10 Best Paneer Brands in India for Fresh & Healthy Meals

Milk and milk products play an important role in a healthy, balanced, and protein-rich diet. And paneer is one of the milk products that are extremely beneficial and a popular choice of people in India. Also known as “Cottage Cheese”, it is considered comfort food and very versatile.

It has a high protein content that helps in weight loss, suppresses the appetite, aids in the burning of abdominal fat, and boosts the levels of certain muscle mass hormones. Paneer also includes other vital nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, iron, and fat, which are regarded as healthier alternatives for achieving a fit and fine physique.

Being so popular, there are various brands out there in the market that offer great options for good quality paneer. To save you time making a selection, here we have come up with a list of the 10 best paneer brands in India that are a great pick.

Our Top Picks

How Do We Choose the Best Paneer Brands for You?

Paneer is a mild-flavoured fresh curd cheese that is frequently used in a wide variety of delectable Indian vegetarian cuisines and has admirers ranging from children to adults. It is a rich source of healthy nutrients and has low carbohydrate content, making it the main ingredient in weight reduction diets.

In India, you can buy a good-quality, fresh packet of paneer on a budget of Rs 70 to Rs 500. However, there are certain factors that should be kept in mind while choosing the best pack of paneer. These factors are:


Taste is an important factor in judging paneer and proving its quality. While some paneer has a pleasant milky taste, others have a sour or slightly acidic taste. You can pick according to your tastebuds and the recipe that you are going to prepare.


The texture of the paneer is the first thing anyone notices after taking the first bite. Generally, paneer should be spongy in texture while being soft, firm, and moist. However, hard paneer is also used in certain recipes. Make sure you pick accordingly.

Nutritional Values

It is another important factor to take into consideration. While paneer, in general, is rich in proteins and calcium, its nutritional values might differ slightly with the brand. All the brands mentioned below offer high nutritional value paneer, making them a perfect choice.

List of the 10 Best Paneer Brands in India



Parag Milk Foods owns the dairy product brand Gowardhan. Devendra Shah founded the company in 1992, which manufactures, markets, and sells dairy products. It is India’s second-largest cheese factory, according to Forbes India. Parag Milk Foods carries names such as Go, Topp Up, and Pride of Cows, among others.

Prominent Features of Gowardhan: 

  • It is colourless and unsalted paneer, which is a great high-protein meal
  • This paneer has a simple, fresh, and versatile flavour made with 100% pure milk
  • Come packed both as blocks and cubes in four pack sizes: 100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg


  • Soft texture
  • Great packaging
  • Creamy taste
  • 60+ days of shelf life


  • The smell might be a little sour for some

Why We Picked Gowardhan?

Gowardhan Paneer is soft and nutritious paneer which is high in protein and calcium while being low in fats. It is fresh paneer that may be used to make a variety of delectable meals. This flexible, white, crumbly cottage cheese is made from cows’ milk and can be used as a mouth-watering addition to any recipe.

Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy
Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is a brand of Indian milk and dairy products that was founded in 1974. It is a division of the National Dairy Development Board that manufactures, distributes, and sells milk products such as paneer, butter, frozen yoghurt, and other dairy products. All its products are manufactured under strict quality and safety guidelines, making them a great choice to have.

Prominent Features of Mother Dairy: 

  • It has a sweet milky smell along with a fresh and natural taste
  • This paneer is rich in protein and fat contents and has a high nutritional value
  • Being soft, smooth, and creamy texture that enhances the taste of every recipe


  • Retains moisture
  • Smells good
  • Fresh and creamy
  • Multiple packaging


  • Little expensive

Why We Picked Mother Dairy?

Mother Dairy paneer is prepared from 100% cow’s milk and is high in calcium and protein. It is used to make a range of recipes and accomplishes nearly all meals. This fresh and soft paneer is integral to the vegetarian diet and can be grilled, barbequed or cooked as required. Unlike others, it retains moisture and taste after cooking, making it a great choice.


Mother Dairy

Amul is a Gujarat-based milk and dairy product brand. Anand Milk Union Limited, India’s largest dairy cooperative organisation, owns the brand. Tribhuvan Das Patel founded the company in 1946, which has since gone on to become one of the major milk and milk product brands in India.

Prominent Features of Amul: 

  • This paneer retains its freshness and moisture even after being cooked
  • It has a silky, smooth, and uniform texture that makes dishes mouth-watering
  • Comes in three varieties: Fresh Paneer, Malai Paneer and Sterilised Malai Paneer


  • Creamy after-taste
  • Pure and hygenic
  • 20% protein per serving
  • Multiple sizes

Why We Picked Amul?

When compared to loose paneer on the market, Amul paneer has a higher fat content and a lower moisture content. Amul paneer is a little different from regular paneer. It has a finer and more consistent texture, making it one of the most convenient types of paneer available on the market.

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Ananda Dairy is a milk products brand based in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. An Indian businessman Radhe Shyam Dixit founded the company in 1989. Ananda Dairy is India’s leading milk and milk products company. It offers a range of dairy products such as butter, ghee, paneer, and more.

Prominent Features of Ananda:

  • It is hygienic and international quality paneer which is pure and healthy
  • This paneer is high in fat and low in moisture which adds life to all the dishes
  • Available in different variants: High-protein, probiotic, herbs, natural, chatpata, etc


  • Full of protein and calcium
  • Prevents bone diseases
  • Untouched by hand


  • It is a little hard in texture, according to some users

Why We Picked Ananda?

Ananda Paneer is handcrafted and is used to make a variety of Indian dishes such as paneer bhurji, shahi paneer, and Mughlai paneer. It is high in protein, making it ideal for a well-balanced diet. This paneer is made from fresh and pure cow milk and has a mildly sour taste. If you want to build healthy bones and teeth, this paneer is a great pick.



