Round glass frames had become all the rage after a point, especially after Harry Potter released. Suddenly everyone wanted to have them and by choosing the right kind of frame, it is possible to make even the classic round frames looks good. There are a number of brands out there who make good round glass frames and there are some which have a classic twist in them. Here are some of the best brands that make round frames, along with their expected prices, and they are sure to make the wearer look good.

The Best Brands for Round Frames

1. Best Peter Jones round frame

One of the things about round glass frames is that they are full frames and no one does them better than Peter Jones. The round frames are perfect for anyone who have a square or elongated face and they are sure to make the face appear softer. The frames are priced around Rs 1899 and Rs 3250 and are also quite stylish.

2. Best Blue Diamond round frame

Frames with round rims are one of the trademarks of Blue Diamond and they are made in both plastic and metal varieties. Round frames especially look good on students and they definitely add a nerdy look to the wearer. The frames do a lot in softening the contours of the face and they are one of a kind. They are priced at around Rs 2899 and Rs 3299.

3. Best Y&S round frame

Y&S round frames are known for their exquisite designs and they have given the classic round frames a twist. The frames are suitable for use by both men and women and they are also made of both plastic and metal variants. The alloy frames look quite classy and can really add to one’s nerdy look. The frames are priced around Rs 827 and Rs 1279.

4. Best Criba round frame

Criba has been making premium frames for the masses for quite some time now and the frames are suitable for wearers of all age groups. The frames are made from high grade alloy which makes them look classy and yet they are very light to wear. The round frames are highly rated by the users and they are one of the highest selling styles. The frames are priced at around Rs 999 and Rs 3910.

5. Best Aventus round frame

Aventus is a premium brand that makes some of the best frames in the industry. The round frames come in all the standard colors like black and brown and they are very light as well, providing comfort, style and utility, all at the same time. The frames are priced around Rs 2799 and Rs 5322.

6. Best Dannilo round frame

The best frames from Dannilo are worn by some of the top names from the industry and the round frames are the best selling frames amongst others. The frames are available in a number of round variations, and there are sunglass frames available as well. The frames are one of a kind and they are also washable. They are priced around Rs 910 and Rs 3273.

7. Best Torque Traders round frame

The brand has all the standard colors and designs in round frames but the classic transparent round frames are of their signature designs. The brand has made some top quality frames and all of them have been very well received. The frames are availed around a price of Rs 829 and Rs 4152.

8. Best Sojos round frame

Sojos frames are highly fashionable and this is one brand that knows how to make even the classic round shape appear stylish and fun. The frames are lightweight and they are made in both plastic and metal and are definitely going to rank high with the fashionistas. The frames are priced at around Rs 1288 and Rs 3280.

9. Best Arizona round frame

Arizona has been known to make premium frames of all shapes and designs but the round frames definitely one of a kind. They are fun and yet very sophisticated at the same time. The frames are priced around Rs 1188 and Rs 4277 and they are high selling product from the brand.

10. Best Idee round frame

Idee has a wide range of round frames for both sunglasses as well as for regular sunglasses and this is what makes them one of the highest selling brands in recent times, the ability to juggle between all the styles. The round frames are inspired from old Hollywood and are fun and dignified at the same time. They are priced around Rs 600 and Rs 3299.

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