Our tummies and waist have a tendency to store fat and excess water. But more often than not that excess fat and water is undesirable. What worsens our situation is long hours at work with minimal physical exercise. But worry not. That fat can be trimmed off effortlessly and painlessly with waist trimmers. This page is dedicated to the 10 best waist trimmer brands that are available in the Indian market. All relevant details like product features, specifications and prices are organised in this one place. So, check them out.

List of the 15 Best Waist Trimmer Brands In India


Shaper belt

This waist trimmer belt features an elastic breathable outer material, a stretchable middle neoprene layer and an inner lycra material. Its quick dry, super stretch material is finely stitched and repels moisture. Aside from giving your tummy a perfect support, this waist trimmer belt can also be used as a back support while exercising.

2. FitPick

waist trimmers

This waist trainer belt by FitPick is made using a soft neoprene material and is free from latex. A lightweight option, this trimmer belt produces a great deal of sweat around the stomach, and helps increase core temperature during exercise. It also features a non slip inner layer. This shaper belt is fit for both men and women. This multifunctional belt compresses and heats sore muscles, boosts muscle stability, provides support and promotes good posture during exercise.

3. Fit Mammal

best waist trimmers for a toned look
Fit Mammal

Get maximum sauna effect in your workout sessions with this belt by Fit Mammal. It not only increases your core body temperature but also provides better back support and body posture for everyday use. Additionally, it has a soft yet firm texture that makes it a comfortable option. This unisex belt is stretchable , and its anti-slip and moisture repelling lining grid, makes it one of the popular choices for the best waist trimmers.

4. Rionto

best waist trimmers for a toned look

Amp up your fitness regime with this belly fat burner belt by Rionto. It is made with extra thick, latex free neoprene to boost sweat production. The inner grid lining is anti-slip and repels the moisture to keep your workout session comfortable. Moreover, it is flexible and designed to fit comfortably around your waist.

5. BoldFit

best waist trimmers for a toned look

The waist support belt by BoldFit is designed to offer a wide stomach coverage and makes for superior comfort and fit. This belt keeps your waist wrapped to produce sweat and at the same time supporting your lower back and abdominal muscles. The anti-slip design wards off moisture and prevents the build of odour and bacteria. If you are looking to shed some extra kilos, this shaper belt is a must have.

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6. Saundarya

best waist trimmers

Saundarya waist trimmers are made of lightweight materials. The trimmers provide instant abdominal compression as well as lumbar support for effective reduction of tummy fat. It can be worn during workout sessions and other physical activities. It heats up the abdominal area, makes you sweat and burn tummy fat. Saundarya waist trimmers are available in all sizes from Medium to 4XL. It is very efficient in shaping and toning the waist and abdomen.

7. ADA

best waist trimmers

ADA is a popular waist trimmer brand in India. ADA waist trimmers provide immediate abdominal compression that promotes heat build up and increases the metabolic rate of the body. The trimmers are made of lightweight and flexible neoprene material that provides lumbar support to the lower spine and torso. The Velcro straps give you the freedom to adjust the waist trimmer according to your convenience. The elasticity of the material prevents it from  slipping during workout sessions.

8. Sweet Sweat

best waist trimmers
Sweet Sweat

Sweet Sweat waist trimmers are very popular with the consumers because of their good quality at an affordable price. The waist trimmers are made with lightweight materials like neotex that increase the body temperature and are effective in absorbing the sweat. The waist trimmers are made of flexible, lightweight and elastic fibres. The waist trimmers provide instant compression to the abdominal region and increase the core body temperature to meltdown the fat build up in the body. They increase the metabolic rate and improve your overall health.

9. Generic

sweat slim belt

Generic waist trimmers are great products. The waist trimmers focus the heat build up in the abdominal region of the body and are thereby effective in reducing the fat and water content deposited in the tummy and waist. The trimmers have a Velcro waist strap which can be easily adjusted according to your choice. The fabric of the trimmers is lightweight and non abrasive and suits all skin types.

