Round glass frames had become all the rage, especially after Harry Potter was released. Suddenly everyone wanted to have them. Eyeglasses can help keep your eyes protected from the constant blue light emitted by digital gadgets and screens. These frames also add a style statement to your look while keeping your eyes protected from UV light. There are a number of brands out there that make good round glass frames with stylish materials and designs. We have enlisted the best brands of round frame eyeglasses that will surely elevate your looks while also keeping your eyes protected. Here you can also check best brands of eyeglasses for round faces & Contact Lens brands in India.

List of 15 Best Brands of Round Frame Eyeglasses

1. Lenskart

best brands of round frames

Lenskart computer eyeglasses feature Bluecut Lens Technology which helps protect your eyes from the blue light emitted by digital gadgets. It also keeps your eyes guarded against UV rays. The lenses are scratch-resistant as well.

The frame of these eyeglasses is crafted from lightweight, sturdy, and bendable materials. It will cost you anywhere around Rs 3,500.

2. Vincent Chase

best round frame eyeglasses
Vincent Chase

Be it a working professional or a video game player, these eyeglasses by Vincent Chase are perfect to keep your eyes protected. These sturdy frames can be used by both men and women and are priced at around Rs 3,500.

3. John Jacobs

best John Jacobs eyeglasses
John Jacobs
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John Jacobs computer eyeglasses have robust yet lightweight frames that are great to keep your eyes protected. They feature anti-glare and scratch-resistant glasses with blue lens technology. You can get these eyeglasses at around Rs 5,000.

4. Titan

best Titan eyeglasses

Make a style statement with these unisex spectacle frames by Titan. These round frames are stylish and come with a warranty on manufacturing defects. You can get them anywhere between Rs 599 to Rs 4,225.

5. Royal Son

best Royal Son eyeglasses
Royal Son

These comfortable and lightweight eyeglasses by Royal Son are perfect for everyday wear. They come in fashionable styles and colours and will cost you nearly Rs 1,499.

6. Ohio

best brands of round frame eyeglasses

Super lightweight and flexible, these eyeglasses by Ohio are one of the best round eyeglasses. Available in different colours, these round eyeglasses will cost you nearly Rs 1,800.

7. Peter Jones

best brands of round frames
Peter Jones

When it comes to stylish round glass frames, no one does them better than Peter Jones. The round frames are perfect for anyone with a square or elongated face. The frames are priced around Rs 1,350 and Rs 3,250 and are also quite stylish.

8. Blue Diamond

Round Eyeglasses
Blue Diamond

Frames with round frames are one of the trademarks of Blue Diamond and they are made in both plastic and metal varieties. Round frames especially look good on students and they definitely add a nerdy look to the wearer. The frames do a lot in softening the contours of the face and they are one of a kind. They are priced at around Rs 2,899 and Rs 3,299.

9. Intellilens

Round eyeglasses

Intellilens round frames are known for their exquisite designs and they have given the classic round frames a twist. The frames are suitable for use by both men and women and they are made of both plastic and metal. The alloy frames look quite classy and can really add to one’s nerdy look.

Best of all, the lenses in these frames are made with antiglare, UV protection technology to provide a better screen viewing. The frames are priced around Rs. 2,999.

10. Criba

Criba eyeglasses

Criba has been making premium frames for the masses for quite some time now and the frames are suitable for wearers of all age groups. The frames are made from high-grade alloy which makes them look classy and yet they are very light to wear. The round frames are highly rated by the users and they are one of the highest-selling styles. The frames are priced at Rs 1,000 onwards.

11. Vast

best brands of round eyeglasses

Vast is a premium brand that makes some of the best frames in the industry. The round frames come in all the standard colours like black and brown and they are very light as well, providing comfort, style and utility, all at the same time.

These unisex frames are Rx-compatible frames so that you can also get them with prescription power lenses. The frames are priced at around Rs 2,599.

12. Dannilo

best round eyeglasses

Dannilo round frames are the best selling frames amongst many others. The frames are available in a number of round variations, and there are sunglass frames available as well.

The frames are one of a kind and built to last long. You can also use them as reading glasses when inserted with prescription lenses. They are priced nearly at Rs 999.

13. Vulture

best round frames

The brand has all the standard colours and designs in round frames but the classic transparent round frames are their signature designs. The brand has made some top quality frames and all of them have been very well received. These frames are perfect for both casual and formal purposes, and for all age groups.

The frames can be availed for Rs 799 and above.

14. Sojos

Round Eyeglasses

Sojos frames are highly fashionable and this is one brand that knows how to make even the classic round shape appear stylish and fun. The frames are lightweight, made in both plastic and metal, and are definitely going to rank high with the fashionistas. The frames are priced at around Rs 1,199 and Rs 3,280.

15. Oculy

best brands of round frame eyeglasses

Oculy has a wide range of round frames for both sunglasses as well as for regular eyeglasses. The round frames are lightweight and are made to reduce eye strain – thanks to their bluecut lenses. They are priced at around Rs 1,599.


1. Which face shape is best for round glasses?

Round glasses are best suitable for those with square-shaped faces. They not only look stylish but also add a cool, relaxed edge to your overall look.

2. Who makes the best round glasses?

If you are looking for the best round glasses, there are a handful of brands in the eyewear category that bring you the best quality frames. You can choose from John Jacobs, Vincent Chase, Lenskart, and Titan. With ample options in style, variety and comfort, these brands are some of the best in the industry.

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