Steppers are widely used to perform low-impact cardiovascular exercises. Research shows that stepping offers numerous health benefits if done regularly. Some benefits include improved cardiovascular health, better respiration, muscle toning, and burning of calories. If you have just started with your weight loss journey, a stepper can be a great way to increase your endurance slowly. Many fitness enthusiasts rely on steppers to perform aerobic exercises at different intensities to burn calories. Here are some of the best stepper brands in India that you should definitely check out. Here you can also check best exercise mat for gym & list Of best tennis racquet in India.

List Of 15 Best Stepper Brands In India

1. Reebok Stepper 

Reebok Stepper
Reebok Stepper

Reebok is a trusted fitness and sports brand in India. The Reebok Stepper is designed to make exercising convenient for people. You can easily customise its height to change the intensity and burn more calories effectively. Whether you’re a beginner or a full-fledged sportsperson, this stepper can be the perfect choice for you.

2. Strauss Stepper

Strauss Stepper
Strauss Stepper

Strauss is a well-established fitness brand that aims to make top-quality products for fitness lovers. The Strauss aerobic stepper is made with heavy-duty propylene which can easily take up to 220 kgs of weight. Its skid-proof surface lets you perform various exercises without the risk of slipping or falling.

3. Cockatoo Stepper

Cockatoo Stepper
Cockatoo Stepper

Cockatoo produces some of the finest quality gym and exercise equipment in India. If you are looking for an affordable yet pro-quality stepper, Cockatoo Aerobic stepper can be a great choice. Designed with top-notch materials, this stepper is ideal for both low and high-impact cardio exercises.

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4. Kobo Stepper

Kobo Stepper
Kobo Stepper

Kobo has been a producer of top-quality exercise equipment in India. The Kobo stepper is made with non-skid and highly durable material, which offers you the right balance while exercising. It comes with different height blocks that are adjustable as per your comfort. If you wish to burn calories and tone your lower body, go for this stepper today!

5. Aurion Stepper

Aurion Stepper
Aurion Stepper

Aurion has emerged as one of the best exercise equipment companies in India in the last few years. The Aurion adjustable stepper is a great choice for people who like to perform vigorous exercises daily. It is made with sturdy material and is very convenient to use both indoors or outdoors. You can customise its height with the help of adjusters that come with it.

6. Cosco Stepper

Cosco Stepper
Cosco Stepper

Cosco is one of the leading manufacturers of sports, health, and fitness equipment worldwide. The Cosco Aerobic Stepper is made with high-quality and skid-proof material, perfect for fitness lovers. It also features convenient height adjustment as per your needs.

7. Kamachi Stepper

Kamachi Stepper
Kamachi Stepper

If you are into fitness, Kamachi is a name you’ve surely heard somewhere. Most premium gyms use Kamachi equipment as they are highly reliable and durable.

The Kamachi Step Board is made with heavy-duty material, which offers complete shock absorption. Its non-skid surface allows you to perform complex exercises without any hesitation. If you wish to improve your heart health and lead a healthier life, check out Kamachi products today!

8. Electrobot Stepper

Electrobot Stepper
Electrobot Stepper

Electrobot step machines are perfect for testing your endurance and performance. The Aerobic Stepper is ideal for indoor and outdoor workouts. It has a non-slip and wide surface for an effective workout. This stepper also has an adjustable height that can be modified as per your comfort. It has a lightweight build, making it easily portable and one that requires minimal storage space.

9. Energie Stepper

Energie Stepper
Energie Stepper

Energie is a fitness equipment manufacturer that has been in the business for a long time. Made with strong and sturdy plastic, the Energie stepper performs well both indoors and outdoors. It works effectively to boost cardiovascular health, burn fat from the thighs, enhance stamina, and strengthen your lower body muscles.

10. Joyfit Stepper

Joyfit Stepper
Joyfit Stepper

Joyfit is one of the most trusted fitness brands in the Indian market today. The Joyfit stepper is made with premium quality ABS material that offers enhanced durability. Whether you wish to do some push-ups or an extensive cardio session, this brand has something for all of your needs. It is versatile, adjustable, and doesn’t occupy much space.

