Best Type Of Rice You Can Order From Grofers

Rice is a daily use product that every family has to stock up and has a different taste. Some families prefer Basmati, while so can’t make it with Basmati at all. Over an all, it is always a confusion as to which brand to buy? Which variant would suit me the best? Is this the best deal I can get for this product?

Grofers offers various types of rice that you can buy and get delivered to your doorstep. And a little bit about which ones would be best suited for your needs:

Mogra Basmati:

Mogra rice is an aromatic and non-glutinous kind of rice. Which just means that it has a very rich smell and is non-sticky to feel. When cooked, it appears fluffy and slender. This rice can be used for preparing dishes on special occasions like pulao, biryani, fried rice, etc. You can avail a discount on the total price of this rice by using Grofers discount coupons.

Everyday Basmati:

Everyday Basmati rice is known for its rich texture and flavor. This rice is the best choice for everyday consumption. It is used to cook a multitude of everyday dishes like Jeera rice, steamed rice, Khichdi, etc.

Brown Basmati:

Grown in the foothills of Himalayas, this basmati is small, with long grains and doesn’t stick much. Brown basmati, being less processed than white basmati, retains its whole-grain nutritional value. It can be used to replace everyday white basmati rice for a healthier serving at surprising discounts by using Grofers coupons.

Dubar Basmati:

Dubar Basmati rice is nothing but a broken rice grain, with 75% of the full length. Just like any other basmati rice, it is known for its rich texture and aroma making it fit for daily consumption. It is preferably used to make rice-based desserts.

Boiled Ponni rice:

White Ponni Boiled Rice is light in weight, aromatic and contains less starch, making it easily digestible and healthy. It is used for everyday consumption.

These are some of the most accepted and loved rice types you can find on Grofers. Use Grofers promo codes to not only get them at amazing discounts but also get your favorite kind of rice delivered to your doorstep for free. Checkout CashKaro for more discount coupons, deals, and offers.


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