10. Lepakshi

Lepakshi is a popular waist trimmer brand in India. Lepakshi waist trimmers have polyester exterior covers with neoprene materials as laminate. The waist trimmers also work as body shaper and are available in all sizes. They are snug and comfortable and non-irritant and they suit all skin types. The trimmers effectively reduce the fat build up in the tummy and waist. 

11. Body Maxx

Body Maxx waist trimmers are made using the best scientific designs and technologies. The waist trimmers are effective in burning body fat by compressing the abdomen during workouts. They also have additional benefits like shaping the body, correcting the posture and reducing love handles. The unique fibres and lightweight materials used in the waist trimmers increase core body temperature and help in shedding weight, fat and reduce the body’s tendency to retain excess water.

12. Transform

Transform waist trimmers are one of the trendiest products in the market now. The unisex trimmers can be used during workouts. They provide abdominal compression while providing support to the lower spine and torso. The waist trimmers optimize the metabolic rate of the body to burn fat and sweat the water content of the body. The Velcro straps can be adjusted to fit any body size and shape.

13. Homely

Homely waist trimmers are made of materials like neoprene, polyester and spandex that are both lightweight and durable. The waist trimmers also double up as body shapers.  They increase the core abdominal weight to burn body fat and also provide lumbar support to the torso. Homely waist trimmers are available in all sizes in corset forms.

14. Liberty

Liberty waist trimmers are one of the best things that you can order for your health. The waist trimmers are very effective in reducing fat accumulation in the waist and tummy region. The trimmers are made using superior quality durable materials that are non abrasive on the skin. The waist trimmers flex and expand to suit your body type and provide a better compression and lumbar support. The unisex trimmers are available in all sizes.

15. Migabri

Migabri waist trimmers are perfect if you are looking for toned abs and a sleek waist.  Migabri waist trimmers are made using XT10 that heats up your core while you workout.  This helps in reducing the fat build up in the body and flushing out the excess water and toxin deposits. The trimmers are snug and comfortable and are 100% latex free.

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FAQs Answered about the Best Waist Trimmer Brands

1. What is the best waist trimmer on the market?

Waist trimmers not only help you get that hour glass figure but also help support your back and overall posture. When it comes to the best waist trimmers, the HUSB waist trimmer is an ideal match. Super stretchable and breathable, this waist trimmer helps burn calories without any discomfort – thanks to its snug fit.

2. Do Waist Trimmers really work?

Waist trimmer belts only aid the production of sweat while exercising. Merely wearing a sweat slim belt does not guarantee weight loss. Waist trimmer belts are a great way to boost your work out sessions and support your back and body posture while exercising.

3. How can I lose tummy fat fast?

A mix of healthy eating plans combined with regular abdominal exercises can help reduce tummy fat. Additionally, to seek results at a faster pace, it is recommended to reduce your intake of sugar, carbs, and alcohol.

4. How to get rid of love handles?

A challenging area to deal with in everyone’s fitness journey, losing those love handles isnt an easy task. Aside from regular exercises, adopting some dietary and lifestyle changes can help you get rid of that extra layer. These include:

  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle, keep moving
  • Add weight training to your fitness routine
  • Engage the entire body when working out. Try doing more of burpees, battle ropes, crunches, and pushups, HIIT, other workout forms
  • Eat a healthy clean meal
  • Cut back on sugar, processed foods and eat more of fibre, healthy fats, and protein

Bestselling Waist Trimmer Brands with Price

Best Waist TrimmersPrice*
HUSBRs 399
Fit PickRs 1499
Fit Mammal Rs 1699- 1799
RiontoRs 949
BoldFitRs 792
SaundaryaRs 399
ADA Rs 299-325
Generic Rs 125
Sweet SweatRs 349
LepakshiRs 606-7480
Body MaxxRs 499
TransformRs 2798
HomelyRs 8100-10530
LibertyRs 579-9923
MigabriRs 2943-7820
*Prices are subject to change

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