8 Best Laptop Bag Brands in India to Safeguard Your Device

Choosing the perfect laptop bag can be a bit overwhelming with so many options out there. But fear not, because we’re here to help you find the best one! A great laptop bag not only keeps your tech safe but also suits your style and needs. In this blog, we’ll explore the world of laptop bags and introduce you to some fantastic brands.

Our Top Picks

Gear Aspire 30L Water Resistant Office Laptop Backpack
Gear Aspire Water Resistant Laptop Bag
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Half Moon
Half Moon Large Laptop Bag
Half Moon Large Laptop Bag
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Wesley Spartan Laptop Bag
Wesley Spartan Laptop Bag
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How We Choose and Ranked the Best Laptop Bag Brands for You?

To find the top laptop bag brands in India, we went the extra mile. We thought about everyone – from the daily traveller to the weekend explorer. We made sure our recommendations covered quality, usefulness, and style. Here’s how we picked the brands:

Getting to Know Your Needs

We focused on brands that match your lifestyle. Gear’s Laptop Backpack is our top choice for daily use. It strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality, ideal for both professionals and students.

Putting Safety and Organization First

Your laptop’s safety is a big deal, and we get that. AirCase has got you covered with roomy compartments to keep your laptop and accessories safe and tidy. Plus, it’s built with anti-theft features for added security.

Focusing on Comfort and Quality Materials

We understand the importance of durability, which is why we recommend brands like Wildcraft. Their Turnaround Polyester Laptop Backpack is renowned for its sturdy materials and comfy design.

Expressing Your Style and Look

We think your laptop bag should match your style. That’s why we love MOKOBARA’s Transit Backpack. It combines a sleek, fashionable look with practicality, making it a perfect choice for trendsetters.

Embracing Creativity and Cool Features

If you’re all about tech-savvy style, FUR JADEN’s Anti-Theft Water Repellent Backpack is a smart choice. With clever compartments and a sleek design, it’s perfect for tech enthusiasts and modern professionals. 

Value for Money

Affordability without sacrificing quality is the name of the game. Tabelito’s NEO Water Resistant Business Backpack delivers fantastic features without breaking the bank, making it a top pick for budget-conscious shoppers.

List of The Top 8 Laptop Bag Brands in India


Best Value for Money

Gear Aspire Water Resistant Laptop Bag
1,125 ₹2,899
Crafted from premium-quality fabric, it comes with various compartments and pockets to keep your essentials well-organized.
Laptop Compartment
Padded Back and Shoulder Straps
Water Resistant Material
Zipper Quality could be better

When it comes to laptop bags, Gear offers a diverse range of options. This brand stands out for its uniquely designed, functional, and utility-oriented bags. Many of Gear’s laptop bags are also waterproof or equipped with a water guard, making it one of the best choices for safeguarding your tech gear during travel.

Our Top Pick: Gear Aspire Water Resistant Laptop Bag

Product Specifications

Dimensions50 x 34 x 18 cm
Weight 613 g

Key Features of Gear Aspire 30L Water Resistant Laptop Bag

  • Your laptop is in good hands with a special secure compartment for your on-the-go adventures.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff – this backpack’s water-resistant material keeps your belongings safe and dry, even in the rain.
  • Stay cool and dry while you’re on the move, thanks to the anti-sweat fabric.
  • Plus, enjoy an extra dose of comfort with padded back support.

Amazon Rating – With an impressive 4.3 out of 5 rating from 6,660 reviews, it’s evident that this backpack is beloved by many.

Pricing – Priced at only ₹994, this is a deal you can’t afford to pass up! This wallet-friendly backpack provides remarkable value without breaking the bank.

Our CashKaro team review

The Gear Aspire 30L Water Resistant Office Laptop Backpack offers ample space, including a dedicated laptop compartment, and ensures your belongings stay dry during light rain. The comfy padded back support is ideal for long days, and the anti-sweat fabric keeps you cool and fresh. However, it’s worth noting that a few users have mentioned that the zippers could be of higher quality. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic choice for students and budget-conscious professionals in need of an everyday backpack that’s reliable and budget-friendly!

