10 Best Lockers for Home

Lockers are safety devices that are used for storing important items to protect them from theft, misplacement and other natural damaging factors such as fire, flood or earthquakes. You can store your precious jewellery, important documents and items of sentimental value inside a locker in your home. Since the lockers keep your valuables protected, you must check out the best ones available to you and then pick the one suited for your requirements. Below listed are the best lockers for homes that you can have a look at.

Our Top Picks

How Do We Select the Best Lockers for Home?

The best safety lockers for homes range from Rs 1,000 to Rs 30,000, and even to a few lakhs depending on their features. There are some important features that lockers must have, along with being within your budget. 

You should test and evaluate the lockers based on the following factors.

Storage capacity

Depending on the purpose of use, the locker should have sufficient space to store important items. The need to store the items increases as time progresses. Hence, the storage capacity should be enough to accommodate things in the present as well as in the future. 


The lockers are needed for keeping cash or the safe-keeping of important documents, and mobility is an added advantage that will enable you to travel along with the locker or change the location if and when required. In case of any unfortunate events, you should be able to move the locker from its original place. 


The things are stored inside the locker to prevent misplacing or ensure protection from theft or unfortunate events. The locker must act as a protective measure against these incidents and must be fire and waterproof. Some even come with advanced mechanical lock features with keypads and biometrics to prevent any theft

Ease of use

The lockers may be available with a tough locking system, either mechanical or digital. In either case, the product should be user-friendly and should not have a complex system for locking and unlocking. 

The 10 best safety lockers for homes in India mentioned in the list below have some great features and alluring price tags. You can check out the list before you make a purchase.

List of The Top 10 Lockers for Home

AmazonBasics Home Safe

AmazonBasics Home Safe
AmazonBasics Home Safe

AmazonBasics is presented to you by Amazon. Keeping customer safety their top priority, Amazon produces a range of products for diverse purposes. These products include electronics, fitness items, basic luggage bags, storage racks and cabinets, furniture, stationery products, smart door locks and bedsheets. 

Notable Features of AmazonBasics Home Safe:

  • The locker comes with carbon-steel construction.
  • There are 2 live-door bolts. 
  • To assure superior security, it has pry-resistant concealed hinges.
  • It includes pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware for ease of mounting on the wall or floor placement.


  • Electronic keypad
  • Resistance against fire and humidity 
  • High storage capacity of 43.04 lt
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Assembling required

Why We Picked the AmazonBasics Home Safe?

This locker has good storage capacity, a great security level, and comes with an affordable price tag. Safe to say that it is an overall great offer, and that is why we have kept it on our list.

Godrej Forte Pro 40 Litres Digital Electronic Safe Locker

Godrej Digital Electronic Safe
Godrej Digital Electronic Safe

Godrej is a famous brand known majorly for its security tools and equipment. The high-quality products ensure the utmost security of your items of value. Besides security, Godrej also manufactures top-quality furnishing products for your home and office. 

Notable Features of Godrej Forte Pro 40 litres Digital Electronic Safe Locker:

  • The product is available in 30 litres as well as 40 litres.
  • It includes pre-drilled mounting holes.
  • The locker has a built-in alarm for security against theft.
  • The locker has a built-in 4-6 digit keypad lock.


  • USB charging option
  • Hidden password entry
  • Auto-freeze after 4 consecutive errors
  • Alarm for security


  • A little expensive

Why We Picked Godrej Forte Pro 40 litres Digital Electronic Safe Locker?

Along with providing many interesting features and a backup key, the Godrej locker for home also has a master password in case anyone forgets the primary password. The added perk makes this locker a must-mention on our list.

Yale Standard X-Large Electronic Safe Locker

Yale Electronic Locker
Yale Electronic Locker

Yale Standard X-Large Electronic Safe Locker comes from a brand that specialises in protecting the overall sphere of your home. With the experience of serving in India for 180 years, Yale provides exceptional lockers integrated with the latest technology to offer you maximum protection.

