use product for children under the supervision of an adult.


  • Capacity: 2 Sandwiches
  • Power: 750 W


  • Heat resistant bakelite body
  • Elegant black finish body
  • Durable die cast aluminium
  • Indicator lights

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5. Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker

Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker
Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker

A durable and long-lasting product, Morphy Richards SM300 sandwich toaster is a contemporary appliance that is sure to give you a delightful experience in the kitchen. It features a ready-to-cook indicator that helps determine whether the toaster is ready to cook. Sporting a cool touch body for maximum safety, it comes with a detachable cord. This is a space-saving appliance that can be stored upright.

It has been built using a zero-oil drip technology preventing the bottom surface from getting messy and the sandwiches from getting soggy.


  • Capacity: 2 sandwiches
  • Power: 750 watts


  • Easy to clean non-stick cook plates
  • Prevents greasy oil-drip
  • Ready to cook indicator
  • Cool touch body

6. Inalsa Griled Sandwich Maker

Inalsa sandwich maker
Inalsa Sandwich Maker

The Inalsa Phoenix 750 W sandwich maker has a shockproof and heat resistant body. It also features easy-to-clean non-stick cooking plates, made of die cast aluminium that cut the sandwiches in perfect triangles. Equipped with non-slide rubber feet, this sandwich maker stays steady on the surface, making it easier to work with.

This sandwich maker has a overheat safety protection feature that cuts offs electricity in case of overheating.


  • Capacity: 2 sandwiches
    Power: 750 W


  • Shock proof body
  • Power and ready to cook indicators
  • Easy clasp-locking

7. Wonderchef Sandwich Maker

Wonderchef Sandwich Maker
Wonderchef Sandwich Maker

Prepare delicious patties, cutlets, kebabs, and more with minimum oil in this Wonderchef Kapoor Super Tandoor Grill. Now even the health conscious can binge on these yummy fried items without worrying about excess oil consumption. This sandwich grill has a sleek design which makes it an ideal addition to your kitchen. The toasting and grilling functions allow you to make an assorted variety of tasty and healthy dishes with ease.

This super tandoor grill opens at 180 degrees so you can easily cook on both the sides. It is perfect to cook more food at once.


  • Capacity: 2 Sandwiches
  • Power: 1500 W


  • Opens 180 degrees
  • Ideal for grilling thick club sandwiches
  • Adjustable Temperature Settings

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