If you are a professional artist, or just an aspiring amateur, you understand the need for several sets and varieties of colours. Of all the different types of painting colours you have, poster colours are one that you can’t do without. If you’re as much a fan of poster colours as we are, here is our take on some of the best poster colours to get for your artistic self this year.

Almost similar to acrylic colours, poster colours have a quicker drying action. They come in deep, vivid colours that allow you to try various mixing and shading techniques to improve your skills. For children, the best poster colours are the ones that adhere to international safety standards and are created using non-toxic materials. They are completely harmless and can be handed to kids without worrying.

Different poster colour brands offer number of colours, different combinations of shades, and distinct packaging to suit individual needs and preferences. Since it can become quite confusing to pick one for your artistic needs, here is our handpicked list of the best poster colours you can try out this year.

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Best Poster Colours for You to Stand Out in the Crowd

1. Camlin Kokuyo Poster Colours

Best Poster Colours
Camlin Kokuyo Poster Colours

If you like to experiment with unconventional colouring techniques, choose Camlin Kokuyo poster colours for their bright, bold, and opaque strokes. The colours are super easy to mix and perfect to create new shades.

It is fun to work with them, for the colours flow effortlessly, and dry instantly. From blue and green to peach and gold, this set has every colour you need.

The colours conform to safety standard EN 71 – 3, which means they are completely non-toxic in nature. Available in an assorted set of 18 unique colours, this pack also features a mixing palette and paint brush. One of the best poster colours for students, this one will give you a comprehensive painting experience.

2. DOMS Poster Colours

DOMS Poster Colours
DOMS Poster Colours

This pack of poster colours from DOMS includes 14 assorted shades in 10ml bottles. The tin box is safe to carry to anywhere and keeps the bottles from breaking or getting dirty. Ideal for beginners and students, you can enjoy creating new shades with these rich tones that mix and blend well.

Each of these colours is opaque, bright, and vibrant, and dry quickly to give a smooth matte finish on paper. This poster colour set comes with a dual brush, and a convenient agitator which is useful for stirring and activating the colours before use.

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3. Faber-Castell Creative Studio Watercolours

Faber-Castell Water Colours
Faber-Castell Creative Studio Watercolours

 Add a splash of colours to your sketches and portraits with this Faber-Castell Watercolour Set. A combination of 12 vibrant colours, each of them offers intensive and brilliant transparency. Unlike regular poster colours, they can be dissolved again once applied, allowing room for mistake and correction.

Made from premium quality pigments, these colours offer an unmatched mixability of bright and dark shades, and are a favourite among many young painting enthusiasts.

4. Camel Camlin Student Collection Poster Colours

Camel Camlin Poster Colours
Camel Camlin Student Collection Poster Colours

A Student collection from Camel, these poster colours are suitable for easy mixing to create subtle shades as well as bold hues. The pack contains a superior range of 12 premium shades such as Burnt Sienna, Prussian Blue, Cobalt Blue, Lemon Yellow, and Ochre Yellow. Created to flow easily, each of these colours is richly pigmented to give off the brightest strokes.

The colours come in a sturdy tin box that houses your colours safely, and prevents them from breaking or getting mixed up with others. Prepared in compliance with European safety standard for toys, these posters colours are non-toxic and safe for kids as well.

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5. Navneet Youva Poster Colours

Navneet Poster Colours
Navneet Youva Poster Colours

The best poster colours for your children, these colours by Navneet Youva are vegetarian and completely child safe. The pack contains 12 poster colours available in airtight glass bottles that prevent drying or oxidation of your favourite shades. These colours have a quick drying time which is perfect for those who fear the colours smudging on to the sheet.

Each of the colours available in the box is non-toxic, flows effortlessly, and gives a bright and appealing appearance upon drying.

6. Faber-Castell Poster Colours

Faber-Castell Poster Colours
Faber-Castell Poster Colours

Faber-Castell poster colours offer some of the richest and most vibrant shades. They are perfect for colour mixing and once dry, give a neat matte finish. Being water-based, non-toxic paints they can be washed off most surfaces, including skin, hard surface, and fabrics. So, no matter how much mess kids make, it can be easily cleaned.

These extraordinary colours are rich in pigments that won’t dry chip, peel or flake, offering a professional finish. One of the best poster colours for long term use, they are made using a special formula that prevents them from drying up in the bottles and minimises colour wastage.

7. Kurtzy Watercolour Paint Set

Kurtzy Water Colours
Kurtzy Watercolour Paint Set

If you’re an emerging artist, this Kurtzy watercolour set might be the one for you. Curated keeping in mind the needs of young painters, this set consists of 12 paint tubes, each 12mL, professional-grade brush set of 4 brushes, and a mixing palette. Free from heavy metals and contaminants, these tube colours are suitable for use by kids as well.

Richly pigmented, these colours are formulated to be light-fast, dense, and extremely durable with excellent adhesion. Use them on a chart paper for your next art project, or create your first masterpiece on a blank canvas, and let your colours speak for you.

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