Who doesn’t like to start the day with a glass of freshly squeezed juice? And what is better than preparing it in minutes! Bring home the best Mixer Grinders, highly suitable for your kitchen needs, and give a healthy and delicious start to your day!
Here is a detailed list of the best Mixer Grinders which one can purchase to allow a hassle-free execution of the dreary kitchen chores.

1. Singer Polo 500W Mixer Grinder

Powered with a 500-Watt motor, the Singer Polo Mixer Grinder, is a durable kitchen appliance, possessing a shock-proof ABS body. It comes with two different stainless-steel jars that help in performing versatile operations in the kitchen. Additionally, the Mixer Grinder features an overload protector to safeguard the motor in case of a power surge.

2. Sunmeet MG16-435 2 Jars 600W Mixer Grinder

Do you want a Mixer Grinder that has great features and is of a reasonable price? If yes, then go for the Sunmeet 600W Mixer Grinder which is the best solution to all your blending and grinding needs. Not only does this appliance have an overload protection mechanism, but also a 3-speed setting feature, which allows you to adjust the speed as per your convenience.

3. Kingstar Nano K-009 450W Mixer Grinder

If it’s time for you to buy a new kitchen appliance, the Kingstar Nano K-009 Mixer Grinder may be a perfect choice to provide an interesting accompaniment to your kitchen. The appliance is equipped with thick jars for a longer life and heavy-duty grinding. It has a compact model and includes a multi-functional blade system, designed to give you the most consistent chutneys and purees.

4. Baltra BMG-115 Micro 2 Jar 400W Mixer Grinder

A sturdy kitchen equipment, the Baltra BMG-115 Micro Mixer Grinder, is made of stainless steel which prevents rusting. The 3-speed setting control function of the product gives the chutneys and batters the required consistency, and the overload protector mechanism prevents unnecessary mishaps from occurring.

5. Glen GL 4021 550W Mixer Grinder

Carrying a one-year warranty, the Glen GL 4021 Mixer Grinder, is a popular recommendation of the consumers of the appliance. The product features a 550W heavy duty motor, and a 3-speed setting option. Additionally, the Lift and Grind blade system is an add-on to the equipment, and gives it a utility boost.

6. Eurolex MG1652 500W Mixer Grinder 

The Eurolex  Mixer Grinder is manufactured by the Lagom Retail Store, and is considered to be the most versatile partner in the kitchen. It has a sleek main body, saving a lot of valuable space on the kitchen counter. In addition to this, the product allows the adjustment of the rotation speed of the blades included in the equipment, using the regulator up to three levels.

7. Boss Flora 550W Mixer Grinder

The Boss Flora Mixer Grinder is an ideal way to do all the mixing and grinding with the help of a single appliance. The equipment has been thoughtfully  designed to serve multiple purposes, and provides ready protection against electrical spikes. Moreover, it consists of a water drainage system, includes two stainless steel jars, and possesses easy grip handles for convenient usage.

8. Anjalimix Mojo 600W Mixer Grinder

The stylish Anjalimix Mojo Mixer Grinder is certain to be a great addition to your kitchen. It is accompanied by two differently sized jars to fulfil multiple functions, covering the entire gamut of routine operations, be it liquidizing, grinding, or blending, The easy-grip jar handles of the appliance do not leave any space for the jars, thus preventing shock-back for the hand holding them.

9. Sunmeet MG16-407 2 Jars 600W Mixer Grinder

Consisting of 2 jars, the Sunmeet 600W Mixer Grinder is an ideal choice for domestic use. The appliance is easily available on various online stores such as Amazon and Flipkart, and comes with a 1-year domestic warranty. Moreover, the product is highly suitable for dry grinding, blending, grating, mincing, chutney grinding, as well as wet grinding.

10. Sunmeet MG16-649 600W 2 Jar Mixer Grinder

This Sunmeet Mixer Grinder is especially designed to make the kitchen tasks quick and easy. You can be assured that this appliance is the best to purchase with  your hard-earned money. The equipment is cylindrical in shape, and comes with a shock-proof ABS body. If you are looking for a versatile kitchen appliance, then this product is a must-have for your kitchen, as it undoubtedly offers momentary operation and better performance.

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