Farmery is an Indian brand owned by Natural Box Retail Private Limited that offers high-quality dairy products and farm-fresh food. The food items offered by Farmery are free of any dangerous substances that are often found in meals nowadays. It undertakes stringent quality testing at FSSAI-accredited labs to verify that food item have no residues of chemicals, pesticides, or preservatives.

Prominent Features of Farmery: 

  • It is soft and tender paneer which is rich in natural minerals and proteins
  • This paneer is free of preservatives, synthetic acid or any other chemicals
  • It is flavoursome paneer, which is guilt-free and natural


  • Rich in calcium and protein
  • Allergen-free paneer
  • Delicious in taste
  • Soft and succulent


  • Expensive

Why We Picked Farmery?

Farmery Cow Milk Paneer offers the same freshness and taste as handmade paneer. The milk used to make paneer comes from cows that are fed a healthy and nutritious diet. The brand makes no compromises when providing the natural goodness of milk, from procuring the highest-quality milk to thoroughly pasteurising it.



Seahath is an Indian food products brand by Ocen Secret. Seahath Canning Company was founded in 1988. Initially, the firm exclusively produced canned sardines, tuna, and mackerels under Seahath’s brand. It controls a sizable portion of the market in Northeastern India and now spreading all across the country.

Prominent Features of Seahath: 

  • Seahath Canned Paneer is made with fresh, premium quality cow milk
  • These paneer cubes are ready to eat, high in protein, and 100% vegetarian
  • It has a shelf life of 15 months and does not require refrigeration to stay good


  • Immunity booster
  • No added preservatives
  • Improves digestive system
  • Multiple size options


  • Availability might be an issue

Whyte Farms

Whyte Farms
Whyte Farms

Whyte Farms is an Indian milk products brand co-founded by Kanika and Sanjeev Yadav. The company distributes pure milk that is cooled, pasteurised, and packed on its 30-acre farm before being delivered. It is one of the most technologically advanced dairies in the country that is a self-sufficient, sustainable, high-tech organic farm.

Prominent Features of Whyte Farms: 

  • The paneer is created from fresh organic milk of cows, which is high in calcium and protein
  • It comes vacuum-packed to keep things clean and fresh, which is good for health
  • This paneer is healthy, fresh, and delicious that contains no preservatives or additives


  • Pure goodness
  • Soft and creamy
  • Strengthens bones
  • Boosts weight loss


  • Little expensive



Nandini is the cooperative milk and dairy products brand of the Karnataka Milk Federation. The brand provides over 86 milk products in over 280 Stock Keeping Units. It is a renowned Indian culinary brand that is highly regarded for its pure and quality dairy products like paneer, liquid milk, cheese, curd, ghee, and more. If you are looking for a paneer company to buy a fresh and creamy product, Nandini is the right choice.

Prominent Features of Nandini

  • The cottage cheese or paneer is made from the byproduct of processed milk that has been squeezed and solidified
  • It is well-recognised for being a wonderful source of calcium, protein, and other elements that aid in bone health
  • This paneer is available in different packs of sizes: 200g, 500g, and 1kg and can be stored for 30 days


  • Widely available
  • High nutritional value
  • Fresh and soft
  • Neatly packed


  • The smell is a bit strong



Kwality Milk Foods owns Sona Paneer. It is a New Delhi-based dairy products company that was founded in 1992. The firm manufactures paneer, milk ghee, cheese, dahi, and other dairy products. Kwality is a publicly listed firm on the Bombay Stock Exchange and is one of the fastest-growing private dairy firms. With its innovative and high-quality dairy products, it has managed to take a spot on the list of the best paneer manufacturers.

Prominent Features of Sona

  • Kwality’s offers Sona Paneer, which is made from fresh milk and has no toxic preservatives
  • This paneer has a long shelf life and may be used for up to 21 days after being packaged
  • It is passed through stringent quality checks to guarantee a high-quality product


  • Low fat paneer
  • Soft and delicious
  • No harmful preservatives
  • Multiple size packaging


  • Difficulty in availability



Patanjali Ayurved Limited is an Indian consumer packaged products brand that was founded by Swami Ramdev and Balkrishna Acharya. It is one of India’s top Ayurvedic product companies, providing a wide range of food, Ayurvedic treatments, and cosmetic products. All its products are carefully made with natural ingredients and do not contain chemicals that might harm health.

Prominent Features of Patanjali

  • Patanjali Paneer is manufactured from 100% cow’s milk and is high in calcium and protein
  • It’s prepared by curdling milk with citrus fruit, such as vinegar or lemon and has a low-fat level
  • This paneer is mildly sweet in taste and retains its shape and moisture throughout, even after cooking


  • Absorbs flavours well
  • Soft and silky texture
  • Does not feel chewy
  • No added preservatives


  • It felt thick and dense to some users

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Final Word

The immense health benefits and growing popularity of paneer are expanding its customer base massively. Several players are entering the market, making it difficult to choose one. However, those mentioned above are some of the leading brands in the Indian market that have earned the trust of consumers with their quality paneer. From all these brands, we believe that Mother Dairy and Ananda Paneer are deserving winners for their excellent taste, texture, and smell of paneer. Also, they are easily available.


Is Amul paneer pure?

Yes, Amul Fresh Paneer is pure; it is manufactured from pure milk and is hygienically packaged without touch

Which paneer is best?

The paneer made from fresh cow or buffalo milk is best. While Cow milk paneer is softer because of the reduced calcium concentration, buffalo milk paneer is more creamy in texture.

Which is the best-seller brand of paneer?

Amul, Ananda, and Govardhan are the best-seller brands of paneer in India.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

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