Top 5 Tool Kits for your Home

Get these affordable and quality tool kits for your home and perform regular tasks with complete ease.

Maintaining a house is not an easy task. From walls to doors, cupboards to kitchen cabinets, taps to tiles, everything requires a little attention every now and then. While you can call a handyman every once a while, most of these activities need only basic hand tools, and almost no expertise.A hand tool kit allows you to perform simple DIY work around the house, and is ideal for use by professionals as well. With the wide variety of tools required from time to time, it is always better to get a kit so you can find all your tools in one place. Since we are so well versed with the tool kit science, here is a list of our top recommendations, just for you.

Top 5 Tool Kits for your Home

1. Premium 2 in 1 Drill and Screwdriver Set – 500W

If you’re looking for a tool kit that is ideal for use by beginners as well as professionals, the Bosch GSB 10 RE Professional Toolkit is perfect for you. Suited for woodwork, masonry, as well as metalwork, this ergonomic toolkit features all the accessories you need, in one compact space. The drill-cum-screwdriver set enables you to perform quick repairs as well as elaborate work with great ease. The differently sized masonry, metal, and wood drill bits allow you to operate the drill to achieve maximum precision as per your requirements.

100-Piece Kit

The kit comes with over 100 accessories including drill machine, screwdriver bits, wrench, drill bits, pliers, sockets, and an adjustable knife, so you can work hassle-free.

Editor’s Choice

2. All-in-One Tool Kit with 115 Accessories – 650W

Engineered to attain professional-level quality and cost-effective design, this IBELL 115-piece tool kit provides you the most comprehensive experience. Equipped with drill machine, additional wrenches and drill bits, measuring and levelling tools, cutting tools, as well as helper tools, this tool set will enable you to take on all the repair challenges head on without having to call a handyman.

With textured handles that allow better grip and resistance, certain tools also feature flexible shafts for operation on thin wires. Now drill a hole into the concrete floor of your backyard, or just build a treehouse for your loved ones, with your personal tool kit.

Ergonomic Drill Pistol

The drill machine comes in a unique pistol design that minimizes vibrations and unwanted movement, allowing you to achieve maximum precision safely.

Leading Contender

3. Compact and Stylist DIY Tool Kit

Work like a professional and take care of all your repairing requirements with this Black and Decker Hand Tool Kit. An assortment of 126 easy-to-use tools, this set comes in a compact and stylish hand blow moulded case. While the screwdrivers allow quick fastening and unfastening of screws, the pliers allow safe twisting and cutting of wires.

The heavy claw hammer head comes with a claw for hassle-free nail-removal, while the 10-inch handsaw comes handy in cutting small objects during DIY repairs or constructions. With an LED torch light, an electricity tester, and insulation tape, this set is must-have for every modern home.

Lightweight and Sturdy

All the tools are made from high-quality material which makes them very sturdy and durable. The lightweight nature allows you to carry the kit around with ease.

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4. Ergonomic Socket Tool Kit for Mechanical Work

Forged from chrome-vanadium steel, this 145-piece set includes the most used sockets, wrenches, hex keys, and screwdrivers bits for easy accessibility and hassle-free usage. Designed to attain maximum strength, torque, and flexibility, the 3 pear-head ratchets come with a quick-release switch and reversible mechanism for extended control and precision.

Corrosion Resistant

The polished-chrome finish lends the tools corrosion-resistant performance for better durability.

Most Loved

5. Mini Hand Tool Kit

Whether you want to fix your furniture, or just wish to add a nail to the wall, this mini hand tool kit by Bosch has got you covered. The simplest tool kit with only 12 basic accessories, it houses a screwdriver, a plier, a hammer, a wrench, a measuring tape, and seven screwdriver bits. Now tighten those hinges, remove twisted nails, or take elaborate measurements effortlessly with this quality tool kit.

For Emergency Fixes

This compact tool kit is ideal for travelling, and comes in handy for emergency repairs or temporary fixes.

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