User Reviews

Sai Kumar – Everything is good in the product. Just need to add one more secret pocket under the bag.

Buy It If:

✔️ You love having ample space, especially for your laptop.

✔️ Keeping your belongings dry in unexpected rain showers is a top priority for you.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You’re looking for a backpack with extra carrying capacity.

❌ Your adventures often take you off the beaten path and demand a backpack designed for rugged action.

Half Moon

Best Value for Money

Half Moon bag
849 ₹2,899
Half Moon bags will have you covered for everything from school trips and college to regular office use as well as travel.
Dedicated Laptop Compartment
Spacious and Organized
Comfort and Durability
Rain Cover
Can Be Heavy When Fully Loaded

These spacious yet lightweight bags come with multiple zipper compartments so that you can carry all your essentials in one place. Also, its padded shoulder straps reduce strain, and doubly stitched joints add to its durability.

Our Top Pick: Half Moon Large Laptop Bag

Product Specifications

Dimensions22 x 30 x 50 cm
Weight 590 g

Key Features of Half Moon Large Laptop Bag

  • Keep your laptop safe and sound in a dedicated 360-degree compartment that fits laptops up to 17 inches.
  • Stay organized with three spacious compartments: one for books and files, one for extra items, and one for your essentials.
  • Even with heavy loads, you’ll stay comfy, and the bag will last, thanks to padded shoulder straps, adjustable handles, and a padded back. Plus, it’s made from strong yet lightweight polyester fabric with heavy-duty zippers.

Amazon Rating – Soaring in with a strong rating of 3.9 out of 5 from nearly 4,000 reviews on Amazon, the Half Moon Laptop Bag has definitely caught the attention of many backpack enthusiasts.

Pricing – The Half Moon Large 37L Laptop Bag isn’t just your everyday backpack; it’s a versatile and reliable companion for a reasonable ₹689.

Our CashKaro team review

The Half Moon Large 37L Laptop Bag is a budget-friendly choice that offers decent protection for your tech and convenience for your daily commute. It accommodates laptops up to 17 inches, features spacious compartments, and ensures comfort with padded straps and back support. The added rain cover is a practical bonus for unexpected weather. While it lacks premium features, it provides enduring performance and durability, making it suitable for different weather conditions. If you need an affordable, no-frills backpack for your daily needs, this one’s worth considering.

User Reviews

Dibyajyoti Basu – I liked the product. It has enough numbers of pockets and compartments. Looks sturdy and durable. The colour combination is also good.

Buy It If:

✔️ You need a roomy laptop backpack with a dedicated compartment that can snugly fit up to a 17.3-inch laptop

✔️ You’re watching your budget, and you appreciate the bonus of a rain cover to keep your gear dry on surprise rainy days.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ Your laptop is smaller, and you prefer a more compact design without a dedicated laptop compartment.

❌ You’re after a more minimalist or professional look, and the sporty and somewhat bulky design isn’t quite your style.


Best Value for Money

Wesley Spartan Laptop Bag
729 ₹2,999
If you’re looking for something stylish, sturdy, and durable, Wesley is the brand for you.
Water Resistant Fabric
Padded Handle
Anti-Theft Organiser
Multi-Functional Design
Size Consideration

From formal wear to business casual, Wesley has something for all your modern needs. With exclusive laptop bags for MacBooks as well, the brand is a favourite among the youth because of its budget-friendly prices. Also, these are lightweight bags with internal padding for better safety.

Our Top Pick: Wesley Spartan Laptop Bag

Product Specifications

Dimensions36.8 x 22.9 x 50.8 cm
Weight 780 g

Key Features of Wesley Spartan Laptop Bag

  • With about 45 litres of space, this bag has three main compartments for laptops, books, clothes, and camping gear, plus small pockets for accessories.
  • Built tough with top-notch materials, reinforced stitching, and bartacks at stress points for durability.
  • Honeycomb-padded back for all-day comfort and air circulation, chest strap, hip belt, and straight-shaped straps for heavy loads.

