11 Best Handmade Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend To Amaze Him

Is your boyfriend’s birthday around the corner and you are thinking of ways to make it ultra special? Exploring the same cliche gifts that aren’t really going to make it happen. How about adding a super-personal touch of your own with a handmade birthday gift for your boyfriend?

Let’s navigate you through some awesome handmade gift ideas for your boyfriend to make your special one feel just as ‘special’:

Here’s is a list of 11 Best Handmade Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

1. Message In A Bottle To Showcase Your Love

A Message in a Bottle

You have sent him dozens of love letters but this one will be like none other! It’s time to capture the magic of your love in a beautiful vintage bottle. Gift it to him with a smile that says, ‘I am yours and You are Mine!’

Buy a champagne/fancy bottle from Amazon and tie a red ribbon on it.

2. ‘Why I Love You’ Journal To Recall Your Love

Why I Love You Journal

It’s time to revamp those conventional romantic cards. List out the top 10 reasons why you love your boyfriend and make a journal of those. Each page of the journal must list a reason along with a cute photograph. This is surely going to make his day special and whenever he misses you, he can take a quick look at the masterpiece you created for him. It is one of the quintessential handmade birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend.

3. Beer Bottles With Customized Labels To Spice Up Things

Beer Bottles with Customized Labels

Does your boyfriend enjoy drinking beer? Then buy him his favorite six-pack. Make it more personal and show him how much he means to you by pasting customized labels on each bottle. Scribble your heartfelt feelings on coloured pieces of paper. This will be the best handmade gift for your boyfriend that he is surely going to cherish at the party. These beer bottles can be preserved by him to cherish your efforts and feelings.

4. Love Coupons For An Extra Dose of Love

Love Coupon Book

Love Coupons! Sound’s different, right? Well, it is the most unconventional handmade birthday gift for boyfriend. Collect coloured pieces of paper and scribe out the various activities you would do for him. He can choose and redeem those love coupons any time he feels like. To make it even more special you can also mention that these love coupons are valid for a lifetime. This creative birthday gift for your boyfriend is bound to take your relationship to another level.

5. Engraved Wooden Frame For Your Everlasting Love 

Engraved on a Wooden Frame

Just shoot your favourite picture with him straight to the amazing folks at giftsmate, along with a sweet text you would like with the photo and get it engraved on a wooden palate. This engraved wooden piece would surely suffice for a creative birthday gift for your boyfriend. He would hang this on a wall and would be sending those “miss you” messages every now and then.

Get a great discount on Giftsmate and also earn a cashback via CashKaro. Decorate it further with flowers, as mentioned in our list of birthday gifts for male friends.

6. Shoes in Self-Made Box For A Healthy Journey


Have you seen him ogling every now and then at those Nike runners? Then is it time to buy those for him and get him going about his health resolutions. Tweak the shoe-box and fill it up with handmade sketches and love messages inside out.

He has got his favourite runners along with a box that he ’ll use to store those tiny little gifts and cards he’ll be getting from you over the occasions to come.

7. Self-Designed Mug for Refreshing Mornings

Self-Designed Coffee Cup

Coffee mugs, though considered the most cliché gifts, can be made into an attractive gift. So, grab a plain white mug from the mart around the corner of your block along with some coloured markers and get creative. Love messages, monograms, hearts, sketches, there is so much that you can do on the mug. Isn’t this the best handmade gift for boyfriend? Buy it now to make his morning coffee taste a lot like LOVE!

8. Couple Photo Book For Eternal Memories

A Couple Photo Book

Those amazing photos that you took over years (or months), it is time to recall those moments. Round up the best from the lot and look no further for Canvera is waiting right at your doorstep to turn them into a magical photo book. Let him catch a glimpse of all those amazing moments that both of you have spent together each time he misses you.

Buy at Canvera and get some amazing discounts on your purchase.

9. A Handmade Cake for Savouring Sweet Surprises

A Handmade Cake

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. If your man is a foodie, then nothing can be more special for him than a cake made by you. Add more charm to the cake with a message that conveys how special he is to you. No matter how many cakes he would cut on his special day, this one would stand apart from all.

If baking is not your thing then Warmoven can lend a hand to make a personalized cake for you.

Get some amazing discounts on Warm Oven and also a cashback via CashKaro. You can get ideas on personalized cakes from our list of anniversary gifts for your boyfriend.

10. Shopping Coupon-Chocolate Box to Open Sweet Memories


Still thinking about what can I surprise my boyfriend with? Then, it’s time to take out those empty watch boxes from the back of the shelf and turn them into showcasing his favorite chocolates and a fat shopping voucher. Cover the box in a beautiful wrapping paper. Write a sweet birthday message over an envelope, put a shopping coupon in it and pack it along with a couple (or more!) of chocolates into your surprise box.

11. A Handmade Shopping Bag for Spoiling Him

handmade shopping bags

If you are running out of time to shower your boyfriend with handmade gifts, then don’t worry we have you sorted here. Buy an Amazon Gift card and place it inside the handmade shopping bag which can easily be made within 5 minutes. While a gift coupon is often interpreted as “I don’t have time to buy a gift for you”, but this gift would surely convey feelings such as “Go ahead dear, buy what you like for yourself!” Buy some coloured papers and make a personalized shopping bag for him and add a twist by writing a heartfelt birthday message for him.

Let your boyfriend know how special he is, so buy a voucher at Indian Gifts Portal and get some great discounts and offers along with a cashback via CashKaro.

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Nishtha (CK Parenting Expert)
Nishtha (CK Parenting Expert)

An ideator, a wanderer and a compulsive connoisseur of food, Nishtha aims to become a globe trotter someday. Acclaimed as a silent ninja on her work desk, she loves to live wild and free outside of work. A perfect paradigm of the rarely spotted ambiverts, she loves weaving magic by penning down her thoughts.

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