11. FirstFit Stepper

FirstFit Stepper
FirstFit Stepper

FirstFit is a well-known fitness brand that produces top-grade workout accessories. One such fantastic product is the stepper that is made with highly durable material. Whether you wish to perform intense burpees, stepping, or jumping exercises, this stepper can be an ideal option for you. You can even raise the stepper’s height from up to 7.8” to intensify your workout sessions.

12. Lifelong Stepper

Lifelong Stepper
Lifelong Stepper

If you are looking for a brand that produces heavy-duty gym and workout tools, Lifelong can be the right choice. The Lifelong stepper is made with sturdy and durable polypropylene material, which can bear up to 200 kgs of weight. It has a textured surface that provides great grip and keeps you stable while working out. It is very convenient to carry, and you can use it either at home or outdoors.

13. Let’s Play Stepper

Let's Play Stepper
Let’s Play Stepper

Let’s Play is a renowned health and fitness brand, and you’ll find their products at several high-end gyms. Let’s Play Adjustable stepper is one of their best-selling products. The stepper is made with propylene which increases its integrity. No matter how vigorous your workout routine is, this stepper will not skid or lose grip. If you wish to enjoy uninterrupted workout sessions, check out this stepper today.

14. Serveuttam Stepper

Serveuttam Stepper
Serveuttam Stepper

Serveuttam is popular for making premium quality exercise equipment at affordable prices. Their 2-step platform stepper is one of the most useful products for people who are trying to get their bodies back in shape. You can customise the height to increase or decrease your workout intensity. Although this is a lightweight stepper, it gives you the excellent skid resistance and balance you need.

15. Storescent Stepper

Storescent Stepper

Storescent is a well-known fitness brand in India, and many fitness enthusiasts use its products. Their adjustable stepper is made of durable propylene and is considered one of their finest products. It features a non-stick and shock-absorbent surface that lets you perform numerous exercises without losing balance.

Top Stepper Brands In India With Pricing

Best Stepper BrandsPrice*
ReebokStarting at Rs 13,999
StraussStarting at Rs 2,999
CockatooStarting at Rs 2,200
KoboStarting at Rs 1,650
AurionStarting at Rs 2,495
CoscoStarting at Rs 5,250
KamachiStarting at Rs 1,599
ElectrobotStarting at Rs 1,999
EnergieStarting at Rs 1,999
JoyfitStarting at Rs 4,000
FirstFitStarting at Rs 2,499
LifelongStarting at Rs 2,100
Let’s PlayStarting at Rs 1,999
ServeuttamStarting at Rs 2,499
StorescentStarting at Rs 1,999
Prices are subject to change and may vary as per size


1. What are the best gym equipment brands?

If you are new to fitness, it can be a struggle to find the right gym equipment in India. Numerous brands claim to be the best, but you must check if they offer what you need. The most crucial aspect of buying gym equipment is to ensure that they are of great quality. Cheap quality equipment can make it difficult for you to work out and even cause severe injuries. Some of the best gym equipment brands are Strauss, Cosco, Powermax, and Reebok, to name a few.

2. Are home steppers any good?

Steppers are lightweight and compact equipment that you can easily carry anywhere you want. If you wish to exercise at home, steppers can be a great way to burn hundreds of calories within minutes. For people who wish to lose weight and gain cardiovascular strength, using steppers can be a fantastic option!

3. Are steppers better than treadmills?

Both steppers and treadmills are used to perform cardiovascular exercises. While treadmills help you with burning fat, steppers offer other important benefits too. Steppers help you burn fat more quickly as they require more intensity. Usually, people do jumping exercises on steppers which can quickly increase your heart rate and help you burn maximum calories in less time. If your goal is just to balance your current weight, treadmills can be a good choice. However, for people planning to lose the extra kilos, opting for steppers can be ideal.

4. What is the best exercise machine for a full body work out?

If you wish to enjoy the maximum benefits of working out in a short span of time, choosing cardio exercise machines is the way to go! You can find machines such as rowing machines, air bikes, treadmills, and cycles at different gyms. Regularly utilizing these machines can help you reach your fitness goals in much lesser time as compared to other machines.

5. Do steppers help you lose belly fat?

Steppers effectively focus on reducing fat on thighs, glutes, calves, and belly. You will start seeing visible results after 6-8 weeks of working out on steppers. You must stay consistent with your diet and workout, and you will quickly see positive changes in your body.

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