Amazon Rating – With a solid 4.1 out of 5 rating from 2,035 Amazon reviews, the Wesley Spartan Laptop Bag is clearly making waves in the world of backpacks.

Pricing – At just ₹689, the Wesley Spartan Laptop Bag is not just a steal; it’s a treasure chest of affordability.

Our CashKaro team review

The Wesley Spartan Laptop Bag has its strengths, like ample storage, resistance to wear and tear, and useful features. However, there have been some concerns about its overall quality and durability. A few users encountered minor damage, which has sparked doubts about its long-term performance. The price is reasonable, but it might not meet the expectations of those seeking top-notch quality in the same price range.

User Reviews

Nigin Aluva – Ease to use , comfortable ,Great quality.Nice .Love this product

Buy It If:

✔️ You want a backpack with plenty of room for your laptop and all your must-haves.

✔️ You love the idea of bonus features, including the handy rain cover and comfy padding.

✔️ You’re all about budget-friendly options, especially for college life or quick getaways.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You’re worried about the backpack’s weight when it’s packed to the top.


Best Value for Money

Mokobara Laptop Bag
4,999 ₹9,999
The Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC is an incredible combination of advanced features.
10 Multi Utility Pockets
2 X Expandable Bottle/Umbrella Pockets
Luggage Sleeve
Water Resistant
Price is a little high

If you dig for practical and fashionable accessories for your everyday usage, Mokobara will be your go-to brand. The brand offers laptop sleeves, backpacks, as well as briefcase-like bags, and the quality remains consistent throughout. All the bags are crafted with premium material that is highly durable.

Our Top Pick The Transit Backpack

Product Specifications

Dimensions16 x 31 x 48 cm
Weight 1 kg 570 g

Key Features of The Transit Backpack

  • This backpack is all about style and durability, thanks to top-notch materials like vegan leather and nylon fabric.
  • It’s got your back even in light rain, with water-resistant features to protect your stuff.
  • You’ll find a front bucket pocket with slip pockets, a zippered pocket, and a tech compartment for your gadgets.
  • There’s a padded compartment just for your laptop, with a lock strap, suitable for a 15.6″ laptop.
  • It has a luggage sleeve for easy attachment to your suitcase and a convenient silicon grab handle.

Amazon Rating – With a shining 4.5 out of 5 rating from 785 enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon, the Mokobara Transit Backpack is making waves.

Pricing – While the Mokobara Transit Backpack certainly offers a premium experience, it might not be the budget-friendly option you’re seeking, coming in at a price tag of ₹4,299.

Our CashKaro team review

The Mokobara Transit Backpack is winning hearts with its sleek style, top-notch materials, and spacious storage. It’s built for comfort with an adjustable shoulder strap and padded back, making it a dependable pick for those heavy loads. Plus, the fantastic customer service and on-time delivery are cherry on top! To sum it up, it’s a backpack that blends fashion with functionality – a perfect combo!

User Reviews

Akash Katla – Looks premium, is premium. Ideal for weekend trips wherein you can carry your gadgets and a few set of clothes. Been getting a lot of compliments in the office. Definitely stands out. It’s a bit expensive, but the product justifies the price.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re all about chic design and that contemporary look

✔️ You crave a backpack that’s big on organization and can carry all your stuff with ease.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ Your budget is a bit tight because it leans on the pricey side.

❌ You’re all about compact or minimalistic backpacks.

Fur Jaden

Best Value for Money

Fur Jaden Anti Theft Backpack
839 ₹3,500
Spacious bags that are water-resistant and feature a fabric lining on the inside, so your laptop remains doubly protected.
Water Resistant Fabric
USB Charging Port
Anti Theft Design
Power Bank Not Included

If you like to own products that are ideal for rough and tough use, Fur Jaden is the brand for you. Not only are their bags highly affordable, but they are also made from durable material for long-term use. 

