Best Laptops for Kids
Laptops for Kids (Image Credits - zilvergolf)

Kids between the age of 6 – 10 years are curious about most of the things around them. To boost this curiosity, get them a small educational laptop. These small laptops for kids are interactive, personal, and educative gadgets that teach them basics like alphabets, numbers, and sounds while keeping them engrossed. If you too want to gift your kid an educative and fun toy, place your bet at any of these best laptops for kids and watch them play with it.

Check out our top recommendations in this list of best kids laptops. These kids playing laptops are portable and compact enough to be carried around easily.

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Best Laptops for Kids Right Now

1. LeapFrog 2-in-1 Leaptop Pink

Best Laptops for Kids
Leapfrog 2-in-1 Laptop

This laptop toy by Leapfrog comes in a lovely contrast of baby pink and rose colours. It has two learning modes to teach kids alphabets and numbers while also ensuring entertainment with games, music, and messages. In addition, the laptop has a touch screen feature that allows kids as young as four years old to use it.

This is the best laptop for kids as it can also be used for pretend play activities.

Salient Features

  • It helps kids spell names
  • Improve spelling skills
  • Requires three AA batteries
  • Convertible
  • It can be used as a tablet
  • Portable

2. Prime Deals Laptop Notebook

Prime Deals Laptop Notebook
Prime Deals Laptop Notebook

This educational laptop for kids is a complete package for overall learning. It teaches kids to identify letters, spell words, count, numbers, and more. Apart from this, the device facilitates entertainment for kids. It has numerous in-built logic games, memory games, painting, and music. You also get a two-button mouse with this foldable device to make learning fun.

It has a standard size and is the best laptop for kids aged three years and above.

Salient Features

  • Digital screen
  • Wide keyboard
  • Foldable and portable
  • Bright blue colour

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3. Jesavi Enterprise Kids Laptop

Jesavi Enterprise Kids Laptop
Jesavi Enterprise Kids Laptop

This laptop for kids teaches your little one vocabulary, mathematics, alphabet recognition, and more. With this kids laptop, your child can learn pronunciation, identify objects, phonetics, and enhance several other skills. In addition, the device can quickly attract the kids’ attention, developing their interest in learning sound, graphics, and text.

It also serves as a source of entertainment for young kids, thanks to the built-in games and fun activities. This laptop is best for kids aged one year and above.

Salient Features

  • Cartoon-themed appearance
  • Requires batteries
  • Attractive green colour
  • Up to 20 activities
  • Five modes to play with

4. Esnipe Mart Fun Laptop Computer

Esnipe Mart Fun Laptop Computer
Esnipe Mart Fun Laptop Computer

This toy laptop has four stages that offer educative entertainment to kids. It teaches them alphabets, spellings, pronunciation, picture identification, musical notes, and numbers. It can help build vocabulary, recognition, and auditory skills as well. This laptop is suitable for one-year-old kids and above.

This kids playing laptop has multiple activities to keep the kids engaged.

Salient Features

  • Builds basic skills
  • Enhances visual and verbal skills
  • Foldable
  • LCD screen
  • Educational laptop for 8 year olds and above
  • Requires three AA batteries

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5. Jiada Educational Computer Laptop

Jiada Educational Computer Laptop
Jiada Educational Computer Laptop

This kids laptop by Jiada teaches kids alphabets, pronunciation, and numbers. The pretend play laptop has an inbuilt LED screen for viewing and speakers to play melodies and sounds. The device runs with optimal power and contains interactive activities like learning relative words, number songs, word sound, etc.

Salient Features

  • Auto power-saving system
  • Best laptop for kids above three years
  • Two languages in one
  • Foldable and compact
  • Requires AA batteries to operate

6. Super Toy Educational Computer

Super Toy Educational Computer
Super Toy Educational Computer

This toy tablet cum laptop comes in the shape of an apple. It teaches kids numbers and alphabets, along with words, melodies, spelling, etc. The best laptop for kids, this device has volume control functions and various animal keys that produce sound when pushed. It is suitable for kids aged three years and above.

It has multiple activities that allow your kids to learn the basics of English, mathematics, music, and more.

Salient Features

  • Portable
  • Convenient shape
  • LED display
  • Six playing modes
  • Best kids laptop for fun and education

7. Popsugar Mini Laptop

Popsugar Mini Laptop
Popsugar Mini Laptop

One of the best kids laptops by Popsugar, this device is a fun way to teach kids alphabet, counting and sounds. It has a lovely contrast of blue and white colours, making it an attractive toy for kids above three years. The top of this laptop has a cartoon-themed print which further attracts kids to play with it. In addition to this, it has a soft keypad to keep the kids from hurting themselves.

Salient Features

  • Compact and foldable
  • Five learning and playing modes
  • Volume control
  • 32 English words to learn
  • Quiz mode for kids

Best Laptops for Kids With Price

Best Laptops for KidsPrice*
LeapFrog 2-in-1 Leaptop PinkRs 4,248
Prime Deals 20 Activities & Games Fun Laptop NotebookRs 1,299
Esavi Enterprise Green Kids LaptopRs 1,090
Esnipe Mart Fun Laptop ComputerRs 1,149
Jiada Educational Computer LaptopRs 520
Super Toy Educational ComputerRs 549
Popsugar Mini LaptopRs 339

**Prices are subject to change

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