Get These Unique Gifts for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday And Wow Him

Boyfriends do all the things for their girlfriends so it is only fair that the girlfriends do something for them. Birthday is the perfect opportunity to show them their love and affection and gift them a present which warms their heart and tells them that they will also play the central role in the relationship from time to time.

You can also pick from our list of handmade birthday gifts for your boyfriend or romantic birthday gifts for your boyfriend.

1. Couple Tees


Available At: Ahmedabad Gift Shop

Price: Rs 1100

Buy your boyfriend couple tees on his birthday so that he never forgets that he loves you and always remembers that you love him. Choose from love quotes and pictures that you both love and get more brownie points.

Balance out the mushy with some picks from our list of birthday gifts for men.

2. Amazon Gift CardAmazon Gift Card

Available At: Amazon

Price: Rs 200 onwards

The world shops at Amazon because of the huge range of products available. Get your boyfriend the sneakers he always wanted or a brand new mobile phone. Just get this gift card and give him thousands of choices.

Buy using Amazon gift cards also get great deals at CashKaro.

3. Jagler For Men


Available At: Archies

Price: Rs 800

A signature scent is a must-have for your boyfriend. Gift him this musky masculine scent which is a gift for the both of you.

Buy using Archies coupon and save on your purchase.

4. Customized Chocolate Bar

Customized Chocolate Bar

Available At: Lovely Chocos

Price: Rs 150 onwards

Take measurements of your boyfriend and gift him a giant-sized chocolate or if you are not too keen on big chocolate bars, buy small ones which make him feel loved and valued.

Buy using Lovely Chocos coupons from

5. Football Jersey MuffinsFootball Themed Chocolate

Available At: Flaberry

Price: Rs 300

Gift your boyfriend football jersey muffins and when he watches the match next he will have a grin on his face thanks to you.

Gift using Flaberry coupons to get amazing discounts.

6. Birthday Cake


Available At: Cake Studio

Price: Rs 1,199 Onwards

A heart-shaped cake or a caramel drizzled one, you pick a flavor and give the sweetest gift to your boyfriend. Cut the cake together and make memories that last forever.

Buy now from Cake Studio and get amazing discounts. You can also take it up a notch by getting a personalized cake as mentioned in our list of birthday gifts for him.

7. 100 Reasons of Love Book


Available At Book My Flowers

Price: Rs 299

Essentially a valentine’s day gift, but who says you need a day to express your love. Check out this 100 reasons for love book where you can write every reason why you love your boyfriend and give him the best birthday gift ever.

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