Our Top Pick: Fur Jaden Anti Theft Backpack

Product Specifications

Dimensions30 x 12 x 42 cm
Weight 600 g

Key Features of Fur Jaden Anti Theft Backpack

  • This sleek black backpack is a hit whether you’re headed to the office or rocking that trendy college look.
  • There’s plenty of space, including a spot for your laptop up to 15.6 inches and lots of pockets for your other must-haves.
  • Stay powered up while you’re on the move – just hook up your power bank to the built-in charging port.
  • This backpack has hidden zippers and secret pockets.
  • It’s made from rugged polymer fabric, so it’s sturdy and low-maintenance – perfect for daily use.

Amazon Rating – With a substantial 4.0 out of 5 rating from a whopping 14,233 reviews on Amazon, it’s no wonder this backpack is gaining attention.

Pricing – At just ₹839, this feature-packed Fur Jaden Anti-Theft Backpack offers affordability, combining style, safety, and convenience.

Our CashKaro team review

Looking for a backpack that’s got style and security without breaking the bank? The Fur Jaden Anti-Theft Backpack has got you covered!

With hidden zippers and secret pockets, it’s like a fortress for your stuff. And that built-in USB charging port? Super handy for staying powered up on the move! It’s roomy enough for a 15.6-inch laptop and more, plus it’s made from durable, washable fabric for long-lasting use.

While it’s not the fanciest backpack around, it’s a smart choice for students, office professionals, and anyone who wants a budget-friendly bag that gets the job done.

User Reviews

Pooja patel – Good product. I love the space. Travel friendly and very handy especially the usb charging point.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re a student or office-goer seeking a budget-friendly and practical backpack

✔️ On-the-go phone charging is a must, and you love the built-in USB port.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You need a backpack with a built-in power bank; this one doesn’t include it.

❌ You lean towards smaller, compact backpacks for a minimalist approach.


Best Value for Money

Wildcraft Turnaround Laptop Bag
1,349 ₹1,999
Perfect for office, college, regular use, and occasional use.
Dedicated Laptop Compartment
Durable Water-Resistant Material

If you’re looking for an affordable laptop bag with a sturdy build and a comfortable feel, look no further because Wildcraft has you covered. The bags are durable and can withstand long hours of travel. Being lightweight, they are easy to carry around without putting strain on your shoulders.

Our Top Pick: Wildcraft Turnaround Laptop Bag

Product Specifications

Dimensions48 x 38 x 6 cm
Weight 520 g

Key Features of Wildcraft Turnaround 27L Laptop Bag

  • Perfect for tech-savvy travellers, it can fit laptops up to 15.4 inches, keeping your tech safe.
  • Stay super organized with dedicated pockets for everything you need.
  • Easily grab your water bottle or travel documents from the handy side mesh pocket.
  • Enjoy a comfortable journey with the Ventex back system that keeps you cool and sweat-free during long travels.

Amazon Rating – With a solid 4.3 out of 5 stars from over 3,300 reviews on Amazon, it’s clear that the Wildcraft Turnaround 27L Laptop Bag has won the approval of many happy customers.

Pricing – Priced at ₹1,549, the Wildcraft Turnaround 27L Laptop Bag falls on the slightly higher end of the spectrum.

Our CashKaro team review

The Wildcraft Turnaround 27L Laptop Bag is a stylish and roomy companion that can easily hold laptops up to 15.4 inches. It scores with robust zippers, strong straps, and a solid build. Though it doesn’t have a rain cover and lacks a laptop-securing strap/lock in one compartment, it’s reasonably priced but could be an even better deal.

User Reviews

Ankit Chauhan – This bag is perfect for a collage going student who always need to have a laptop with books and other electronic devices. Quality is on the point according to the pricing. 👍🏼

Buy It If:

✔️ You want a stylish and roomy laptop bag that fits laptops up to 15.4 inches.

✔️ Quality zippers, sturdy straps, and overall durability are your priorities.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You prefer a laptop bag that comes with a rain cover for added protection.