Notable Features of Yale Standard X-Large Electronic Safe Locker:

  • The product is available in 4 different storage capacities.
  • The product has an alloy steel body. 
  • There are holes drilled for placement on the wall as well as on the floor.


  • Alarm activation on the wrong password
  • Digital lock
  • Huge storage space
  • 1-year warranty
  • Price within reason

Why We Picked Yale Standard X-Large Electronic Safe Locker?

This locker certainly ticks off the boxes for major safety measures. What makes it even better is that the non-volatile memory prevents password erasure in case of low battery. 

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RPNB Deluxe Safe and Lock Box

RPNB Deluxe Safe and Lock Box
RPNB Deluxe Safe and Lock Box

RPNB is a safety specialist brand that manufactures different types and sizes of lockers to store and protect items from fire, theft and other factors like damages due to humidity. It offers safety deposit boxes for cash, jewellery and even your firearms to protect them from falling in the wrong hands. 

Notable Features of RPNB Deluxe Safe and Lock Box:

  • The safe is 1.5 cubic feet in size.
  • The product is made of reinforced alloy steel.
  • It has a digital panel for passwords and requires 4 AA batteries for operation.
  • The digital numbers as passwords can be 3-8 digits long.
  • It has pre-drilled mounting holes.


  • User-friendly
  • Flashlight indicator for various situations
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Slightly pricey

Why We Picked RPNB Deluxe Safe and Lock Box?

Based on the features provided, this can be considered among the best lockers for homes in India. That being said, the indicator lights make it stand apart from others. The green light indicates the correct password has been entered, and the red light indicates the opposite. Also, you can understand the battery is low when the indicator turns yellow. 

WASJOYE Cabinet Security Safe Box

WASJOYE Cabinet Security Safe Box
WASJOYE Cabinet Security Safe Box

WASJOYE is another brand that takes care of your most prized possessions and provides a user-friendly solution to improve the safety and security of your home. The brand manufactures lockers and other home improvement products. 

Notable Features of WASJOYE Cabinet Security Safe Box:

  • It comes in two size options – 0.59 and 0.7 cubic feet.
  • The product is made with a cold steel rolling plate.
  • It has a built-in moisture-proof circuit board.
  • The product requires 4 AA batteries for digital operation.


  • Rust proof
  • Environment-friendly spray coating
  • Easy to set up
  • Fireproof
  • Waterproof


  • A bit expensive

Why We Picked WASJOYE Cabinet Security Safe Box?

When the batteries are down, the device can be powered by an emergency built-in power supplier. This feature adds to the list of benefits the locker has and lands it on our list of the best lockers for a home in India. 

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe

SentrySafe Locker
SentrySafe Locker

SentrySafe is an international brand that aims to provide peace of mind to people. This brand has an international customer base and makes solid-grade lockers, safes and cash boxes to provide a safe space for your valuables.

Notable Features of SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe:

  • There are two variations of the product, one with a digital keypad and the other with a dial combination lock feature.
  • The product weighs 90 pounds.
  • The storage capacity is 1.23 cubic feet.
  • It keeps the interior of the box at a moderate temperature.


  • Fireproof
  • Waterproof
  • Fall proof
  • Adjustable shelf for improved space utilisation


  • Expensive

Valencia- Crux Electronic Digital Security Safe for Home & Office

Valencia Electronic Digital Security Safe
Valencia Electronic Digital Security Safe

Valencia is a safety locker and home security brand that manufactures tried and tested safety tools to help you live in peace. The door locks and the safety lockers are the two main products of the brand. Each comes in different sizes and features to meet standard security purposes.

Notable features of Valencia- Crux Electronic Digital Security Safe for Home & Office:

  • The product’s storage capacity is 16 l. 
  • The small-sized locker can easily fit into your wardrobe or storage racks.
  • The locker has 6mm steel bolts for stronger security.


