How to Save Money on Mobile Phones in India

The mobile phone has become an essential aspect of modern life. Our day begins and ends with it. Today’s mobile phones have made our lives easier in terms of day-to-day tasks. Whenever you think about buying a new mobile phone, there are some key factors to keep in mind that can save your money and buy you a better value for money mobile. Purchasing a new phone may be costly, especially if you want to buy the most recent model. However, there are a few things you can do to maintain your expenses low and save money on mobile phones.

10 Tips to Save Money on Mobile Phones


Identify your needs

Identify your needs

Nowadays phones are available in every price range with several great features. First of all, understand your requirements and for what purpose you need the phone. Do you need a mobile for photography that has a good camera, low aperture, good lenses, and pro modes? Do you need a mobile for gaming, which has a good processor, graphics, and cooling system? Are you searching for a smartphone with a lasting battery? Are you a casual user who gets the job done with a normal mobile that takes some good pictures and lasts for a long time? Or are you someone who needs a combination of the best camera, microphone, gimbal mechanism, processor, etc? Decide and, only then, finalise.

Make your budget

After identifying your needs, fix a budget for your mobile phone purchase. Many times people end up spending more money than needed due to a lack of budgeting. The budget will help you to sort the mobiles and you will be able to save money on mobile phones by minimising unnecessary expenses.

Find a value for money mobile phone

When you are buying a new phone, the most important thing to consider is whether you are buying a value for money phone? Before buying any phone, research whether it has the features you are looking for at the price you can pay for them.

Compare pricing

After finalising the mobile for purchase, search that model on other sites for discounts or sales. It’s usually a good idea to check several comparison websites to ensure you’re receiving the greatest deal.


Use Cashback apps

Use cashback apps

Cashback apps can save you money when shopping for mobiles. CashKaro has partnered with several mobile shopping giants like Amazon, Reliance Digital, Croma, Tata Cliq, Snapdeal, Vijay Sales, and more to offer you all kinds of discounts on phones and extra cashback on every purchase.

Avail a bonus of Rs 60 by signing up on the Cashkaro app and enjoy exciting discounts and Cashback on every purchase.

Shop on sales

Wait for online sales and get mobile phones at discounted prices. Several times companies reduce the price of their previous model by 30-40% when launching their new model mobile phone. This can prove to be a great deal and you can save money on mobile phones.

Grab bank discounts

Often banks and credit card companies provide promotional discounts on online shopping websites. You can get the best deal on mobiles by shopping using credit/debit cards issued by these companies.

Search for coupons

Discover coupons for mobile phone shopping. With discount coupons, you can get your phone for less. You can search for coupons on the CashKaro website where deals and discount coupons from 1500+ companies in India are available.


Save money on phone cases

Save money on phone cases

When you buy a mobile, it is very important to put a cover on it. While buying the cover, pay attention to whether that cover will be able to protect your mobile and whether it is available in the right material and provides true value for money. Nowadays mobile covers are very expensive. You can save money on mobile covers by shopping via Amazon, Shopclues, Snapdeal, and other shopping sites through the CashKaro app. It provides the best deals and you save money on mobile phones by getting extra cashback.

Save money on tempered glass

Mobiles are expensive and one crack on the screen can spoil your phone forever. When it comes to mobile screen protection, using tempered glass is the best bet. A good quality tempered glass keeps your phone safe by protecting it from scratches, cracks etc. You can shop for tempered glasses across various websites and save money by getting the best deals and extra cashback through CashKaro, India’s largest cashback app.

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How to save money on mobile phones?

You can save money on mobile phones by purchasing them during sales, by getting discounts, and by using cashback apps like CashKaro.

Which is the best app to save money on mobile phone purchases?

The best app to save money on mobile phone purchases is CashKaro. By using this app, you can get extra cashback along with a discount on your purchase.

How to save money on mobile with coupons?

You can search for discount coupons on various shopping sites on and get a mobile for the best price.

What are the main tips to save money on mobile?

There are several tips given in the article to save money on mobiles. Read the article for detailed guidance.

How to save money on mobile with extra cashback?

You can explore 1500+ partnered sites on CashKaro and save money on mobiles by getting extra cashback.

Megha Agarwal
Megha Agarwal

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