❌ You need a strap or lock to keep your laptop secure.


Best Value for Money

Tabelito NEO Water Resistant Laptop Bag
349 ₹1,249
Made from water-resistant material, but they are also padded to protect your laptop while ensuring individual comfort.
Water Repellent
2 Bottle Pockets
Can Be Heavy When Fully Loaded

If there is one brand that makes bags for all types of laptops out there, it is Tabelito. These bags feature an airflow back design with thick but soft multi-panel ventilated padding, giving you maximum back support.

Our Top Pick: Tabelito NEO Water Resistant Laptop Bag

Product Specifications

Dimensions8 x 32 x 42 cm
Weight 350 g

Key Features of Tabelito NEO 30L Water Resistant Laptop Bag

  • This laptop backpack has got your back when it comes to keeping things in order. With multiple compartments, front zip pockets, side bottle pockets, and a spacious zipped section, your essentials will find their perfect spot.
  • Got a laptop up to 15.6 inches? You’re in luck! This backpack is compatible with popular brands like HP, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS, and Dell, making it the ideal choice for tech-savvy users.
  • Don’t worry about unexpected spills or light rain showers. This backpack is equipped with advanced IPX4 coating, providing water resistance from any angle, so your belongings stay dry.
  • With a generous 30L capacity, there’s room for more than just your laptop. Pack your lunch, chargers, tablets, books, power banks, wallets, sunglasses, and whatever else you need for your daily activities.

Amazon Rating – With a solid rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars based on the feedback of 369 Amazon reviewers, the Tabelito NEO 30L Water Resistant Laptop Bag shines as a reliable choice.

Pricing – At just ₹349, the Tabelito NEO 30L Water Resistant Laptop Bag is not only a practical choice but also a budget-friendly option.

Our CashKaro team review

Looking for an all-around backpack that suits your diverse needs? The Tabelito NEO 30L Water Resistant Laptop Bag has got you covered. With its sturdy construction, generous storage, and lightweight design, it’s the perfect blend of durability and style. Stay comfortable even during long hours of use. If quality and versatility are what you seek, Tabelito NEO is the answer.

User Reviews

Vipendra – Quality of bag is good zeep quality also good overall bag are spacious . I am fully satisfied with this item value for money must buy.

Buy It If:

✔️ You want a versatile and stylish backpack that’s perfect for college, office, or more.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You’re looking for a backpack with advanced features like a built-in power bank or integrated USB charging port.


Best Value for Money

AirCase C37 Laptop Backpack
1,199 ₹4,599
Premium quality laptop bags that truly stand out for their funky designs.
USB Charging Port
Zip quality might not be great

If you’re tired of using the same old laptop cases for your device, AirCase has got you covered. Easy to carry, these bags are suitable for laptops up to 15.6 inches in size. Also, they are splash-proof, so your favourite device remains safe and secure at all times.

Our Top Pick: AirCase C37 Laptop Backpack

Product Specifications

Dimensions38 x 9 x 52 cm
Weight 1 kg 60 g

Key Features of AirCase C37 Laptop Backpack

  • Versatile and practical backpack with multi-purpose pockets for various items.
  • A removable multi-purpose pocket for shoes, wet clothes, or a tiffin box, making it easy to clean.
  • Convenient zippered side pocket for a water bottle or umbrella.
  • High-quality water-resistant PU Nylon Fabric ensures durability and flexibility.
  • Dedicated laptop compartment with extra padding for laptops up to 15.6 inches.
  • Trolley strap for secure attachment to luggage trolleys during travel.

Amazon Rating – With a 3.7 out of 5 rating from 187 reviews on Amazon, the AirCase C37 Laptop Backpack sparks curiosity.

Pricing – At just ₹1,098, the AirCase C37 Laptop Backpack is a budget-friendly option for your tech and essentials.

Our CashKaro team review

The AirCase C37 Laptop Backpack offers essential features at a budget-friendly price. It’s waterproof, has a built-in USB port, and offers reliable gadget protection. However, it might not be the most comfortable for heavy loads or extended use. Overall, it’s a decent option if you’re on a budget.