  • Fireproof
  • Mechanical key, along with a digital keypad lock
  • Incorrect entry alarm feature
  • Affordable 

Gobbler Digital Electronic Safe Locker/Box for Home and Office

Gobbler Digital Electronic Safe
Gobbler Digital Electronic Safe

Gobbler designs products for the safe keeping of your valuable goods. The company provides different kinds of products, mainly in the line of protective tools. Lockers, camouflage safety boxes, cash counting machines, and laminating machines are the major items manufactured by the brand. 

Notable features of Gobbler Digital Electronic Safe Locker/Box for Home and Office:

  • The storage locker is ideal for small valuable items like cash and jewellery.
  • It is made of a cold-rolled steel sheet.
  • The body of the locker is 2mm and the door is 4mm thick.
  • It has pre-drilled holes for mounting on walls or cabinets.
  • It requires 4 AA batteries of a digital lock.


  • Easy to install
  • Master passcode to override the lock code in an emergency
  • Affordable 


  • Low storage capacity

Armour Mechanical Safe

Armour Mechanical Safe
Armour Mechanical Safe

Armour provides durable locker boxes for homes and offices. Some of these products are mechanical and others electronic. The stainless steel lockers for home foil any attempt of theft and protect your items from any damage-causing situations.

Notable Features of Armour Mechanical Safe Ward:

  • The keys to the lockers are computerised.
  • The German craftsmanship keys of the lockers are impossible to duplicate.
  • The locker has a sleek design and powder-coated finish.
  • It has a storage capacity of 29 litres.


  • Pry resistant
  • Inside shelf can be removed
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Size customisation facility available


  • No electronic features included

Ozone Safety Solutions BAS-i10 Digital Safe

Ozone Digital Safe
Ozone Digital Safe

Ozone Safety Solutions BAS-i10 Digital Safe comes from a brand that utilises futuristic technologies to safeguard your home. It is one of the few brands in India to offer the best digital lockers with a fingerprint locking feature to prevent unnecessary steps and allow fast access to locked items. Door locks and safety lockers are the main products of the brand.

Notable Features of Ozone Safety Solutions BAS-i10 Digital Safe:

  • The locker weighs 6 kg and can easily be carried to a different location if needed.
  • Backup keys are provided in case the password is forgotten.
  • Auto-freeze feature prevents the locker from opening after 3 consecutive failed attempts.
  • The small size of the locker makes it easy to fit inside cupboards and almirahs.


  • 2 years warranty
  • Emergency keys along with user and master codes
  • Affordable 
  • Portable
  • Resistance against fire and water
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Limited space for storage

Final Word

The AmazonBasics Home Safe is your best option, given the features it provides at the respective price. Brands like Godrej are popular for maintaining high quality in all products, and the Godrej Forte Pro 40 Litres Digital Electronic Safe Locker is no exception. That being said, the remaining products are also great picks. Talking about affordability, you can notice a wide range of prices on this list and hence, finding the one suitable for your wallet won’t be an issue. Feel free to have another look at these top lockers for homes and place the order for your favourite one.


Are home lockers safe?

Yes, home lockers are safe and come with numerous features to safeguard all your precious and important items.

Which locker is best for home?

AmazonBasics and Godrej bring some of the best lockers for home. You can also check out other options on our list.

How do you pick a locker?

To pick a locker, you should look out for its features, if it can be operated manually or can be accessed electronically, its safety features, storage capacity, mobility, price, durability, and ease of use.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

The reviews from CashKaro are evidence-based and are always curated by experts with specialised knowledge of the respective subject. The experts analyse all available options and keep on the best ones on the final list. While searching for the best lockers for homes, the experts evaluated all available lockers based on their safety level, storage, mobility and ease of use. The ones scoring the highest points in all these parameters were finally picked for the list.

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Megha Agarwal

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