User Reviews

Pralekh – It is an amazing Bag. Very high in Quality, Very strong and Durable material used. The looks are also good and most importantly great usability.

Buy It If:

✔️ Keeping your stuff dry and having a handy USB charging option matter to you.

✔️ You absolutely need separate pockets for your laptop and tablet.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You’re searching for the absolute lightest backpack a

❌ Your budget is super tight, as there might be even more affordable options out there.

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Types of Laptop Bags

Laptop bags are an essential Laptop accessory for anyone who travels with a laptop. They come in various styles and designs, making it easy to choose one that suits your needs. Here are some of the different types of laptop bags.

Laptop Backpacks

Backpacks are a popular choice for laptop bags. They are versatile and provide ample space for your laptop, accessories, and other personal belongings. Laptop backpacks usually come with padded compartments that keep your laptop safe and secure. Some backpacks have additional features such as waterproofing, anti-theft measures, and ergonomic design to ensure maximum comfort while carrying your laptop.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are a classic style of laptop bags that are perfect for professionals. They usually have a detachable shoulder strap and a top handle, making them easy to carry. Laptop shoulder bags typically have multiple compartments to store your laptop, documents, and other essentials.


Briefcases are a traditional style of laptop bag that has been around for decades. They are typically made of high-quality materials and come with a top handle. Laptop briefcases are a popular choice for business professionals who want to make a statement.

Sleeve Cases

Sleeve cases are a minimalist option for laptop protection. They are usually made of soft materials and provide a snug fit for your laptop. Laptop sleeves are a popular choice for those who want to keep their laptop safe from scratches and minor damage while carrying it in another bag.

Final Words

This wraps up our list of best laptop bag brands in India. Since a laptop bag is required to keep your device protected, you must get yourself a good quality, durable, lightweight, yet spacious bag. Of all the above-mentioned options, the bags from Gear, Half Moon, and Wesley are our top favourites for convenient design, high functionality, and easy availability. However, you can choose any of the above-mentioned brands that you find the best. Let us know which one grabs your interest.


Which brand is better for a laptop bag?

All the above-mentioned brands are well-known in the Indian market for offering high-quality, long-lasting, and comfortable bags. You can choose any of the options as per your preference.

Which material is best for laptop bags?

PU Leather Polyester is considered to be the best material for laptop bags. This material is worth investing in as it looks good and lasts much longer than others.

How do I choose a good laptop bag?

Whether a laptop bag or a backpack is better depends on individual preferences and needs. A backpack may be a better option if you have a lot of other items to carry besides your laptop. Additionally, it is better if you need to carry your laptop for long distances. On the other hand, a laptop bag may be a better choice if you need to look more professional. With its well-padded, designated area for your laptop, it will safeguard your laptop.

What is better: laptop bag or backpack?

A backpack should be simple to carry and move about. If you walk and use public transportation often, you can use a backpack. With its well-padded, designated area for your laptop, it will safeguard it while being light on your shoulders. If your only movement is indoors, invest in a laptop bag.

What laptop bag size should I get?

We recommend that you look for a laptop bag that can accommodate devices up to 15.6 inches in size. Most laptop bags will have a maximum laptop size specified, so make sure to check this before purchasing. You want your laptop to fit snugly in the bag. Additionally, consider if you need space for any other items.

Are laptop bags waterproof or water-resistant?

Generally, laptop bags are not really waterproof or water-resistant. However, there are some brands that offer waterproof bags or have a water-repellant coating. It’s important to check the bag’s specifications while buying it.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro has a team of experienced and competent researchers who work tirelessly to provide you with the best market recommendations available online. They conduct extensive research to learn about the various market options and test them on a variety of criteria to ensure the best addition to the list. For picking the best laptop bag brands in India, we considered factors such as pricing, durability, functionality, design, and material. We really hope that this list will assist you in reaching an educated decision.

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